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Uplift Provisions Company LLC: Rocco’s Danieli’s Medium for Giving Back to Society

Overcoming addiction is a big deal, and drawing strength from that victory is even a bigger deal. Rocco Danieli has hit rock bottom before, but he found a way to bounce back, pull himself up, and is now on a path of helping others get their lives back together. The idea to launch Uplift Provisions Company LLC was conceived in 2017 in Rocco’s kitchen. At that time, he was broken spiritually and emotionally and undergoing a 12-step recovery process. His recovery entailed focusing on new things, which gave life to Uplift Provisions Company.

Being a professional and experienced barber, Rocco Danieli knew he had to start something iconic in line with his profession. He set to work to develop a line of hairstyling products that were easier to use. Before then, he hated to use the common styling products, which were heavily scented and often left residue on the hair and hands after use. He began his research on how to use simple and clean ingredients to bring his idea to life.

He went into production and debuted the product in the local market. The product was an instant hit, and Rocco Danieli began to explore growth ideas for the business. He brought his longtime friend and client, Steve Presti, alongside his wife, Kelly, on board to support him. They officially launched the company in2018 as a unique lifestyle brand dedicated to uplifting others and turning lives around.

Today, Uplift Provisions Company, LLC is known for giving back to society and those in need. For many years, Rocco had to deal with the allergy triggers he got from many hair products, and he often questioned why many product lines used ingredients like dyes, sulfates, and phthalates. He launched Uplift Provisions Company, LLC with three products, which are “Signature Pomade” for stronghold, a “Styling Compound” that is a mix of Kaolin Clay and the Signature Pomade for a more matte, pliable look, and “Texture Dust” for added lift and texture. The Texture Dust is also great for thin or fine hair as it adds volume and makes the hair look fuller.

Rocco’s motivation to establish his company came from surviving and overcoming many wild and turbulent years. He struggled with addiction for years and even lost two sisters to addiction. He was spiraling down the dangerous path that many of his friends, co-workers, and older brother had gone through before he snapped out of with a rude awakening. He was in a car accident that broke his feet and kept him on crushes for eight months. Throughout that time, he was emotionally and spiritually broken until he got on his journey to recovery. He knew how much he needed to be positive, which he achieved by helping other people physically and emotionally. His work as a barber helped him make people look and feel better while he also worked on doing the same for himself.

As a growing company, Uplift Provisions Company has focused on growth within the New England area and has developed strong partnerships with barbershops, hair salons, and other entities that believe in the product. Danieli is working hard to grow the company to a profitable level so it can be heavily involved in giving back to local communities and helping those with addiction recovery.

Learn more about Uplift Provisions Company, LLC on the official website.

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