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Unknown facts about Vaughn Evelyn Levesque: Triple H’s daughter

Vaughn Evelyn Levesque is a celebrity kid born to the WWE superstars and power couple Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Her mom and dad have been married since 2003. She is the youngest of three siblings.

Vaughn Evelyn Levesque was born on September 24, 2008, to WWE power couple Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. She is the couple’s youngest child. The McMahon-Levesque family is together celebrating their daughter’s 10th birthday today.

Some of the names used to refer to her during her childhood were Evelyn, Vaughn Evelyn Levesque, and Stephanie McMahon-Levesque’s daughter. 

Triple H and Stephanie named their little girl after a favorite film. ‘Vaughn’ is an actor’s name in ‘Swingers,’ and Evelyn is the name of the character John Travolta’s wife plays.

When she was very little, her older brother, Connor Levesque, was her idol. She often said, “I want to be just like him.” He also did a lot of wrestling training with his parents while on the road. He was just like his mom and dad. He also helped a lot with Vaughn.

Vaughn Evelyn Levesque Career

At an early age, she showed a passion for exercise, and her favorite thing was to have her mom do push-ups with her. “I’m always watching my dad work out and stuff. He serves as a role model for me, she declared in 2011. When he exercises with me, “I feel encouraged.” The way I see it, I want to be just like Sasha Banks, she continued. The largest, sexiest, and baddest woman in the WWE is what I aspire to be.

‘THE PINK PANTS’: Although she was dressed up like a fairy in a G-string when she was 2 years old, she said that being in that image had taught her something. “I think when you’re young, kids are always grabbing at your bottom, and I think it made me grow up a little quicker.” 


 At age 5, she started doing show matches for WWE events. She could pull off moves like an elbow drop and a hip toss. She also made moves that didn’t require her to touch the mat.

Navaeh, a sister of Stephanie McMahon, had helped Vaughn Evelyn Levesque learn how to move around the ring. Vickie Guerrero, Triple H’s mother-in-law and a long-time WWE wrestler has also helped teach her daughter some wrestling moves.

Swaying sexy: She was seen by many people, from kids to adults, because of her dancing skills. She is also known for being part of WWE’s girl group, WWE Swing Girls.

Vaughn was an orphan when her dad’s wrestling career took place at a young age. After she was born, Triple H and Stephanie grew closer and decided to get married. 

Kelly Kelly is a great aunt to the little girl. She is also the niece of Dasha, Triple H’s stepdaughter. 

Vaughn has a great friendship with her cousin and WWE wrestler Nikki Bella. She said that Bella was like her second mom, and she was like a second sister to her.

She attended many WWE events with her parents as a child. At times, she met many of her wrestling idols as well. In 2015, she was able to meet wrestler John Cena and met Charlotte Flair, The Undertaker, and the duo of Dolph Ziggler and Lana. 

She goes by the stage name “Mystique Evelyn” during her wrestling show.

GERMAN SHEPHERD: In 2014, her parents got her a German Shepherd dog named “Nyla.” She loves the dog, and they have been doing many things together.

Gift: The couple gave her a new puppy for her 10th birthday called “Lola.” She also got presents from other people, like a wristband from the wrestler Sasha banks. A lady from Pittsburgh also made a cake for her with WWE wrestlers on top of it.

Activities: Stephanie loves watching wrestling with Vaughn and taking photos of their outings together. Vaughn also likes to go shopping, have fun and read.

Vaughn has performed all over the world with her parents. She has also attended several wrestling events in New York City, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, and Stamford with her family. 

Vaughn Evelyn has performed as Mystique Evelyn, Nyla, and Mystique Bella in WWE live events. 

Growing up, she would sit on her dad’s lap on his live concert tours. Sometimes, she would take showers with him and watch the other wrestlers’ matches with her mom.

Vaughn is The Youngest Out of Her Three Siblings

She has two elder sisters -Aurora Rose Levesque and Murphy claire Levesque

She has one older brother named Connor Levesque

Vaughn’s favorite TV show is Gossip Girl. She also likes to read and watch movies.

She enjoys going shopping with her mom and talking about clothes, shoes, and bags with her mom. They also talk about wrestling a lot.

She claims that she enjoys playing games on her iPad and that she enjoys playing with horses online. Additionally, she enjoys drawing.

When Vaughn was younger, she occasionally appeared backstage with her family.

Observing and Participating in Wrestling Matches

Wrestling has become a very big part of her life. Vaughn has been doing it since she was 5 years old. She is now 10 years old and still manages to do it with her family. Vaughn had only missed one wrestling match while they were in Italy, and she was very upset about it because she wanted to be there.

Vaughn talked with her dad about who he thought was the best wrestler. He told her that Sasha Banks, from NXT wrestling, is the best because she does things differently and does them well. She has also talked with her mom about what she thinks about wrestling.

Wrestling matches cause problems in school. Sometimes. Vaughn will be excused to go to the bathroom during a break or something like that.

Vaughn has many relatives she is close to in wrestling, including her aunt Wonderful, a WWE wrestler.

She has also been seen backstage with her family members at events. Vaughn still hangs out with them when they go backstage when she is at WWE events. They have a lot of fun together and follow each other on social media. 

Her parent’s net worth

Triple H’s net worth is about $80 million. He was originally a wrestler who made his debut in the WWE in 1995. His net worth was first reported at $71 million according to the Celebrity Net Worth website in 2014, then at $76 million according to the Forbes Celebrity 100 List. It is currently estimated to be over $85 million by 

Conclusion: She is very happy with her parents and enjoys hanging with them. Vaughn Evelyn Levesque also loves doing everything that they do. She likes to watch wrestling and goes with them to events. 

Vaughn Levesque has been seen chatting with her sister on camera, which shows how close they are.

Vaughn Evelyn Levesque is a great big sister to her brother, Connor Levesque, whom she cares for very much. Stephanie McMahon has helped Vaughn learn the ropes of the business through working closely with her daughter in WWE.

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