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Low quarterly revenue prompts FedEx to cut sales forecast, warns of global recession

On Friday, FedEx noted global parcels were down, prompting the company to warn of a possible global recession.

Company shares

FedEx (FDX) shares fell 21% on Friday, marking the biggest one-day loss in the company’s history.

FedEx also warned late Thursday that a slowing economy would push the company $500 million below its revenue target.

The slowdown in the global economy, particularly in Asia and Europe, has dealt a serious blow to FedEx’s courier business.

The company said demand dropped significantly in the final weeks of the quarter.

FedEx also said it expects further easing of trading conditions in the current second quarter, which will last through November.

The company expects global sales for this quarter to be flat year-over-year, with earnings guidance up more than 40%.

Meanwhile, analysts expect earnings to rise.

Global recession prediction

FedEx CEO Raj Subramaniam was asked in an interview with CNBC on Thursday if he thought the company’s slowdown was a sign of the start of a global recession.

“I think so,” he said. “These numbers, they don’t portend very well.”

Subramaniam also said the company is seeing a decline in the volume of cargo it handles in all regions of the world.

As US consumers are reassured by the strength of the dollar, which has impacted purchasing power, the CEO of FedEx said he sees US spending slowing down.

Stock market movement

The warning triggered a sell-off in US stocks.

The Dow Transportation index fell 5%.

Meanwhile, UPS shares closed down about 5%.

At FedEx, the 21% one-day loss outweighs the 16% decline during the 1987 stock market crash and the 15% drop in stock sales in March 2020.

So far in 2022, FedEx shares are down 38%.

FedEx responds

FedEx is responding to the loss with a number of actions.

The company will operate as follows:

  • Reduce flights and temporarily park aircraft
  • Trim hours for the staff
  • Delay hiring plans
  • Close 90 FedEx Office locations and five corporate office
  • Cut $500 million from capital expenditure budget for fiscal year until May 2023

“We’re going fully into cost-management mode,” said Subramaniam.

Quarterly revenue

FedEx reported adjusted earnings for the quarter (ending Aug. 31) would be down 17% ($260 million) year over year.

The company’s revenue also rose 5% ($1.2 billion), although the company missed its previous target.

FedEx issued a sharply lowered outlook for the quarter and said it would withdraw its full-year guidance beginning in June, citing “continued volatile operating environment.”

Delivery service

FedEx Ground Service, the primary way they handle deliveries, missed its $300 million sale.

The company relies on independent contractors for deliveries, and many of them complain that rising costs for fuel, labor and new vehicles are making their business unprofitable.

Some contractors are threatening to suspend Black Friday operations unless FedEx agrees to change their compensation.

The company insists it will work with struggling entrepreneurs.

FedEx previously sued a former contractor who harshly criticized the company.

“We recognized that current economic conditions are posing new challenges,” FedEx Ground said in an August statement.

“We remain committed to working with service provider businesses individually to address the challenges specific to their situation.”

“Our goal is to enable success for both FedEx Ground and service providers,” the statement added.

More than 1,000 of the 6,000 contractors who worked for the company joined a trade association to campaign for better pay at FedEx.

An Associated Releases survey found that 54% of businesses that work with FedEx have lost money. 35% said it broke even, while only 11% said it was profitable.

The association’s survey reached more than 1,200 people who had worked or left the company in the past 12 months.


FedEx warns of a global recession, cutting sales forecast by half a billion dollars

Father David Ryan of St. Francis de Sales in Chicago accused of sexually abusing another minor

Chicago pastor David Ryan was accused last Friday of sexually abusing a minor, in addition to previous allegations made years earlier.

The accusation

Francis de Sales was informed last week by the Archdiocese of Chicago that Father David Ryan was accused of sexually abusing a minor.

According to a letter to the parishioners of St. Francis de Sales, the archdiocese has received two charges against David Ryan.

The archbishop’s office shared the letter with local media on Saturday.

The letter

On September 17, the Archbishop of Chicago wrote a long letter to the parishioners of the parish of St. Francis de Sales, stating:

“I am writing with upsetting news. Yesterday the Archdiocese received two allegations of sexual abuse of a minor against Fr. David Ryan.”

“As is the case with all such matters, the archdiocese will report these allegations to civil authorities and offer assistance to the persons who made them.”

“In keeping with our policies, I have asked Father Ryan to step aside until our Independent Review Board can investigate the allegations and present its recommendations to me.”

“He has agreed to cooperate fully with our process, which will move forward as expeditiously as possible.”

“We will provide Fr. Ryan with pastoral assistance, and I know he is grateful for your support.”

Previous allegations

The current issue highlights previous allegations of sexual abuse against Father Ryan in the fall of 2020.

Father Ryan was returned to active duty in September 2021 after the allegations were deemed “unfounded.”

The press release also revealed that the Archdiocese would report the allegations to civil authorities and assist those who made them.

That year, the Cook County District Attorney’s Office and DCFS reported the allegations.

It is unclear whether the new allegations have already been reported to authorities.

What will become of Father Ryan?

For the time being, as the archdiocese’s Independent Review Board completes its investigation into the indictment, Father Ryan will step down from his pastoral duties for the time being.

They will then make a recommendation to Archbishop Blase J. Cupich as to what follows.

Cupich announced that Father Ryan had agreed to cooperate fully with the investigation process, which would have expedited the situation.


Lake Zurich priest faces second round of child sex abuse allegations

Andrew Giorgi Rises Above Despite Coming From Humble Beginnings and Facing Adversities

Far from being smooth, the path to success is riddled with countless naysayers and challenging obstacles. True enough, the ultimate test for go-getters and dreamers is not how fast they can reach the summits of their chosen field but how they manage to overcome challenges, move past rejections, and rise above failures – a circumstance that Andrew Giorgi is intimately familiar with.

From the get-go, Andrew Giorgi has always been adamant about translating his dreams into reality. Ever since dipping his toes into the realms of business and entrepreneurship, he has made significant strides to materialize his vision of success in this dog-eat-dog world. Despite the countless adversities and naysayers’ assertions, this go-getting personality continued to soldier through it all and became one of the industry’s must-watch forces.

Andrew Giorgi is an entrepreneur whose humble beginnings speak volumes of his passion-driven spirit and resilient mindset. Coming from a home that earns a low income with little to no opportunities, this power player has had his fair share of ups and downs before reaching the summits of his chosen trade. While these unfortunate circumstances might faze an ordinary dreamer, they served as a primary fuel that drove this powerhouse towards reaching his goals. Years later, Andrew managed to carve his own path and build his enterprise.

Over the years, Andrew Giorgi has successfully made waves in his respective trade. As a matter of fact, he has generated over seven figures from a YouTube channel with under 5,000 subscribers. He has also generated multiple six figures within the first few months of his ecommerce journey and turned two companies into seven-figure businesses.

Although Andrew has achieved several promising milestones, he admits that his path has not always been smooth. “The biggest challenge that I have faced over the years is paying my debts,” he shared. “My first business was filled with challenges, especially when my business partner screwed me over. I had to pay $35,000 while reinvesting in new ventures,” he added. Regardless of these odds, Andrew continued to explore more opportunities and equip himself with the necessary tools to launch his ventures to greater heights. “One’s first success will not last forever. Continue to strive for excellence and discover more paths that allow you to open more doors of opportunities,” he shared.

Apart from keeping a resilient attitude, Andrew revealed in an interview that building relationships is the most significant factor that strengthens one’s position in their chosen field. In his experience, having the right people has allowed him to climb the summits of success with grace. “Knowledge and execution alone can propel you to the industry’s summits, but relationships and connections will take you to greater heights,” Andrew said. Thus, success is not wrapped with passion, precision, and perseverance alone; it requires relationships that have been proven vital to one’s growth in any industry.

By continuing to defy odds, Andrew Giorgi has managed to turn his struggles into successes, owing much to the passion-driven spirit and persevering attitude he has maintained, as well as the social connections he has possessed throughout the years. As he reaches impressive heights, this go-getting personality hopes to inspire the next generation of dreamers to never give up and consistently rise above adversities.

Ubisoft backtracks on their NFT enthusiasm, says company is in ‘research mode’

While non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been successful since their appearance in 2021, they have also received criticism online.

Even the big brands that jumped on the NFT hype have faced backlash from fans, and Ubisoft is the latest to find out what that feels like.


Yves Guillemot, CEO of the gaming giant, seems to be detracting from the company’s enthusiasm for NFTs.

The decision comes months after a steep downturn for Ubisoft’s NFT project, Quartz.

In a recent interview, he said the company was in “research mode” regarding web3 technology integrations.

Previous enthusiasm

Guillemot’s words are far from what Ubisoft executives said earlier.

In October, CFO Frederick Duguet said blockchain integration would allow users to own and earn content.

Duguet also noted that Ubisoft wants to be “one of the key players here.”

Backtrack on sentiments

In an interview on Saturday, Guillemot pointed out that the company’s current focus is to determine how NFTs are applied to games and the potential benefits they bring to players.

“We are very much on cloud, on the new generation of voxels, and we’re looking at all the Web3 capabilities,” he said.

“We tested a few things recently that are giving us more information on how it can be used and what we should do in the universe of video games.”

“So we are testing ground with some games and we’ll see if they really answer the players’ needs,” he added.

“But we are still in research mode, I would say.”

First push with NFT

Ubisoft got involved in NFTs last December when they released a beta version of Ubisoft Quartz.

Ubisoft Quartz was developed to provide playable NFT discs for use in games such as Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

The decision has drawn heavy criticism from members of the gaming community, especially those firmly opposed to NFTs.

Critics have accused the company of “milking” every penny possible from its popular game franchises with the release of NFT.

Nicolas Pouard, vice president of Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovations Lab, defended the NFT’s efforts.

“I think gamers don’t get what a digital secondary market can bring to them,” he said.

Referring to the company’s NFT implementation, Guillemot says the companies ultimately failed to effectively communicate their approach to the project.

“We probably were not good at saying we are researching this,” he explained.

“We should have said we were working on it, and when we have something that gives you a real benefit, we’ll bring it to you.”

Gamers also urged Ubisoft’s CEO on the environmental impact of blockchain technology.

Since the NFT boom, gamers have generally confused power-hungry Proof-of-work (PoW) chains as the industry standard for all projects.

Guillemot also said he was cautious about the industry’s impact on the environment, adding that he was optimistic that the problems would be resolved over time.

“Like so many things, at the beginning it’s not as good as it could be, but like other new technologies they will find the right way.”


Ubisoft cools off on NFT and blockchain, says it’s in ‘research mode’

Rail strike brews, leaders to meet in Washington to prevent it from happening

Railroad and union officials said they would travel to Washington on Wednesday for a meeting aimed at mitigating a potential rail freight strike.

They will meet Labor Secretary Marty Wash as the Biden administration tries to avoid a blow to the economy.

The news

The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen and the SMART Transportation Division are the two major unions in conflict with the railroads.

Both unions should send their union leaders to meet and talk with Walsh.

The meeting comes days before a federally mandated cooling-off period, after which a strike could begin.

A railroad strike is a major test for President Joe Bien and the White House, which has one of the most union-friendly administrations in decades.

The government is trying to avoid potential shocks to the economy, especially with the upcoming midterm elections.

Possible strike

More than 60,000 railway trade unionists were called on Friday after midnight to go on strike.

Participating members include engineers and conductors, who make up the two-person crews for each train.

Another 45,000 workers belong to unions that have tentative agreements with the railways.

However, a strike by engineers and drivers could end the rail freight system.

What does it mean?

The closure would have huge implications for the entire supply chain and would affect the US passenger rail system.

More than 30% of freight transport in the country is carried out by rail; gas, food, consumer goods and vehicles could increase in price or become scarcer in the event of a shutdown.

Amtrak also feels huge implications for its service because of the way it travels on tracks owned by freight rail companies.

Service on major long-haul routes across the United States has already been suspended due to a possible strike.

Officials respond

The shutdown has left officials struggling and the White House has contingency plans with job interviews at an impasse.

Federal agencies are working on the options available to keep major supply chains operating.

President Joe Biden personally called on unions and the railroads to try to thwart a strike during his visit to Boston earlier this week.

Biden continues to receive updates on high-stakes deals.

A White House official said the Biden administration is working with truckers, carriers and airlines to determine how other modes of transportation can move goods in the event of rail disruptions.

One of the main concerns is how they can transport hazardous materials.

However, an official revealed that there were daily meetings between the departments of agriculture, defense, federal emergency management, health and human services and transportation.


Railroad and union officials summoned to Washington for high-stakes day of talks

US stock market goes steady after worst day since 2020

Markets finally stabilized early Wednesday after U.S. stocks posted their worst day, the most recent in June 2020.

The good news eclipsed a precedent of higher-than-expected inflation in August.

European stocks

Equities in Europe posted mixed results in several countries.

In Germany, the DAX (DAX) opened down 0.2% while the French CAC 40 (CAC40) was flat.

Meanwhile, London’s FTSE 100 (UKX) fell 0.7%. Italy’s benchmark index showed positive signs, rising 0.7%.

US stocks

While European stocks had a mixed performance, US stock futures improved as they traded slightly higher.

“Equity futures suggest that the rout stops here,” Robert Carnell, regional head of Asia-Pacific research at ING, wrote in a report.

US stocks had their worst day since June 11, 2020 on Tuesday after August inflation data surprised investors.

The US CPI, which includes major goods and services, rose 0.1% in July.

The rise contradicts economists’ forecasts of a 0.1% decline.

Despite falling for the second consecutive month, annual inflation remained stubbornly high, with prices rising 8.3% year-on-year.

The stocks

  • The Dow (Indu) was down 3.9%
  • S&P 500 (INX) fell 4.3%
  • Nasdaq Composite (COMP) plunged 5.2%

Impact of inflation on the Asian market

The move in the US stock market gave investors a sigh of relief.

Initially, they feared that higher-than-expected inflation would prompt the US Federal Reserve to aggressively raise interest rates.

The decision would have caused serious damage to the US economy.

Carnell also wrote that daily US inflation data was flooding Asian markets.

She noted that core inflation in the United States, which excludes volatile categories like groceries and gasoline, hit 6.3% last month.

The monthly gain of 0.6% was double what economists expected.

Asian stocks

  • Japan’s Nikkei 225 slid 2.8%
  • South Korea’s Kospi lost 1.6%
  • Shanghai Composite (SHCOMP) Index slid 0.8%
  • Hong Kong’s Hang Seng fell 2.5%

Additional information

In the United States, consumers are struggling to adjust to rising prices as markets have cut almost everything from groceries to school supplies.

Meanwhile, annual inflation in the UK fell to 9.9%, reflecting lower petrol prices. In the previous month, however, it had risen 0.5%.

Additionally, the UK’s annual CPI rose 6.3% on lower energy and food bills.


Markets steady after worst day for US stocks since June 2020

A homeless camp in Portland presents problems to a local business

Portland’s homeless camps have grown over the years, and now a family business is impacted by a particular homeless camp.

The White family has operated an RV storage facility off of North Columbia Boulevard since the 1970s.

In the decades since opening their business, the White family reported that their facility had recently been overrun by a nearby homeless camp.

What happened

Jeffrey White reported this week that the motorhomes had been hacked.

“This is one of our customers,” he said. “His storage thing was ripped off, his lock was busted.”

White said homeless people in a nearby large camp would sometimes break into their homes and rob them.

The camp was visited by the KGW news channel two months ago.

He’s also high on the city’s elimination list, but the camp remains.

Neighboring contractors then shouted that the problem was getting worse.

“It’s costing a lot of money,” said White. “We’re down ten spaces, which translates to $1,000 a month.”

According to him, the empty spaces were once occupied, but the presence of the warehouse caused customers to move elsewhere.

“We are losing sleep on top of losing money,” Tamara White chimed in.

Reaching the authorities

According to the family, they called the police and filed a complaint with the city, but nothing was done.

“The mayor, he’s wanting people to work with him … what more can we do?” said White.

“We’re telling the police department all these shots we’re hearing, we’re telling all the theft that’s going on, my wife has emailed all the city commissioners, the mayor, and no response.”

Meanwhile, Portland said the Impact Mitigation Team visited the property seven times in the past 60 days.

The camp will be removed shortly, as each evaluation produced a field score well above the matrix required for removal.

The camp

It is currently on display with tall fences, tarps and several “forbidden” signs that were posted after the police visited the camp.

Angel Grace Brown, of Grace’s Oasis, who runs the camp, said police came to the scene to look for stolen items.

There is a sign along the gate that says “no vacancy” and Grace said 15 people lived there at the time and it was already too busy.

“It’s my sanctuary,” said Grace.

“I wanted it to be that for other people too. People who don’t fit into society, people who are the rejects of the rejects of the rejects.”

Grace said none of the people who lived in the camp had jobs and most lived on Social Security.

Portland police recently visited the camp for reports of gunfire, but found no evidence of gunshots.

The site is also known to generate similar calls to the police.

Grace says she won’t go if the city decides to evict the camp. 

I’ll chain myself to the oak tree that’s back there,” said Grace.

“They’re going to have to literally physically remove me, carry me out of here.”

Meanwhile, White looked resigned and said, “I don’t know what more we can do.”

“Maybe city hall can tell us what more we’re supposed to do.”


Longtime Portland business says it’s losing customers due to large homeless camp

President Biden rings up King Charles III, tells him he hopes to maintain close relationship

A few days after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, President Joe Biden called King Charles III to express his condolences and his hope for the continued ties between their countries.


The President of the United States has known the Queen for three decades and has met her three times.

The last meeting they had was in June 2021 when the Queen received him and the First Lady at Windsor Castle.

At the time, Biden flew to the UK to attend the Group of Seven Heads of State and Government summit.

After the summit, the US president called the Queen “very gracious” with reporters.

Biden also revealed that he invited her to the White House and said the monarch reminded him of his late mother.

The White House produces statement

The White House released a statement regarding Biden’s appeal, writing:

“President Joseph R. Biden, Jr., spoke today with King Charles III to offer his condolences on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.”

“The President recalled fondly of the Queen’s kindness and hospitality, including when she hosted him and the First Lady at Windsor Castle last June.”

“He also conveyed the great admiration of the American people for the Queen, whose dignity and constancy deepend the enduring friendship and special relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom.”

“President Biden conveyed his wish to continue a close relationship with the king.”


President Joe Biden spoke on the phone with King Charles III on Wednesday, his first conversation with the new king since the queen’s death.

Biden expressed his condolences to the new monarch and “conveyed his wish to continue a close relationship with the king.”

The president also tweeted and remembered the queen.

“I recalled her kindness, dignity, and constancy – and how she deepened the friendship between our nations.”

The call came before Biden led a US delegation to London next week.

Last week, President Joe Biden ordered flags to be flown at half mast above the White House and other public buildings until sunset, the day of the Queen’s funeral.


President Biden tells King Charles he wants to maintain ‘close relationship’

President Biden speaks with King Charles III for 1st time since queen’s death

Biden speaks with King Charles III, offers condolences for queen’s death

Unknown facts about Vaughn Evelyn Levesque: Triple H’s daughter

Vaughn Evelyn Levesque is a celebrity kid born to the WWE superstars and power couple Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Her mom and dad have been married since 2003. She is the youngest of three siblings.

Vaughn Evelyn Levesque was born on September 24, 2008, to WWE power couple Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. She is the couple’s youngest child. The McMahon-Levesque family is together celebrating their daughter’s 10th birthday today.

Some of the names used to refer to her during her childhood were Evelyn, Vaughn Evelyn Levesque, and Stephanie McMahon-Levesque’s daughter. 

Triple H and Stephanie named their little girl after a favorite film. ‘Vaughn’ is an actor’s name in ‘Swingers,’ and Evelyn is the name of the character John Travolta’s wife plays.

When she was very little, her older brother, Connor Levesque, was her idol. She often said, “I want to be just like him.” He also did a lot of wrestling training with his parents while on the road. He was just like his mom and dad. He also helped a lot with Vaughn.

Vaughn Evelyn Levesque Career

At an early age, she showed a passion for exercise, and her favorite thing was to have her mom do push-ups with her. “I’m always watching my dad work out and stuff. He serves as a role model for me, she declared in 2011. When he exercises with me, “I feel encouraged.” The way I see it, I want to be just like Sasha Banks, she continued. The largest, sexiest, and baddest woman in the WWE is what I aspire to be.

‘THE PINK PANTS’: Although she was dressed up like a fairy in a G-string when she was 2 years old, she said that being in that image had taught her something. “I think when you’re young, kids are always grabbing at your bottom, and I think it made me grow up a little quicker.” 


 At age 5, she started doing show matches for WWE events. She could pull off moves like an elbow drop and a hip toss. She also made moves that didn’t require her to touch the mat.

Navaeh, a sister of Stephanie McMahon, had helped Vaughn Evelyn Levesque learn how to move around the ring. Vickie Guerrero, Triple H’s mother-in-law and a long-time WWE wrestler has also helped teach her daughter some wrestling moves.

Swaying sexy: She was seen by many people, from kids to adults, because of her dancing skills. She is also known for being part of WWE’s girl group, WWE Swing Girls.

Vaughn was an orphan when her dad’s wrestling career took place at a young age. After she was born, Triple H and Stephanie grew closer and decided to get married. 

Kelly Kelly is a great aunt to the little girl. She is also the niece of Dasha, Triple H’s stepdaughter. 

Vaughn has a great friendship with her cousin and WWE wrestler Nikki Bella. She said that Bella was like her second mom, and she was like a second sister to her.

She attended many WWE events with her parents as a child. At times, she met many of her wrestling idols as well. In 2015, she was able to meet wrestler John Cena and met Charlotte Flair, The Undertaker, and the duo of Dolph Ziggler and Lana. 

She goes by the stage name “Mystique Evelyn” during her wrestling show.

GERMAN SHEPHERD: In 2014, her parents got her a German Shepherd dog named “Nyla.” She loves the dog, and they have been doing many things together.

Gift: The couple gave her a new puppy for her 10th birthday called “Lola.” She also got presents from other people, like a wristband from the wrestler Sasha banks. A lady from Pittsburgh also made a cake for her with WWE wrestlers on top of it.

Activities: Stephanie loves watching wrestling with Vaughn and taking photos of their outings together. Vaughn also likes to go shopping, have fun and read.

Vaughn has performed all over the world with her parents. She has also attended several wrestling events in New York City, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, and Stamford with her family. 

Vaughn Evelyn has performed as Mystique Evelyn, Nyla, and Mystique Bella in WWE live events. 

Growing up, she would sit on her dad’s lap on his live concert tours. Sometimes, she would take showers with him and watch the other wrestlers’ matches with her mom.

Vaughn is The Youngest Out of Her Three Siblings

She has two elder sisters -Aurora Rose Levesque and Murphy claire Levesque

She has one older brother named Connor Levesque

Vaughn’s favorite TV show is Gossip Girl. She also likes to read and watch movies.

She enjoys going shopping with her mom and talking about clothes, shoes, and bags with her mom. They also talk about wrestling a lot.

She claims that she enjoys playing games on her iPad and that she enjoys playing with horses online. Additionally, she enjoys drawing.

When Vaughn was younger, she occasionally appeared backstage with her family.

Observing and Participating in Wrestling Matches

Wrestling has become a very big part of her life. Vaughn has been doing it since she was 5 years old. She is now 10 years old and still manages to do it with her family. Vaughn had only missed one wrestling match while they were in Italy, and she was very upset about it because she wanted to be there.

Vaughn talked with her dad about who he thought was the best wrestler. He told her that Sasha Banks, from NXT wrestling, is the best because she does things differently and does them well. She has also talked with her mom about what she thinks about wrestling.

Wrestling matches cause problems in school. Sometimes. Vaughn will be excused to go to the bathroom during a break or something like that.

Vaughn has many relatives she is close to in wrestling, including her aunt Wonderful, a WWE wrestler.

She has also been seen backstage with her family members at events. Vaughn still hangs out with them when they go backstage when she is at WWE events. They have a lot of fun together and follow each other on social media. 

Her parent’s net worth

Triple H’s net worth is about $80 million. He was originally a wrestler who made his debut in the WWE in 1995. His net worth was first reported at $71 million according to the Celebrity Net Worth website in 2014, then at $76 million according to the Forbes Celebrity 100 List. It is currently estimated to be over $85 million by 

Conclusion: She is very happy with her parents and enjoys hanging with them. Vaughn Evelyn Levesque also loves doing everything that they do. She likes to watch wrestling and goes with them to events. 

Vaughn Levesque has been seen chatting with her sister on camera, which shows how close they are.

Vaughn Evelyn Levesque is a great big sister to her brother, Connor Levesque, whom she cares for very much. Stephanie McMahon has helped Vaughn learn the ropes of the business through working closely with her daughter in WWE.

Zac Efron puts out the fire surrounding plastic surgery rumors

For months, former High School Musical actor Zac Efron has been a hot topic online due to his sudden change in appearance.

Many speculated that he underwent plastic surgery, but Efron finally broke his silence on the topic.

Zac Efron speaks

Zach, 34, Efron is back on Red’s carpet for the first time in over three years to promote his latest movie, “The Greatest Beer Run Ever.”

At the event, he was asked about the online world’s gossip about jaw changes.

Efron has announced that he is aware of rumors about cosmetic surgery.

“My mom told me,” he shared. “I never really read the internet, so, I don’t really care.”

2013 incident

Regarding his plastic surgery rumors, Zac Efron has revealed that he broke his jaw after slipping into a puddle at his home.

The actor put a wire in his jaw and stitched multiple times to repair his damage.

Efron said the rumors about his plastic surgery were funny, but he said of the accident:

“It sucks. I almost died, but we’re good.”

The altered jaw

Last year, Zac Efron’s face caught the internet’s attention when he appeared on Bill Nighy’s Earth Day special.

In the latest issue of Men’s Health, the High School Musical alumni shed light on the altered look of their jaws.

“When I ask him about this, he tells me that the masseter muscles, used for chewing, work together with the other muscles of the face “like a symphony,”” the piece reads.

“When he was injured, the muscles on the inside of his face and jaw had to compensate.”

“He works with a specialist and does physical therapy to mediate this, he says, but in Australie he took some time off from that, too.”

“”The masseters just grew,” he says, shrugging. “They just got really, really big.””

Online chatter

According to Zac Efron, he usually avoids social media except when promoting his projects.

There was a lot of hype online, but the actor didn’t mind.

“If I valued what other people thought of me to the extent that they may think that I do, I definitely wouldn’t be able to do this work,” Efron told Men’s Health.

Next project

Zac Efron will star in The Greatest Beer Run Ever alongside Bill Murray and Russell Crowe.

The film is a biographical action-comedy based on the book of the same name.

Efron plays John Donahue, who travels to Vietnam in 1967 to deliver beer to his war-fighting childhood friends.

The Greatest Beer Run premieres on Apple TV+ on September 30th.


Zac Efron says he ‘almost died’ after shattering his jaw

Zac Efron dismisses plastic surgery rumors, says he ‘almost died’ shattering jaw