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TrueFanz: The Best Alternative Fansite That Gives Content Creators The Freedom And Flexibility To Get Paid For Their Creative Work Online.

Many talented creators are not earning what they deserve for their hard work. Creators upload a lot of content that barely fetches them any monetary return. The team at TrueFanz believes creators deserve to be highly paid. “We think creators need the right tools and financial stability to stay fresh, inspired, and focused on creating their best work.” – Tim Branyan.” 

Visionary and tech entrepreneurs Tim Branyan, Logan Shippy, and Vineet Harbhajanka built a platform to empower creators around the world and called it “TrueFanz.” connects content creators with their biggest fans and supporters by giving them a platform where these fans can view behind the scenes content and enjoy VIP treatment. This, in turn, sets these creators up with monetizing their content, building an active community of people that enjoy their content and creating more tailored content that these fans enjoy. TrueFanz has a lot of features in stock for everyone who uses the platform, and those features include higher and faster payouts, invite-only signup for creators, LIVE features, screenshot detection and many more.

Additionally TrueFanz set out to provide content creators with an option to monetize without the adult industry stigma attached. 

This revolutionary platform can change things for creators looking for a safe and wholesome alternative to monetize their brand and content. From models to fitness coaches, chefs, and more: content creators of many categories are welcome to apply for an account at

Building TrueFanz was born out of the desire to solve the many problems prevalent in traditional social media today. “It’s no secret. Traditional social media makes billions selling user data. Of course, they should be thanking content creators for driving this traffic and data, but what do they get from all that work? Mostly nothing but notifications or a badge that they can’t deposit or withdraw from the bank. 

We are changing things for the better by giving creators the infrastructure, insight, and unique tools they need to both monetize and connect with their audience online,” Tim said.

TrueFanz doesn’t have problems like shadowbanning, unfair and inconsistent algorithms, limited payment thresholds, and restrictive policies. As the company continues to grow, the goal is to empower millions of creators globally to get the reach and the pay they deserve.

“We want creators to realize their options and awaken to the reality that they can generate income from their audience, influence, and content,” Tim said.

With TrueFanz, creators have more control and options to do what they like with their content while forming a thriving community of supportive fans who genuinely enjoy the content they create.Learn more or apply for access at TrueFanz company website.

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