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The new figurehead for natural health and fitness – Stephen Cabral

The love for food is a common denominator in cultures throughout the globe. It spans across different cultures and locales around the world, and people hold a deep emotional bond to their cuisines. This multi-layered connection often leads to diversity, joy, and a passion for new experiences. While food is often considered a delicacy for the taste buds, its effects can be much more widespread. Often, the healing properties of various foods rival that of conventional medicines, and the nutrition it provides can protect the body against illnesses and diseases. For this reason, naturopathy treatments are one of the most effective ways to maintain health and well-being

Naturopathy is a fundamental component of the journey towards wellness and can significantly improve the body’s immunity. Treatments involving naturopathy involve rebalancing the body’s nutrients without using drugs or surgeries. The process comprises natural therapy, the use of herbs, exercise, lifestyle changes, and maintenance of a balanced diet. 

Millions of people have effectively recovered from critical health complications without any side effects through naturopathy treatments. However, just like conventional medicine, naturopathy is an art and requires significant knowledge and planning to be effective. Without the right techniques, there is always a risk to your health. Therefore, it’s crucial to consult with an experienced practitioner with extensive experience. One of the best consultants to connect with for your nutritional needs is none other than Dr. Stephen Cabral, who has been curing ailments through naturopathy for almost two decades now. The natural health and fitness expert’s mission is to help thousands of people worldwide reach their optimum health without incurring the risks associated with traditional medicinal techniques. 

Dr. Stephen Cabral believes that there is always an answer to why an individual is feeling unwell. He says that conventional medicine often identifies individuals as healthy but fails to address their lack of energy. This is where functional medicine steps in. It not only helps determine the root cause of a patient’s low energy and symptoms of illness but also provides a treatment that will give the best results. Dr. Stephen always focuses on working at a personal level by creating a unique treatment plan and investing time to cover a patient’s individual fitness needs. While most practitioners of natural treatments fully disregard conventional medicine, Dr. Stephen understands its importance and has encouraged their use along with naturopathy treatments. He says, “Naturopathy activates self-healing mechanisms; thus, it can be useful alongside modern medicine.”

Dr. Stephen’s desire to help others stems from his own struggles. As a child, he faced severe health complications, and despite visiting over fifty doctors and undergoing hundreds of treatment procedures, he witnessed no change in his medical condition. When all hope was lost, he was introduced to an ‘alternative’ health doctor who explained his condition and offered assistance. His recovery inspired him, and he began to believe that he could help others rebalance their bodies and renew their health as well. Now, his major goal is to spread unbiased natural health education to as many people as possible.

There is more to Dr. Stephen Cabral! He is the founder of EQUILIFE, a functional medicine company that ships functional medicine lab tests, supplements, and plans to people all over the world. His method has led to hundreds of satisfied clients, which have been documented at, with over 15,000 members sharing their success stories and seeking a cure for their ailments. 

This expert naturopath has also founded the Integrative Health Practitioner Institute, where he encourages people around the world to be health coaches and start their own businesses. “I offer three courses on major health topics for those looking to finally get well or struggling with one of these specific issues: Thyroid Health, Female Hormone Health, and Gut Health. Each course is about 4.5 hours of recorded content and will give somebody a clear and proven blueprint to recover and rebalance their body,” he informs. 

Dr. Stephen’s achievements don’t end here. He has also authored a book titled ‘Rain Barrel Effect,’ which sums up his entire DESTRESS protocol. About the book, he states, “It teaches people how to regain their balance through Diet, Exercise, Toxin Removal, Rest, Exercise, Supplements, and Success Mindset. It caters to anybody who is looking to finally get well.” Apart from this, he is highly active on social media and uploads podcasts and YouTube videos to inspire and educate people on how to lead a better and healthier lifestyle. Speaking about his media presence, he says, “I have an entire podcast series dedicated to mindset called Mindset & Motivation Mondays. Success Mindset is part of my DESTRESS Protocol and is extremely important for somebody to adopt a positive mindset in order to get well. The fact is that a negative mindset will make it almost impossible to get well.” He further explains the link between mind and body and shares, “A lot of times, when we begin rebalancing the body, the mindset naturally becomes more positive as well.”

With a passion for giving back, Dr. Stephen Cabral is highly involved in community service, particularly in the area of health and fitness. He offers a free daily podcast to help educate others about naturopathy and periodically donates a portion of all profits generated from his business to a charity that provides support to women during pregnancy. Dr. Stephen’s vision is clear, and can be summed up accurately in the following words: ‘Nature gives to us, so that we may give to others!’

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