Warin: Helping Regular People Accumulate Wealth

Today, more and more people see the need to invest their money to achieve financial stability and freedom even before they reach the retirement age. The stark reality of investing, however, is one must dedicate a lot of time to learn how

Maktar Inc Promises Data Privacy and Safety with Qubii Duo

As dramatic as it may sound, no insurance policy can make up for data loss, a problem that almost everyone has encountered over the course of using computers, smartphones, and other digital tools. From accidental deletions to losing progress on a file one has spent hours working on because of a poorly timed crash, every possible misfortune that comes naturally when handling both softwares and hardware has caused people a headache or two. The stress associated with data issues is even more significant when it involves photos. In recognition of the role that pictures play in capturing fleeting moments and

Grubhub Expands User Base to 33 Million Amid Rapid Pandemic Growth

IMAGE SOURCE: GRUBHUB Mobile food ordering and delivery services played a crucial role amid the pandemic. Grubhub won amid the trying times with the rise in demand, and by the end of the first quarter of 2021, the company reported that it now serves over 33 million active diners, a 38% rise compared to its market share in 2020. Grubhub also released a report that it acquired over $551 million in revenue, which is 52% more than what it generated last year in the same period. Grubhub also revealed that they had an estimated 745,700 daily average grubs (DAGs) during

HaITian Common Space Battling Unemployment by Teaching Youth Tech-based Skills

The unemployment crisis in Haiti has risen to unprecedented levels, reaching as high as 60% in recent times. Amidst the growing concern, some organizations have worked around the clock to provide more Haitians with job opportunities. One group has provided an avant-garde and practical solution— teaching young people tech-based skills and encouraging them to pick up jobs in technology, digital solutions, and cybersecurity. They’re called HaITian Common Space, and they’re making a dent in the local community and hopefully soon the nation.  HaITian Common Space is a not-for-profit organization and social enterprise that aims to teach Haitian youth basic tech-based

Caterpillar Inc Becoming the World Leading Construction Equipment Manufacturer

Caterpillar Inc. (also known as CAT) is an American Fortune 100 corporation that designs, develops, engineers, manufactures, markets, and sells machinery, engines, financial products, and insurance to customers via a worldwide dealer network. It is the world’s largest construction equipment manufacturer. Caterpillar is considered a giant in the tech and engineering industry as it was ranked number 65 on the Fortune 500 2018 list and number 238 on the Global Fortune 500 list. Caterpillar stock is a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Caterpillar machinery is recognizable by its trademark “Caterpillar Yellow” livery and the “CAT” logo. Caterpillar Inc.

Shradha Agarwal Becoming a Leading Entrepreneur in Tech

Tech personality and serial entrepreneur, Shradha Agarwal, is driven by her lifelong passion for building organizations to connect people and information and align profit and purpose, having been introduced to business at the age of nine. She enjoys sharing stories, traveling internationally and exploring new cultures, food and music. She earned a Diploma in Physics, Maths and Economics from United World College of South East Asia. During her time there, she engaged in such projects as, The Other Side HS Newspaper and Bombay Street Kids. She was also a United Nations Scholar, Interscol photographer and played Touch Rugby. Shradha attended

Chicago Tech Startup ActiveCampaign Raises $240 Million in Series C Funding

Image Source: ActiveCampaign Digital marketing companies help companies reach their goals through online platforms. During the pandemic, when almost every establishment transitioned online, marketing played an even vital role in ensuring a balanced flow between demand and supply. ActiveCampaign, one of the most trusted marketing tech companies based in Chicago, Illinois, recently made a buzz in the industry by raising $240 million in Series C funding, skyrocketing its market value to $3 billion. The funding was led by Tiger Global and Dragoneer. ActiveCampaign was founded in 2003, but it did not take off in the industry until it raised outside

The Future of Advertising: How CoolerScreens Transforms Brick-and-Mortar Shopping Experience With Interactive Digital Displays

Image Source: CoolerScreens While brands may do their best to captivate their target consumers, the competition really comes down to what customers pick on the shelves. To help brands and business owners make the best choices in-store, Chicago startup CoolerScreens maximized the capability of cooler doors in retail establishments. The company modernized people’s shopping experience, improved their access to relevant product information, and simultaneously aided brands in creating live digital advertisements onsite. With CoolerScreens, consumers can “know more” and “choose better.” Brands may have placed in-store advertisements before and provided an overview of their product on labels or posters. Studies

SoundMind, the Purpose-Driven Powerhouse Set to Address Mental Health Issues

The advent of technology and the latest developments in the field have contributed to improvements in many aspects of human life. In particular, Mobile applications have not only helped people approach and operate countless personal and professional endeavors with ease but have also played a significant role in the promotion of physical, social, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. SoundMind, an emerging powerhouse in the tech space, has made it its mission to address the growing mental health crisis that continues to plague millions of people worldwide, and its initiatives in the field have propelled this esteemed institution to the forefront.  

Self-Made Entrepreneur Ana Dee is the Mind Behind “Alien Outfitter,” “Blades For Babes,” and “The Horny Stoner”

The latest advances in technology have revolutionized the way people approach learning and establishing businesses. Before, entrepreneurs had to contend with the reality of exorbitant fees that come hand in hand with formally enrolling in a program in order to expand their knowledge and hone their skills in starting a lucrative enterprise. But with the limitless resources available to anyone through the Internet, the commercial space has been made open for anyone, and Ana Dee, the founder of three e-commerce businesses –, waltzed right in.  Alien Outfitter, Blades For Babes, and The Horny Stoner are products of the passion and

Jafton Becomes the Official Vendor of The State of New Mexico for IT Services to Build the Telemedicine App for ALTSD

In this rapidly evolving world, the conventional and traditional methods that people have grown accustomed to are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Within only a short amount of time, technology has exploded and has taken over everyone’s lives. And with the advent of automation and the emergence of the digital age, Jafton is taking a significant stride towards the forefront of the industry.  When the COVID-19 pandemic shook the world to its core, government sectors were prompted to take health measures and implement other precautions to prevent further damage. As a result, these agencies were compelled to embrace

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