Ride Velo Health Dedicates Its Services to Medical Solutions Easing Patient and Healthcare Woes in the United States

These days, in an almost fragmented society, an efficient means of transportation has become a massive boon. Unfortunately, it has also become increasingly inconvenient as a sign of the times. Ride-sharing apps have become a commuter’s ticket to convenience, a technology that has become prevalent in recent years. Because a patient’s woes are different from that of the general public, these ride-sharing apps often fail to fill this particular gap in their services. Yet, there is no need to worry since Ride Velo Health is here to help. Ride Velo Health is a ride-sharing app that helps transport patients to

GoHealth: A Pathway to Better Healthcare through Insurance

Since 2001, GoHealth has been at the forefront of delivering improved healthcare as a marketplace for Medicare plans and other insurance plans. GoHealth is a digital platform changing how people access health insurance. Through its platform, people can access individual health insurance and short-term health insurance. The company is headquartered in the River North area of Chicago, right outside the Chicago brown line. The company was established by Clint Jones and Brandon Cruz after personally experiencing the frustration of getting health insurance. The two founders thought that they needed to find a better way for insurance to be easily accessible

Health iPass Removing the Payments Burden from Medical Professionals

Source: Patient payments are quickly becoming one of the top sources of revenue for physicians and ambulatory care providers, with over $200 billion moving annually within the system every year. Dealing with accounts receivables from patients can be an unnecessary burden for medical professionals and workers. That’s why Health iPass came to life— to help the medical industry by providing an automated payment management system for physician offices and healthcare institutions.  Health iPass exists for one mission— to get physicians and medical staff paid in a timely and seamless manner. Most doctors deal with accounts receivables all the time,

Oak Street Health Inc. Providing Access to Primary Care in Chicago and Beyond

Oak Street Health Inc. was established to address the inability of many people to access primary care. It was founded in 2012 with a specific focus on patients living with chronic conditions who may need to access primary care frequently. Oak Street Health Inc. operates 79 primary care centers across eleven states in the United States with benefits like transportation to appointments, a 24/7 patient support line, and community events. The healthcare company caters to Medicare patients, and its primary source of revenue is its capitation contracts with Medicare Advantage plans. Oak Street Health Inc. is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois,

Kaizen Health Offers Solution to the Medical Care Transportation Problem

Source: The medical field has gone through some of the most significant drawbacks and hurdles in the past year after the COVID-19 pandemic turned healthcare systems upside down. One of the growing problems that existed even before the health crisis is an increasing transportation problem on both the emergency and non-emergency front. Kaizen Health offers a solution to that issue by introducing a streamlined system and experience of ordering non-emergency medical transportation.  The Chicago-based health technology company has become one of the hot topics in the health sector as it has provided a solution to the transportation pain point

Cubii Making Health Accessible to All with a New Approach to Fitness

Source: Most people who can’t seem to fit a fitness routine into their schedule feel like they don’t have any other options. Some struggle with time constraints due to busy work schedules, while others struggle with physical limitations. Whatever the case may be, a new and revolutionary company is out to provide such people with a fitness routine that fits into their lives. The company’s name is Cubii.  The health and wellness company is on a mission to help as many people on the planet have a chance to stay fit and healthy by creating solutions that make fitness

How Fitness Gave LaMarqus Collins the Push He Needed to Make a Comeback

Everyone loves a good comeback story, especially in the world of sports. For example, stories of Adrian Peterson and his torn ACL and Paul George and his fractured leg are often retold and celebrated. They highlight the beautiful resilience and determination of the human spirit and inspire many others in the same situation who may be feeling helpless. This is another one of those stories, though it ends in an unconventional way. LaMarqus Collins was a young and promising basketball player who had played for three and a half years in Venice, Italy, when he figured in a horrific injury

Fitore Nutrition Partners With Vitro Biopharma for All-Natural ASD Medication Spectrum +

Statistics reveal that one out of 68 Americans is born with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), surpassing the number of birth cases with childhood cancer, juvenile diabetes, and childhood AIDS combined. ASD is characterized as a group of brain development disorders that affect communication and social skills. But beyond its physical manifestations, ASD also takes an emotional toll on the patient and their families. For this reason, Fitore Nutrition, together with Vitro Biopharma, developed Spectrum +. ASD is widely observed between the ages of one and two years old. Parents would observe the difference in developmental milestones between their children and

Dugan Reilly Extends a Glimmer of Hope as He Walks With Others in Their Struggles Against Chronic Illnesses

Living with a chronic illness is more than just a challenge and puts people in a difficult position to face life. Often it leads to a struggle with mental health that they have to battle every day. To combat such endeavors, people reach out to others and motivate one another. Dugan Reilly is an individual who has been working to help others in similar struggles. When Dugan Reilly was five months old, he was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, a hereditary disease that affected his lungs and digestive systems. Reilly grew up struggling with his illness and dealing with day-to-day habits

Dugan Reilly Overcomes His Chronic Illness to Teach Others to Overcome Their Own Through His Positive Mentorship

Chronic illnesses are often thought of as massive hindrances toward success. However, Dugan Reilly has never let his illness get in the way of him achieving his dreams. The esteemed entrepreneur has a strong passion for helping people with rare chronic illnesses make their dreams a reality, allowing them to become the best version of themselves. Dugan Reilly was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at five months old and is battling it to this day. Growing up, he struggled with mental health by dealing with the daily habits of cystic fibrosis. Once he achieved his dream and turned it into a

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