How COVID-19 Worsens the Anxiety among People Who Suffers From Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Covid 19 – Experts and media have warned that mental health crisis will rise during the pandemic will take toll. A recent KFF poll found that about 4 in 10 adults say stress from the coronavirus negatively affected their mental health. (KHN is an editorially independent program of KFF, the Kaiser Family Foundation.) Amidst the pandemic, people who are suffering from OCD have heightened OCD phobias such as fear of germs due to the virus that doubles their anxiety. People with obsessive-compulsive disorder and other serious mental health crisis are having difficult mental health battles but patients who have undergone successful treatment often have increased abilities to accept

Axiom Chiropractic Drawing Attention to Chiropractic Service and Serving Patients with the Best Care

Optimal health is non-negotiable, and the process of achieving that cuts across taking care of every part of the body. So for Dr. Tyler Hartley and Dr. Megan Hullihen, establishing Axiom Chiropractic was a needed move as it gave them the chance to carry out life-changing, powerful and healing work every day. Through Axiom Chiropractic, the experienced medical professionals aim to show the world that chiropractic is more than fixing neck and back pain. In Dr. Tyler’s words, “It’s a holistic approach to health designed to improve overall body function and optimize performance.” At Axiom Chiropractic, health is a top

A New Approach to Medical Education with Integrated Learning – Maheshwara Medical College & Hospital, Hyderabad

With a new approach to Medical Education – Maheshwara Medical College & Hospital Collaborates with Omega Hospitals, Hyderabad for Integrated Clinical Care Training Program for House surgeons / Postgraduate students.  Miss Keerthi Mahesh, Vice – Chairperson of Maheshwara Medical College and Hospital said, “to provide wide clinical exposure to our House-Surgeons & Post-Graduate students, we at the Maheshwara, have joined hands with Omega Hospitals for an Integrated Clinical Program, where students learn the difference between a teaching hospital and corporate hospital while getting hands-on experience about patient care and procedures in treating patients with multiple health issues”. Maheshwara Medical College

How to Reduce Stress and Motivate Yourself

Stress – What’s your most cherished value? We all have driving forces that keep us inspired and motivated, whether it’s supporting our loved ones, giving to those in need, finding fulfillment in our work, or making a difference in our community.  Determining your most cherished value and using it to your advantage can drastically change your approach to your work, infusing you with additional internal motivation, says Rebecca Greenbaum, Ph.D., professor of human resource management at Rutgers University’s School of Management and Labor Relations. That’s where value triggers come in. Value triggers are items that represent something that matters deeply

Milk Tyson Declares War against Childhood Cancer with His Non-Profit Organization Fighting All Monsters

To this very day, cancer continues to ravage the world as one of the most deadly incurable diseases. As the world continues to find a cure and hopefully purge the bane of cancer, a disease that has affected countless families and individuals all over the world, non-profit organizations are offering support for cancer patients, survivors, and family members who have been greatly affected by the disease. Fighting All Monsters stands at the forefront, supporting children with cancer by providing them with avenues to reconnect with their mothers and enjoy the finer things in life.  An initiative founded by the remarkable

Influencer Chad Ehlers Raising Awareness About Childhood Cancer Through his Foundation, Chad Change

Chad Ehlers, better known as da_chad on social platforms, is a nurse, influencer, humanitarian and the founder of Chad Change Inc., a nonprofit organization advocating against childhood cancer.  Chad Ehlers was first inspired to start his foundation when his youngest daughter, Mia, was first diagnosed with Leukemia on July 15, 2020, a few months before 2nd birthday. Talking about the moment the diagnosis was made, Chad described the moment as agonizingly silent as the word Leukemia hung in the air. Since then, Mia has continued fighting bravely and has undergone various chemotherapy, physical therapy, and many spinal procedures. A journey

Dr. Monica Patel on Heart Matters and Cardiovascular Health

Heart disease is becoming increasingly prevalent with the rise of more sedentary lifestyles coupled with unhealthy habits. Cardiovascular health is vital, and a lot of heart problems are preventable with the appropriate lifestyle changes. Dr. Monica Patel is a quadruple board-certified cardiologist who advocates for better cardiovascular disease prevention.  Dr. Monica Patel is a cardiologist who has spent her entire career serving the Houston community. She is a first-generation Indian American and native Houstonian. Dr. Patel is an active member of her community and is very involved in several local and national philanthropic organizations and events. “I love the community

Chronic Athletics, a Passion-Fueled and Purpose-Driven Powerhouse in the Outdoor Athletics and Wellness Industries

Although it’s true that there’s no longer a definite set of ingredients for success as people’s journey toward the materialization of their dreams is highly subjected to the dynamic forces within the political, economic, and social landscapes, it cannot also be denied that it takes more than ambition and a clear-cut vision to reach great heights. The tales of the entrepreneurial triumph of today’s powerhouses like Chronic Athletics feature two critical components: passion and purpose. Together, they allow any go-getter to thrive in an industry known for its merciless nature.  A widely acclaimed company that operates under the goal of

Watkins-Conti Products, Inc. (WCP) Presents Revolutionary Medical Solution for Women

Pictured is Allison Conti, Founder and CEO of Watkins-Conti Products, while she was initiating clinical trials at Stanford University Medical Center.  Image provided by Vince David Photos Clinical innovations today are driven by science and technology. Pharmaceutical companies globally have invested billions of dollars into the creation and invention of medications and medical devices that would prevent or cure health challenges in the world. Allison Watkins-Conti is a problem solver and innovator whose decision to venture into the women’s healthcare realm was inspired by her desire to help and improve lives. Through her company, Watkins-Conti Products Inc.; she is leading

Achieving Health and Wellness on a Plant-Based Diet with Emmie Keefe

In a world where it has become easier to access valuable information on health and nutrition, more people want to know what to do to improve their health and reach an ideal weight. Emmie Keefe, a health coach who believes in the power of following a plant-based diet, works hard to help her clients improve their health and wellness by taking the right approach.  While initially working as a teacher with a passion for helping others, Emmie started posting content on YouTube. She’d regularly discuss her plant-based journey, offering tips, pointers, and advice to those who wanted to make the

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