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Zeynab Koroma’s ShaZyy Collections Marries Style With Class

Clothes are avenues of self-expression that can drastically alter someone’s look and presence. Depending on the material and the cut of the fabric, an individual can look intimidating, bubbly, morose, professional, or ethereal. Determined to bring all those styles and more in a classic cut, powerhouse entrepreneur and humanitarian Zeynab Koroma has launched “ShaZyy Collections.”

The best-known place where style and class warmly welcome shoppers, ShaZyy Collections is on the rise. Zeynab’s venture is rapidly climbing the ladder to the top featuring favorite luxury collections in one convenient space – making all her hard work and long journey to the United States worth it.

Brilliant innovator Zeynab Koroma has traveled far and wide in search of greener pastures for her passion and family. “I am originally from West Africa, Senegal,” she shares. “I came to the United States in search of a better life.”

An inspiring character, Zeynab juggles countless hats as the mother of an adorable three-year-old, a wife, and a healthcare manager. Another position lining her extensive portfolio is her work as a pageant owner of the Miss Africa Washington State and Mister Africa North America. 

Zeynab Koroma is also the fashion owner and director of Africa Fashion Week Seattle, a humanitarian ensuring funding for schools in Nigeria and Senegal, and the ingenious mind behind “ShaZyy Collections.”

Launching the ShaZyy Collections was a dream that Zeynab has always had. Her love for fashion and her innate desire to see other women dress up well drove her to design a comfortable online space perfect for a stress-free shopping spree and retail therapy.

At ShaZyy Collections, the talented entrepreneur brings style and color to each individual’s life. Its wide range of affordable products is perfect for alluring women, elegant and classy women, business women, and everyone in between.

Promising convenience and quality in these troubling times, the online shop brings the world’s best apparel and accessories right to the shopper’s doorstep. As their platform caters to an international audience, ShaZyy Collections also ships anywhere in the world.

Shipping worldwide, in the shopper’s currency, ShaZyy Collections makes good on its promise – easing shopping anywhere, anytime. Under Zeynab Koroma’s lead, shopping does not get any better than at ShaZyy Collections.

The best part about ShaZyy Collections, however, is the advocacy behind it. While clothing girls in the finest fabrics and cuts, Zeynab Koroma has married her entrepreneurial venture with her mission as a humanitarian. “Besides the fact that we have the best quality dresses at low prices, 20% of all sales will go towards funding a school in Senegal, in Nigeria, and an orphanage in Tanzania,” Zeynab reveals.

Five years from now, Zeynab Koroma plans on expanding her dream. Devoting her time and sought-after efforts to grow ShaZyy Collections, Zeynab sees her venture as the leading online shop for elegant and luxurious items. In half a decade, she will be the owner of the biggest and most prestigious pageant and fashion house in the Northwest, catering to countless influential and high-profile customers.

Explore the power of clothes in favorite luxury collections. Follow the powerhouse entrepreneur Zeynab Koroma as she leads ShaZyy Collections to the top. Visit the rising online shop on its official website

Geoff Cash Explains How Failure Became His Motivation for Success

Coming from a very small town where the odds are against him were the humble beginnings that drove and propelled Geoff Cash to pursue his dreams. And unlike several kids in his neighborhood, he was lucky to grow up with a loving and supportive family that, even though they didn’t have much, the support was always there. However, as a child, Geoff admitted he had the tenacity to always want to do more and be more to help his family.

However, like many young men, success led him down some wrong paths and saw him get hooked and associated with some very wrong people, which has caused him to pay the costs and consequences. According to him, “after building a very successful business, in the blink of an eye, I lost everything and had to restart. Like many others, I was quick to blame everyone. Still, through having that same tenacity and working on myself daily, I fought back and built another very successful company helping others. Now have trained thousands, done over 65 million in revenue for companies, and have helped many people live a lifestyle they only dreamed of. I’m not done yet because, as I always say, I want to do more so that I can become more and be able to help more.”

Geoff Cash describes himself as the go-to coach for anyone looking for sales training and coaching. And as someone who has worked side by side with some of the best professionals across numerous industries, his regular engagements and clientele are proof of his track record. He targets anyone who is tired of mediocre results and is ready to win big.

On what separates him from his competition, he said, “I was in top 1% in multiple different industries, so I teach from experience, not just trying to sound good.”Geoff admits that though most of his business rivals are not experts in the field, he is not complacent. Instead, he uses it as a motivation always to deliver the best and help him stand out among the rest in the industry.

Geoff explains that his motivation to start his company came after seeing so many ‘gurus’ who have never worked in the field teach in the field. He is driven by the desire to prove the old saying “those who can’t do, teach” wrong by simply showing that he can do and he will teach. So far, he has done exactly that by catering to several hundreds of students who have passed through his training. Also, he has made several millions of dollars for startups, SMEs, and big companies. In anticipation of the next five years, Geoff hopes to attract thousands more successful students and stories.

Geoff would want readers to know more about him, his company, and the services they provide while also showing them that “there are folks out there who know what they are talking about.” He concluded.

To learn more about Geoff Cash, his course, and his teachings, visit his website.

Dr. Charles Goldberg Dominating the Medical and Legal Niche in New Jersey

Over the years, Charles Goldberg is a physician and entrepreneur who has distinguished himself from others in the same field via first-class professional service. He has taught at some of the most prestigious schools globally, including those affiliated with the Harvard Medical School. Now, based in New Jersey, he runs a business with a medical law division, a healthcare facilitation division, and a wellness coaching division where he helps people live healthy lives via proper diet and nutrition.

Charles’ first division is a medical-legal assistance firm where he takes scientific approaches toward lawsuits and potential legal cases. In this case, Charles works with the attorneys and defendants to analyze the cases from a medical perspective to gather the evidence to support the claim. Being an experienced medical practitioner himself, he understands all the workings of medical practice, which is considered a plus in his legal strategy.

On the other hand, his healthcare facilitation division is committed to navigating the healthcare system’s complexities. Knowing how busy doctors on duty can be and how prone they are to misdiagnosis and misprescription of drugs to their patients, Charles Goldberg and his team come in to fill that void. He talks with the patients, records their symptoms, takes a look at their prescription, and thanks to his experience and expertise in medical practice, he sometimes recommends alternative treatment plans that best suit each patient. He sometimes requests a meeting with the patient’s doctors, thanks to his extensive network of doctors.

Charles understands the importance of healthy feeding and the psychological significance of a good diet and workout routine. Another service he renders is helping people become healthier and happier by building balanced nutritional and workout routines based on a genuine scientific concept. According to him, “The mind is a key element to living a healthy and happy life.” And this is why he tries to help people understand from a psychological and physiological standpoint why their body acts and performs a certain way when it gets this amount of sleep, or eats this, or works out this much, etc.

Charles describes his services as unique because all his services come from his experience as a physician and stem from his extensive pedigree of studying and teaching at prestigious schools globally. On his motivation, Charles said, “I saw the need for help in the complex healthcare industry and understood there is so much noise out there.” As his five-year goal, he hopes to see his company growing to the point of helping more people in every capacity.

Charles’s services are attractive to people interested in the medical, legal, fitness space, and who are willing to learn more. Charles considers his firm different from other firms because he believes his firm is the only firm that analyzes cases from an actual physician’s standpoint and uses his experience as a physician to formulate a hypothesis, ideas, and evidence used in the courtroom.

Charles would want readers to understand that professionals out there who are willing to help out with legal and medical; these set of people possess the required experience and are willing to help find solutions to legal face-offs of any kind.

Dr. Trenese L. McNealy Ceaselessly Empowers Mothers Through Her Inspiring Platforms

A mother’s undying love has always been a force that motivates people to thrive. Although not many people can fully grasp the unrelenting power of motherhood, it cannot be denied how this love has ultimately emboldened some individuals towards chasing their dreams. But for mothers to catapult their offspring towards the summits of success, they have made too many sacrifices in order to see their children grow and become the persons they want to be. Some mothers often lose their jobs, while others delay their dreams to give priority to their young ones. While it is truly a noble endeavor, mothers also deserve to dream and achieve success. For this reason, Dr. Trenese L. McNealy decided to create a company rooted in a mission to help moms attain greatness.

Determined to empower moms around the world, Dr. Trenese L. McNealy is widely recognized for her initiatives that truly inspire and propel mothers towards reaching the summits of success. As a mother of three wonderful children, Dr. McNealy knew how motherhood greatly affects a woman’s path towards achieving her goals. But instead of allowing herself to sit idly as the world continues to progress, Dr. McNealy took it upon herself to create avenues that encourage mothers to chase their dreams while allowing their children to flourish in such a competitive world. Thus, Dr. Trenese L. McNealy, LLC came into existence.

Zealously established by Dr. McNealy in 2020, Dr. Trenese L. McNealy, LLC is a professional service and management consulting company designed to pave the way for mothers around the world. It serves as a tool that equips them to maintain a healthy work-life balance through state-of-the-art programs and project management strategies. In other words, this promising company serves as a platform where mothers can engage and learn different groundbreaking methods dedicated to maintaining a sustainable future for themselves, their family, and their other endeavors.

Aside from her mission of helping mothers achieve greatness, Dr. Trenese L. McNealy also focuses on making significant strides for women around the world. Having earned a bachelor of science degree in Fashion Merchandising and Apparel Design with a minor in Management from Georgia Southern University, it comes as no surprise how this changemaker has left an exceptional mark in the Fashion Industry. With a master’s and doctorate in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix and Walden University, Dr. McNealy decided to empower women through fashionable clothes. Thus, LaShay’s DESIGNS came into existence in 2009.

Proving to be a figure of grace and finesse, Dr. Trenese McNealy shows how she is dedicated to helping women move forward through literature. As a matter of fact, Dr. McNealy is the author of many inspirational books, such as Mommy’s Goals vs. Reality: Managing School, Work, and Family, and the co-author of The Glambitious Guide to Being a Momrepreneur in 2020. She is currently working on her upcoming book entitled, A Mother’s Struggle to Success.

Being an exceptional individual who is highly known for her noble pursuits, Dr. McNealy stretches her horizons and uses the magic of technology to continue igniting the passion hidden underneath mothers. Thus, Dr. McNealy creates digital content, courses, and materials for mompreneurs, and runs different online events. Currently, Dr. McNealy is hosting a free Virtual Lunch and Learn Series and Virtual One-Day Summits, which shed light on strategies that mothers should use in order to maintain a healthy and successful work-life balance.

Dr. McNealy also holds an Annual Mother’s Day Luncheon, where moms can sit back, relax, and engage with other similarly-situated individuals across the area.

At the core of Dr. Trenese McNealy’s mission is the lifelong purpose of empowering women and mothers across the globe. For this reason, she continues to inspire others and equip them with the knowledge and tools necessary to turn their dreams into a reality.

To learn more about Dr. Trenese McNealy and her platforms, you may visit her website.

Gloria Kloter on Carving a Path Toward Success as a Purpose-Driven Architect and Interior Designer

The professional endeavors that people embark on do not only serve as a means for building a financially secure future. For countless go-getters, one’s career also stands as an avenue for inspiring others and giving back to their communities. In the case of Gloria Kloter, the award-winning architect behind the powerhouse Glow Architects, her efforts are both geared toward cementing her position within the industry and impacting lives and communities for the better. 

Throughout her career, Gloria Kloter has acted as a beacon of hope for other numerous aspirants wishing to make a name for themselves on foreign soil. This Architecture Design graduate, who also holds a Master’s in Architecture of Interiors, has over sixteen years of combined national and international experience. She operated her first company in the Dominican Republic, receiving credit for the development of various types of commercial and residential projects.

With the long list of achievements under her belt, it could be easy to assume that Gloria Kloter had it easy. But, moving to America under the assumption that she could continue as an architect proved to be a challenging feat since her license — as well as most of the foreign architect licenses — was not valid in the USA. This experience would come to fuel her drive to mentor immigrant architects.

Today, Gloria Kloter stands at the helm of Glow Architects, spearheading its rise through the ranks as an international architecture and interior design studio. Based in Tampa, Florida, this purpose-driven venture is on a mission to create meaningful spaces that creatively and aesthetically express its clients’ true selves.

Since its establishment, Glow Architects has managed to impress clients and industry peers alike for its consistency in translating the architectural vision of every client into reality. On top of empowering clients by making them part of the design process, the highly capable team running this esteemed institution also makes sure to shed light on the design process through 3D rendering and other forms of realistic visualization, effective communication, and transparency. “We deliver spaces that give people a sense of ownership and pride, look the way they envisioned it, function the way they need it, and are built within their budget,” shares this widely-acknowledged company. 

The women-owned venture belongs to the AIA (American Institute of Architects), NCARB (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards), ASID (American Society of Interior Designers), and NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association). As an extension of its founder, Glow Architects is immensely dedicated to providing excellent service and will continue to carve a path toward the summit of the industry.

In the coming years, Gloria Kloter plans to propel Glow Architects to greater heights. She also aims to remain a guiding hand for fellow foreign architects pursuing their licenses in the USA, providing them with a supportive community through her private group on Facebook called Foreign Architects.

Apart from setting her sights on becoming a household name in the architectural field, Gloria Kloter looks forward, as well, to sharing her story to budding professionals and inspiring them with how she succeeded despite growing up amidst difficult odds, adapting to a different country with a different language, and making her dreams come true in a cutthroat industry.

Learn more about Gloria Kloter and Glow Architects by visiting her website.