Study Finds That Worms Can Detect Lung Cancer Cells

Photo: Nari Jang Myongji University (South Korea) scientists Nari Jang and Shin Sik Choi have discovered that roundworms can detect cancer as they are attracted to the “floral scent” of the cancer cells. Doctors may be able to detect cancer early, noninvasively,

Prevention Beats a Cure: Lung Cancer and Home Radon Levels

While most of the leading causes of lung cancer, such as cigarette smoking and secondhand smoke, can be easily identified and avoided, one substantial cause isn’t as easily identifiable: radon gas. Exposure to radon is a dangerous environmental hazard, but a big

Workout Motivation

We all know that exercising is beneficial for physical and mental wellbeing. Whether you have physique goals you want to achieve or simply want to move your body and feel good, working out can (and should) be an important component of everyone’s

Dr. John Kelly: Designing Smiles That Transform Lives

A smile can bring so much joy and happiness to a person’s life. But sometimes, they might feel like their smile is not enough, that their teeth need some work. A smile gives someone a confidence boost, but it can cause some

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