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Northwest Natural Holding Company on Expanding its Reach Across the Pacific Northwest

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In 2020, the COVID-19 health pandemic halted the world as its devastating effects spread like wildfire. While scientists, doctors, nurses, and other medical workers took the front line against the dangerous virus, one unsung hero of the pandemic is utility companies, providing essential services such as water, electricity, and gas as people tried to adjust to the new normal. One such company is Northwest Natural Holding Company (NW Natural), an essential service provider ensuring its customers’ economic and social development and overall stability across the Pacific Northwest.

 Northwest Natural Holding Company is the leading utility company providing affordable gas and water distribution. Through its subsidiaries, the company supports over 2.5 million people with gas distribution in the Pacific Northwest and includes water distribution and wastewater services to approximately 63,000 people across four states. Also, the company invests in natural gas pipeline projects supporting over 770,000 residential, industrial, commercial customers in the United States, Canada, and Service Territory.

 The company’s vision started over 160 years ago in 1859 with only forty-nine street lighting for its customers in Portland, Oregon. The tremendous growth and success of NW Natural have been primarily hinged on its safe service delivery, reliability, excellent customer service, and environmental stewardship. The company remains committed to collaborating with its stakeholders to provide safe and affordable energy in an environmentally responsible way.

Expanding its reach across the United States, NW Natural, through its subsidiary, Northwest Natural Water Company, LLC, recently completed two acquisitions and signed three additional agreements to acquire utilities near its existing service territories, taking the next step towards the company’s growth strategy in the water utility sector.

The recently acquired businesses are Morning View Water Company in the Idaho Falls area and Del Bay Association in Freeland, Washington. The NW Natural Water subsidiaries have also executed acquisition agreements with Belle Oaks Water & Sewer Co. in southeast Texas; Troy Hoffman Water Corporation in northern Idaho; and Pelican Point Water Co. in Washington.

The acquisition is a true reflection of the continued traction of NW Natural Water’s growth strategy and its commitment to expanding its presence around the communities it serves. In a released statement by NW Natural Water, the President of the subsidiary company Justin Palfreyman confirmed the acquisitions. “We are pleased to see NW Natural Water expand and grow across our footprint through these acquisitions. It aptly demonstrates the value we can bring to the sector and the strength of our business and community relationships,” he said. He continued that the company is pleased to welcome its new customers and hopes to foster a good relationship with them as an essential provider of safe, clean, and reliable water and wastewater services. 

When the new acquisitions are entirely in place, NW Natural Water will serve approximately 65,000 people and would have invested roughly $111 million in the water sector. The company continues to take confident strides towards its mission of providing safe, reliable, and affordable energy to its customers and actively pursuing future growth.

To learn more about Northwest Natural Holding Company and its services across the Pacific Northwest, visit its official website.


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