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Breaking out of self-destructive habits is never easy; life coach Rosetta Qadhi on loving yourself again

Since the beginning of time, humans have been shattering the glass ceiling with their potential and confidence. From dreaming to flying to creating airplanes, there is no doubt we all are limitless. We describe our true worth with our ability to imagine. There is nothing humans cannot achieve if they put their heart and mind into it. These are ideologies that have created and polished many great people throughout time. Such thoughts helped people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Angela Merkel, and Mary Barra imprint their names on the hall of fame. They all can claim the title of “Veni, Vidi, Vici.” Among these incredible people lies someone with a golden heart, the Rosetta Qadhi.


Rosetta Qadhi is the President and CEO of Think & Grow Rich Caribbean, a successful businesswoman, and entrepreneur. She was born and reared in Jamaica and grew up in poverty. Even though she was born in an underdeveloped country with limited opportunities, she never doubted her hard work. From a very young age, she realized the reality of life and understood only she could bring change in her life. Rosetta pushed the bar with Think and Grow Rich Caribbean Institute, while others dreamed she made them a reality. She attributes her success to Napoleon Hill’s teachings, which have changed her life, and she hopes to do the same for all of us.


Rosetta Qadhi always believes in helping others to achieve greatness. She understands how difficult it could be for anyone to break out of their destructive habit cycle. She knows how hard it could be for someone to quit smoking, gambling, or addiction to alcohol. How difficult it could be to focus on a career and be confident in your decisions. She knows how important it is for all of us to replace the negative voices in our heads that tell us, “It is too much for us” or “We can’t do it,” with motivating and cheerful screams. 


Every year, several people around us attempt suicide after giving up hope and losing everything. Hope is an essential part of our life, and it can strengthen us to move mountains or reach out to the stars. There is no shame in admitting your mistake and feeling a little down. During such phases in life, people like Rosetta Qadhi came down as a helping hand from god. Understanding how everyone carries different weights on their back and each individual requires special attention is what makes her the best at what she does. Her unique life experiences have made her mentally impenetrable, and she can see the hidden talent and suppress potential in you when no one can.  


Self-destructive habits can only be powerful if we allow them to be. There is no habit too strong that can stop you from quitting. If you are struggling with any self-destructive habits mentioned below, there is no need to worry.  


  • Attempting suicide.
  • Binge eating.
  • Compulsive activities like gambling, gaming, or shopping.
  • Impulsive and risky sexual behavior.
  • Overusing alcohol and drugs.
  • Self-injury, such as cutting, hair pulling, burning.
  • Being self-derogatory, insisting you’re not intelligent, capable, or attractive enough.
  • Changing yourself to please others.
  • Clinging to someone who is not interested in you.
  • Engaging in alienating or aggressive behavior that pushes people away.
  • Maladaptive behaviors, such as chronic avoidance, procrastination, and passive-aggressiveness.
  • Wallowing in self-pity.
  • Alcohol or drug use.
  • Childhood trauma, neglect, or abandonment.
  • Emotional or physical abuse.
  • Friends who self-injure.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Social isolation, exclusion.


Such habits can cause some of the deadliest and most harmful mental disabilities, and all such issues need to be addressed with top priority. With the proper guidance and help, you can be free as a bird. The day you decide to set yourself free and break open, this virtual cage won’t stand a chance and won’t be able to hold your shine and glowing personality. You will realize the cell you think you are trapped in, or the hole you feel is sinking you in, lies just in your thoughts. You will find the confidence you always lack.


According to research, you can quit every bad habit and break all the walls that stop you from evolving into the best version of yourself in just four steps. 


Step 1: Acknowledging the issue. 

You cannot fight the enemies until you admit their existence. The first step toward a better life is to accept that you have a bad habit, addiction, or self-destructive actions. Acknowledging your enemies clears your thoughts from any surprise, and it puts you on the right track in your life as you can know who to defeat.


Step 2: Change your environment. 

It can be seen as a cliché step, but changing your environment and adding new, more productive, and positive people in your life can help you get over any impossible obstacle. Our subconscious mind learns and adapts many things from our surroundings, impacting our overall personality. Having a good crowd around you can benefit you in thousands of ways.


Step 3: Remind yourself the reason for achieving greatness.

Many of us realize our true worth, but procrastination and fears stop us from accomplishing such goals. A constant reminder can help you maintain your motivational level and uplift your confidence.


Step 4: Maintain your success.

Many of us climb up to the top and claim our throw easily, but most of us lack the consistency of living like a champion. We must not see this phase as a one-time deal; instead, we should be able to adapt it like a lifestyle and carry it with us till our last breath.

Everyone in this world deserves a second chance in life, even you. No matter what situations and demons you face in life, you can overcome anything with a bit of help. We live in a polarized society, with people having more poisonous tongues than a snake. In such an era, people like Rosetta Qadhi are a true blessing. They know the true happiness of helping others. Their life coaching has helped millions worldwide to accomplish all of their dreams and encouraged them toward self-love.

DC Studios finds not one but two Co-Chairs and CEOs in James Gunn and Peter Safran

DC Studios officially names James Gunn and Peter Safran as new CEOs and Co-Chairmen after looking for Walter Hamada’s replacement.

DC Studios

The announcement means Gunn and Safran are the new leaders overseeing all future DC production.

Their additional responsibilities include creating a 10-year roadmap for DC projects across film, television, and animation.

Gunn and Safran will ensure that every upcoming project falls under the same banner.

DC Extended Universe

The Batgirl movie was canceled in August while it was in post-production.

The decision came from the renewal of Warner Bros. Discovery for their essential IPs following the company merging.

The merger was the reason Walter Hamada stepped down as DC Films president.

James Gunn and Peter Safran’s new roles fill the void Hamada left.

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James Gunn

Gunn moved from Marvel to DC and handled The Suicide Squad, earning critical acclaim and praise.

The film’s success led to the equally successful Peacemaker series on HBO Max.

Both projects achieved milestones that gave Peacemaker approval for a second season.

A spin-off series is also in development.

It revolves around Amanda Waller, with Viola Davis returning for the role.

James Gunn’s new role at DC Studios means he will oversee DC Films and pave the way for a more cohesive cinematic universe.

Peter Safran

Safran has been producing DC projects for several years now.

Two of his most significant contributions are Aquaman and Shazam!

Their success came at the box office as DC sought to distance itself from the Snyderverse.

Peter Safran produced The Suicide Squad and served as executive producer on Gunn’s Peacemaker series.

He is currently producing new projects like Shazam! Fury of the Gods, Blue Beetle, and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

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Gunn and Safran’s roles in DC Studios

Gunn and Safran will report directly to the president and CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, David Zaslav.

The two will also work closely with Mike De Luca and Pam Abdy, co-presidents and CEOs of Warner Bros. MovieGroup.

Zaslav looks forward to working with the duo and says:

“DC has among the most entertaining, powerful, and iconic characters in the world.”

“I am thrilled to have the singular and complementary talents of James and Peter joining our world-class team and overseeing the creative direction of the storied DC Universe.”

Zaslav praised their experience, deep ties to creative communities, and track record with fans.

He says their achievements helped them get their new positions.


James Gunn & Peter Safran named heads of DC Studios

“If and when you can’t find the motivation, be consistent.” Tony Scales’ advice for talented musicians (A.K.A Chef Tone)

Tony Scales, professionally known as Chef Tone, is an American record producer and songwriter. Born in 1983, Tony Scales spent his early life on the south side of Chicago. He had a turbulent time as a youth, spending it in and out of shelters, but that was long before he realized his true calling. Scales was always interested in music, be it the keyboard he had as a kid or remembering his father owning a saxophone. As a kid, he would sing–admittedly off-key and loudly around the house, to the annoyance of his family. Ironically it was this freestyle, at-home, when he realized he had a real skill that could be further polished. 

It was in 2007 that Scales connected to an entertainment manager and moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Within months of relocating, he was offered an exclusive producer and songwriter deal with Atlantic Records, the first from this label. As a songwriter, his first placement was with artist Plies for ‘Please Excuse My Hands,’ featuring Jamie Foxx. The number was an instant hit and made it to the top 10 position on the music charts, leading to his long-term deal to write, produce, and develop talent with the record label. From that success, there was no looking back for the songwriter and producer.  Scales went on to work with Trey Songz, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Dr. Dre, Justin Bieber, etc. When it comes to female singers, some of his favorites in the industry include Aretha Franklin. As for his favorite male artists, Scales is a Michael Jackson devotee, suggesting Jackson beats everyone because his music transcends time, age, and culture. 

Since he consistently worked hard to earn a name for himself in an extremely competitive industry, he makes sure to take out time for young and aspiring artists by visiting schools and camps to mentor them to pursue their dreams. Moreover, he is working on developing programs for kids from the inner city to help them get exposure and learn the tricks of the trade. He advises the youth to be consistent with their efforts when they can’t find motivation around them. It is difficult to always be inspired and enthusiastic about your dreams, especially when life is full of unexpected twists and turns. However, the key to success is staying persistent, working hard, and not letting failures come in the way of your hustle. Success is never instant or easy, but what makes people successful is their determination and consistent approach to making it big, irrespective of the people or circumstances surrounding them. 

One thing is sure, the process of writing is not the same for every artist. When Scales writes songs for artists, he keeps in mind their fanbase, likes and dislikes, and expectations, but beyond that, he also takes into consideration how to write songs that will bring more fans into the fold. This is not all! He taps into people who may not be interested in a particular artist, but with soulful and strong lyrics, they might start following their music. Currently, he is working with several talented artists, including Maejor, and believes some great music is in the pipeline from this combination. 

The only challenge Scales faced during the process was the lack of understanding of the business part, which is common among creatives early in their career. They are so focused on their craft that they ignore the business portion. “The companies at large have failed to educate the creative community and have found it rather to their advantage to exploit.” As he puts it, “The process of making a song isn’t hard, especially when you have spent hours and hours on mastering it. However, navigating the politics is what can get a bit tricky at times.” 

Scales has enjoyed a #1 Billboard charting song, multiple multi-platinum records, multiple Grammy nominations, and over a billion streams collectively. Some famous songs from various artists he has worked on are Ludacris’s ‘Sex Room,’ Jamie Foxx’s ‘Best Night of My Life’ and ‘Gorgeous .’Apart from that, the list includes Flo Rida’s ‘Respirator,’ Sean Paul’s ‘Entertainment’ featuring Juicy J, Nicki Minaj, and 2 Chainz, Maejor Ali’s ‘Lolly’ featuring Justin Bieber and Juicy J. A few other notable achievements include Justin Bieber’s ‘Heartbreaker,’ which topped the iTunes charts at #1 in 63 countries, peaking at #13 on the US Hot 100 chart, becoming Tony’s fastest-rising release. His collaboration with Trey Songz on ‘Invented Sex’ featuring Drake debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200 chart and peaked at #1 on the Top R&B/Hip Hop albums chart. He’s also penned down and produced singles for Trey Songz, like ‘Bottoms Up,’ ‘Love Faces,’ ‘Say Aah,’ ‘Yo Side of the Bed,’ and ‘LOL,’ which received immense popularity and love from fans across the world.

Tony Scales is indeed the kind of songwriter and producer who believes in working passionately and focusing on honing one’s skills constantly. As you keep getting better at your job, money and fame will follow on their own. 

The new figurehead for natural health and fitness – Stephen Cabral

The love for food is a common denominator in cultures throughout the globe. It spans across different cultures and locales around the world, and people hold a deep emotional bond to their cuisines. This multi-layered connection often leads to diversity, joy, and a passion for new experiences. While food is often considered a delicacy for the taste buds, its effects can be much more widespread. Often, the healing properties of various foods rival that of conventional medicines, and the nutrition it provides can protect the body against illnesses and diseases. For this reason, naturopathy treatments are one of the most effective ways to maintain health and well-being

Naturopathy is a fundamental component of the journey towards wellness and can significantly improve the body’s immunity. Treatments involving naturopathy involve rebalancing the body’s nutrients without using drugs or surgeries. The process comprises natural therapy, the use of herbs, exercise, lifestyle changes, and maintenance of a balanced diet. 

Millions of people have effectively recovered from critical health complications without any side effects through naturopathy treatments. However, just like conventional medicine, naturopathy is an art and requires significant knowledge and planning to be effective. Without the right techniques, there is always a risk to your health. Therefore, it’s crucial to consult with an experienced practitioner with extensive experience. One of the best consultants to connect with for your nutritional needs is none other than Dr. Stephen Cabral, who has been curing ailments through naturopathy for almost two decades now. The natural health and fitness expert’s mission is to help thousands of people worldwide reach their optimum health without incurring the risks associated with traditional medicinal techniques. 

Dr. Stephen Cabral believes that there is always an answer to why an individual is feeling unwell. He says that conventional medicine often identifies individuals as healthy but fails to address their lack of energy. This is where functional medicine steps in. It not only helps determine the root cause of a patient’s low energy and symptoms of illness but also provides a treatment that will give the best results. Dr. Stephen always focuses on working at a personal level by creating a unique treatment plan and investing time to cover a patient’s individual fitness needs. While most practitioners of natural treatments fully disregard conventional medicine, Dr. Stephen understands its importance and has encouraged their use along with naturopathy treatments. He says, “Naturopathy activates self-healing mechanisms; thus, it can be useful alongside modern medicine.”

Dr. Stephen’s desire to help others stems from his own struggles. As a child, he faced severe health complications, and despite visiting over fifty doctors and undergoing hundreds of treatment procedures, he witnessed no change in his medical condition. When all hope was lost, he was introduced to an ‘alternative’ health doctor who explained his condition and offered assistance. His recovery inspired him, and he began to believe that he could help others rebalance their bodies and renew their health as well. Now, his major goal is to spread unbiased natural health education to as many people as possible.

There is more to Dr. Stephen Cabral! He is the founder of EQUILIFE, a functional medicine company that ships functional medicine lab tests, supplements, and plans to people all over the world. His method has led to hundreds of satisfied clients, which have been documented at, with over 15,000 members sharing their success stories and seeking a cure for their ailments. 

This expert naturopath has also founded the Integrative Health Practitioner Institute, where he encourages people around the world to be health coaches and start their own businesses. “I offer three courses on major health topics for those looking to finally get well or struggling with one of these specific issues: Thyroid Health, Female Hormone Health, and Gut Health. Each course is about 4.5 hours of recorded content and will give somebody a clear and proven blueprint to recover and rebalance their body,” he informs. 

Dr. Stephen’s achievements don’t end here. He has also authored a book titled ‘Rain Barrel Effect,’ which sums up his entire DESTRESS protocol. About the book, he states, “It teaches people how to regain their balance through Diet, Exercise, Toxin Removal, Rest, Exercise, Supplements, and Success Mindset. It caters to anybody who is looking to finally get well.” Apart from this, he is highly active on social media and uploads podcasts and YouTube videos to inspire and educate people on how to lead a better and healthier lifestyle. Speaking about his media presence, he says, “I have an entire podcast series dedicated to mindset called Mindset & Motivation Mondays. Success Mindset is part of my DESTRESS Protocol and is extremely important for somebody to adopt a positive mindset in order to get well. The fact is that a negative mindset will make it almost impossible to get well.” He further explains the link between mind and body and shares, “A lot of times, when we begin rebalancing the body, the mindset naturally becomes more positive as well.”

With a passion for giving back, Dr. Stephen Cabral is highly involved in community service, particularly in the area of health and fitness. He offers a free daily podcast to help educate others about naturopathy and periodically donates a portion of all profits generated from his business to a charity that provides support to women during pregnancy. Dr. Stephen’s vision is clear, and can be summed up accurately in the following words: ‘Nature gives to us, so that we may give to others!’

Tom Cruz (@tcruznc) shares Section 8 top secrets that no one will ever tell you

Governments worldwide take different initiatives to provide improved welfare programs to their citizens. The taxes collected are intended to be spent back on the public through various projects. It is how the government can provide relief in emergencies, build infrastructure, keep the country clean and grow its resources. In America alone, almost 1000 billion dollars are spent annually through social welfare initiatives in various sectors to help the low-income class. These programs ensure the basic needs of the American population are met. 

As far as federal and state social programs are concerned, they include cash assistance, health insurance, food assistance, housing subsidies, energy and utility subsidies, and education and childcare assistance. Managing these programs is one thing; however, providing awareness about them can be more challenging. While the general public is familiar with some, many projects have not gained enough traction to be known to the public. Spending money on marketing such policies can decrease the program’s overall budget. The other reason for not using conventional marketing platforms is to stop scammers from utilizing these resources. 

Under Section 8 of the American government, programs for low-income households and disabled individuals provide stable rental help. In layman’s terms, Section 8 housing vouchers are administered locally by public housing agencies (PHAs). They receive funding from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), paying up to 80% to 90% of the rent. While these facts can be shocking, it is interesting to note that one of the leading specialists in all the branches under Section 8 and real estate investor Tom Cruz (@tcruznc on social media platforms) stumbled upon it accidentally.

Tom Cruz is one of the most remarkable real estate geniuses who started his journey in this industry by wholesaling properties. Coming from humble beginnings, Tom has always been an optimistic person who wanted to do something great in life. What makes him stand out from the crowd is the fact that he tries hard to push his limits. He realized quite early on in his professional life that IT skills were not bringing in enough money. Hence he decided to transition to real estate. After wholesaling, he started to buy and sell low-priced properties, such as condos or small houses. Tom started small but soon gauged this was an excellent opportunity to fulfil his dream of becoming a multi-millionaire.

During this time, Tom came across a property that changed his life forever. It was a downtown house, which he bought for $55,000, and it already had a tenant. Once he purchased that property, the previous owner told him to register his bank account so that Tom could get the Section 8 payment monthly. This was the first time he had heard about this policy. It was pretty shocking for him as he found out this property was generating $1,350 per month, which was more than its actual value.

While Section 8 is an incredible initiative, many houses registered under this policy are very economical, but the rent they get is great. So, Tom bought as many properties as possible and sold them after making a profit from rent. “From that point forward, I bought dozens of Section 8 rental units myself. Later eventually, I would partner with other investors and start scaling my property acquisition and management business,” Tom stated. 

His adventure with Section 8 helped him increase his net worth up to $25 million. That’s not all; Tom started his own consultancy platform and has been actively teaching his followers about the tricks of the real estate business and sharing the secrets of Section 8 on social media. Some of his tips are as follows. 


Physical or mental disabilities

It is one of the most significant acceptance factors for Section 8 funding. If you or anyone in your family household has a physical or mental disability, you can apply and send a special request for 100% rental help.


Work on your case

Applying for your Section 8 voucher can take months and still end up being rejected. It must be understood that they prioritize disabled people, single parents, and the elderly. Just having a low income can delay the process of gaining the voucher if you do not qualify for their priority list, so make sure you seek help from a Section 8 expert who will help you prepare a solid case.


Consultation is key

As such programs are made for the general public, it is always beneficial to use some consultancy to progress faster and receive the voucher sooner. In fact, an expert can guide you at every step of the way, whether you need help to fill out the form or prepare for the interview. With their help, you have greater chances of getting accepted.

Tom Cruz has been actively guiding new and aspiring investors, specifically the youth, about the real estate business in America. He has helped countless people understand the undiscovered world of Section 8 and aims to help and provide better housing for investors and tenants. His pure intentions and larger-than-life personality have undoubtedly made Tom Cruz a trusted name in the world of real estate! 

To learn more about Tom Cruz’s success story, you can visit his website or look him up on social media under the handle @tcruznc