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Bottle Rocket Media Recognized as One of UpCity’s Local Excellence Awardees

Source: Bottle Rocket Media 

A decade into the video production industry, Bottle Rocket Media continues to be the benchmark for excellent video storytelling, thanks to its team of remarkable creatives. Its standard for excellence is being recognized by UpCity’s Recommendability Rating, an independent organization that specializes in helping businesses find B2B service providers they can trust. This 2021, Bottle Rocket Media is one of the recipients of UpCity’s Local Excellence Awards.

UpCity’s Recommendability Rating was uniquely designed to determine a company’s recommendability, credibility, and trustworthiness in conducting its business. Being awarded the Excellence Award is considered a great privilege as it boosts the awardee’s business status. 

“When you work with Bottle Rocket, you work with creatives who have won Emmys and worked with Oprah, so it is no wonder why they have achieved this award. Congratulations to the Bottle Rocket Media team for winning the 2021 Local Excellence Award,” says Dan Olson, UpCity CEO. 

Bottle Rocket Media was co-founded by producer Dan Fisher and creative Brett Singer, who both worked in the Oprah Winfrey Show, where they worked tirelessly to deliver exceptional results envisioned by Oprah herself. They were part of the group that was branded the hardest working team in show business, thanks to Oprah’s uncompromising eye for excellence. The two could not be any happier that their brainchild company received prestigious recognition, validating their commitment to uncompromising standards from the time they started the company. 

When they started it in 2011, they established a production house that combined traditional video and motion graphics with groundbreaking 360 virtual reality production that guarantees an authentic and extraordinary video storytelling output. As they were contemplating the idea of developing Bottle Rocket Media, they agreed that they would surround themselves with the best creatives they could find in the industry. 

True to their word, Fisher and Singer did invite highly talented people in their team, including Supervising Producers Siobhan Summers and Stephanie Jaslowski, Creative Director Dan Wulfing, Senior Editor David Sarno, Editor Tre Manchester, and a team of exceptional directors, including Kristina Perreault, Joel Kapity, and Mark Cwiakala. Both Fisher and Singer also contribute as directors whenever necessary. 

The Bottle Rocket Media team is composed of individuals who have a wide variety of experiences from broadcast television, agency creative, filmmaking, and developing startups. Putting their minds, experiences, and skills together proved to be an explosive and exciting opportunity, making the company one of the leading production houses in the industry today. 

In 2020, just like countless other businesses around the world, the company was also greatly affected by the pandemic. They did not, however, let the pandemic restrictions get in the way of their dedication to producing compelling video content for their clients. While shooting during a pandemic proved to be very challenging, they still found ways to get the job done without compromising quality. Overall, Fisher confirmed in an interview that 2020 ended relatively well for the company. This year, the whole team is energized to be part of new life-changing projects.

“Remote production won’t go away anytime soon. And it shouldn’t,” Fisher shares in an interview. “It has a ton of benefits to the client and should be an option for all productions moving forward. Yes, it’s true that many clients like to be on set, but until the pandemic is really under control, it will not always be an option. And yeah, it’s harder for us, slowing things down and costing more, but after doing it this way regularly for eight months, we are getting better at it and keeping our clients happy. That’s all that matters,” he concludes.

With the whole industry watching what Bottle Rocket Media will do next this 2021, only one thing is sure – it will continue to exceed expectations and maintain its trailblazer performance the past decade. 

Find out more about Bottle Rocket Media by visiting its website. Follow its Facebook page for updates on its latest projects. 



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