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Zeynab Koroma’s ShaZyy Collections Marries Style With Class

Clothes are avenues of self-expression that can drastically alter someone’s look and presence. Depending on the material and the cut of the fabric, an individual can look intimidating, bubbly, morose, professional, or ethereal. Determined to bring all those styles and more in a classic cut, powerhouse entrepreneur and humanitarian Zeynab Koroma has launched “ShaZyy Collections.”

The best-known place where style and class warmly welcome shoppers, ShaZyy Collections is on the rise. Zeynab’s venture is rapidly climbing the ladder to the top featuring favorite luxury collections in one convenient space – making all her hard work and long journey to the United States worth it.

Brilliant innovator Zeynab Koroma has traveled far and wide in search of greener pastures for her passion and family. “I am originally from West Africa, Senegal,” she shares. “I came to the United States in search of a better life.”

An inspiring character, Zeynab juggles countless hats as the mother of an adorable three-year-old, a wife, and a healthcare manager. Another position lining her extensive portfolio is her work as a pageant owner of the Miss Africa Washington State and Mister Africa North America. 

Zeynab Koroma is also the fashion owner and director of Africa Fashion Week Seattle, a humanitarian ensuring funding for schools in Nigeria and Senegal, and the ingenious mind behind “ShaZyy Collections.”

Launching the ShaZyy Collections was a dream that Zeynab has always had. Her love for fashion and her innate desire to see other women dress up well drove her to design a comfortable online space perfect for a stress-free shopping spree and retail therapy.

At ShaZyy Collections, the talented entrepreneur brings style and color to each individual’s life. Its wide range of affordable products is perfect for alluring women, elegant and classy women, business women, and everyone in between.

Promising convenience and quality in these troubling times, the online shop brings the world’s best apparel and accessories right to the shopper’s doorstep. As their platform caters to an international audience, ShaZyy Collections also ships anywhere in the world.

Shipping worldwide, in the shopper’s currency, ShaZyy Collections makes good on its promise – easing shopping anywhere, anytime. Under Zeynab Koroma’s lead, shopping does not get any better than at ShaZyy Collections.

The best part about ShaZyy Collections, however, is the advocacy behind it. While clothing girls in the finest fabrics and cuts, Zeynab Koroma has married her entrepreneurial venture with her mission as a humanitarian. “Besides the fact that we have the best quality dresses at low prices, 20% of all sales will go towards funding a school in Senegal, in Nigeria, and an orphanage in Tanzania,” Zeynab reveals.

Five years from now, Zeynab Koroma plans on expanding her dream. Devoting her time and sought-after efforts to grow ShaZyy Collections, Zeynab sees her venture as the leading online shop for elegant and luxurious items. In half a decade, she will be the owner of the biggest and most prestigious pageant and fashion house in the Northwest, catering to countless influential and high-profile customers.

Explore the power of clothes in favorite luxury collections. Follow the powerhouse entrepreneur Zeynab Koroma as she leads ShaZyy Collections to the top. Visit the rising online shop on its official website

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