Galaxy S23 steps up on aesthetics, follows Ultra look

Galaxy S23: No matter how many businesses are vying for the top place, just two brands have conquered the smartphone market. Over the decade, Apple and Samsung have engaged in intense rivalry. The advantage of having a wide variety of models to

BuzzFeed wants to take advantage of AI

Image source: Variety Buzzfeed: The majority of people would be relieved to finally take time off from work, but others would elect to spend extra in the office. Jonah Peretti, co-founder and CEO of BuzzFeed, had the opportunity to learn more about

Core Scientific reported to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Image source: Twitter Core Scientific: Core Scientific is one of the most recognizable publicly traded crypto mining enterprises with an American base. The Texas-based business reportedly intends to declare bankruptcy on Wednesday morning. After a year of rising energy prices and plummeting

NetChoice claims California law violates First Amendment, sues state

Image source: Knight Columbia The extensive industry group NetChoice comprises tech giants like Amazon, Google, Meta, TikTok, and Twitter. On Wednesday, the group announced its intention to sue California. They decided to overturn the state’s recently approved Age-Appropriate Design Code Act, which

MacBook to perform better with two new M2 chips

Image source: The New York Times MacBook: It was big news when Apple revealed on Tuesday that customers could now select between the M2 Pro and M2 Max CPUs for the new Macs. The two CPUs are Apple’s most powerful processors used

Robots prove clinical to restaurant industry this year

Image source: CGTN Robots: The hospitality industry, and restaurants in particular, have adjusted their strategies to incorporate more technology in recent years. Recently, more AI has been incorporated into restaurants. For instance, Chipotle Mexican Grill is testing whether robots can make tortilla

TikTok receives ban on government devices

Image source: NY Times TikTok: It’s a new step that the bipartisan spending agreement will forbid TikTok from being utilized on equipment used by the government. On Friday, the legislation was approved by both Houses of Congress. The decision highlights the growing

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