Warin: Helping Regular People Accumulate Wealth

Today, more and more people see the need to invest their money to achieve financial stability and freedom even before they reach the retirement age. The stark reality of investing, however, is one must dedicate a lot of time to learn how

SoundMind, the Purpose-Driven Powerhouse Set to Address Mental Health Issues

The advent of technology and the latest developments in the field have contributed to improvements in many aspects of human life. In particular, Mobile applications have not only helped people approach and operate countless personal and professional endeavors with ease but have also played a significant role in the promotion of physical, social, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. SoundMind, an emerging powerhouse in the tech space, has made it its mission to address the growing mental health crisis that continues to plague millions of people worldwide, and its initiatives in the field have propelled this esteemed institution to the forefront.  

Self-Made Entrepreneur Ana Dee is the Mind Behind “Alien Outfitter,” “Blades For Babes,” and “The Horny Stoner”

The latest advances in technology have revolutionized the way people approach learning and establishing businesses. Before, entrepreneurs had to contend with the reality of exorbitant fees that come hand in hand with formally enrolling in a program in order to expand their knowledge and hone their skills in starting a lucrative enterprise. But with the limitless resources available to anyone through the Internet, the commercial space has been made open for anyone, and Ana Dee, the founder of three e-commerce businesses –, waltzed right in.  Alien Outfitter, Blades For Babes, and The Horny Stoner are products of the passion and

Jafton Becomes the Official Vendor of The State of New Mexico for IT Services to Build the Telemedicine App for ALTSD

In this rapidly evolving world, the conventional and traditional methods that people have grown accustomed to are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Within only a short amount of time, technology has exploded and has taken over everyone’s lives. And with the advent of automation and the emergence of the digital age, Jafton is taking a significant stride towards the forefront of the industry.  When the COVID-19 pandemic shook the world to its core, government sectors were prompted to take health measures and implement other precautions to prevent further damage. As a result, these agencies were compelled to embrace

Noah Nega Delivering Revolutionary Innovations Within the Tech Space

It can never be underscored enough how a person’s failures can be the seeding ground for their future success in life. People who are open to drawing insights from missteps instead of being demotivated by them are guaranteed to learn from the experience and become better on their next move. And it is this essential attitude toward growth that allowed E8 Labs founder Noah Nega to evolve into a household name within the tech industry.  E8 Labs is a reputable software development agency located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Founded in 2017, it now comprises over twenty-five experts working

VectorUSA Is Boosting Businesses and Transforming Lives

VectorUSA is an authority in the IT industry. The company is known for transforming business needs into technology solutions by designing, building, and maintaining cybersecurity, data center, and wireless digital solutions. On top of dominating the field, the IT solutions provider is also recognized for its annual charitable causes to notable organizations.  VectorUSA provides in-depth and unparalleled IT solutions for its clients. With over 30 years in the industry, the company has worked with various businesses, big or small, and has given them efficient technology solutions to further their corporate success. The IT services provider is home to over several

The GO-GETTER Co. Lifestyle: Combining Style and Innovative Technology

No other rising company in the country today has successfully combined fashion and an innovative technology to create a lifestyle that is suited for go-getters – confident, enterprising, and achievers. This is what GO-GETTER Co. offers the modern-day millennials and those who thrive in a fast-paced life with its trackable wallets that are sophisticated-looking, easy to carry around, practical, and highly functional.  GO-GETTER Co. was recently launched by its founder Mikiah Z. Azarcon, who spent countless hours perfecting the trackable wallet technology and design. The budding entrepreneur and Pepperdine University graduate intends to provide consumers with the option to let

Tesla’s EV Technology Is Up for Grabs – But for a Price

Tesla, Inc., the American electric vehicle and clean energy company based in Palo Alto, California, is one of the most companies in the world with the most advanced tech. And you can bet that just like the reputation they’ve made for themselves as a leading EV tech company, their marketing strategies are not lagging behind, either. For context, what might be unthinkable for many happened. Audi CEO Markus Duesmann admitted in his recently released statement that Audi is about two years late when compared to Tesla’s computing power in the electric vehicles industry and self-driving car technology. For a company

Warin: Helping Regular People Accumulate Wealth

Today, more and more people see the need to invest their money to achieve financial stability and freedom even before they reach the retirement age. The stark reality of investing, however, is one must dedicate a lot of time to learn how to manage their own portfolios. Warin, an artificial intelligence investor, is helping even simple individuals make strong investments. Designed by software engineer and entrepreneur Danny Kabakibo, Warin is believed to be the next big thing when it comes to stock market investment applications. Warin has the ability to analyze large amounts of data, unique technology, and fast computers

E-Commerce Expert Nestor Castro Shares His Journey Towards Success


It took years for Nestor Castro to find his true calling in the e-commerce industry. Similar to many success stories that have been told and retold from person to person, there are inevitable reroutes and hurdles before finally achieving a triumphant finish. It required Castro several sacrifices and risks to emerge as one of the leading e-commerce experts in the market. Castro served in the US Army for a year. Stationed at a war zone in Central Asia, particularly Afghanistan, he became witness to the horrors of war and the bothersome conflict between nations that could potentially take away lives.

Trendy Must-Have-Gadgets of 2020

Gadget runs our lives. Without these innovations, we feel utterly incomplete and immobile.  Spend your life before the year right with these super-useful and awesome tech gadgets that will boost your productivity, stress, and will give you more reason to stay tech-savvy.  Yep, gadgets are getting weirder and extremely useful at the same time. And here’s the personal pick for the gadgets that you might need. USB RECHARGEABLE AA AND AAA BATTERIES Yes, it’s almost 2020 and we still need AA and AAA batteries! Hence, it’s so handy and affordable! You will gonna love these because they are so convenient