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NIKE.INC: Saving the Planet for the Athletes to Come

Image source: Business Insider

Over the past decade, the fashion and sportswear industry has evolved and thrived thanks in part to the multiple trends that continue to arise every couple of years. Prominent among the brands setting the blueprint for excellence in quality, design, and durability of quality footwear and clothing apparel is NIKE.Inc, a brand that has established itself as a household name, continues to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. 

Founded in January 1964 by University of Oregon track athlete Philip Knight and his coach Bill Bowerman NIKE, Inc. (formerly called Blue Ribbons Sports), designs, develops, markets, and sells high-quality athletic footwear, apparel, and equipment, accessories, and services. The company offers products in seven major athletic categories: football, running, basketball, action sports, men’s training, women’s training, and NIKE sportswear. There are also products specifically designed for kids and other recreational sports such as lacrosse, volleyball, tennis, wrestling, golf, cricket, walking, cricket, to name a few.

Dedicated to contributing its quota to protecting the environment and moving the world forward through the shared love sports, NIKE stands at the forefront of breaking barriers and building community to change the game for all by taking a stance against one of the biggest threats to earth – climate change.

To mark the recently concluded celebration of Earth Day, a modern environmental health movement, on April 22, NIKE launched a content series titled “Talking Trash” to encourage open conversation between young leaders and climate experts as they brainstorm small ways everyone in the world can contribute to the health of the environment through various platforms and chiefly through their actions.

The conversation is expected to be a call-to-action for many as more attention is brought to the rising issue of climate change. Taking the first step in implementing the needed changes, Nike is creating sustainable changes across its entire product range, from sports apparel to footwear, to find new ways to reduce its carbon footprint.

The company has adopted a brilliant method of turning trash into treasure by ensuring all NIKE products are made from recyclable material. Protecting the environment for the athletes to come, this revolutionary company has managed to decrease its carbon footprint by 70% by adjusting its production materials to include recycled material while ensuring that the quality of each footwear remains uncompromised.

The company is also collaborating up with its suppliers, industry partners, and competitors to join forces to invest in long-term solutions such as solar power and alternative fuels. In the coming years, NIKE remains true to its mission of providing quality footwear for all. The company also continues its campaign against climate change. It continues to find more sustainable and environmentally-friendly means of production, hoping to significantly reduce its carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions by half a million tons in five years.

To learn more about NIKE, their products, and ways they want to build a more sustainable and healthy environment, visit their official website.


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