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Three Workout Tips to Revolutionize your Fitness by Emirati CrossFit Champion Mahmood Shalan

Mahmood Shalan
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It is no secret that to achieve fitness, one needs to change their lifestyle and adapt to healthier ways. Of course, it is no easy feat and requires dedication, determination, and hard work. While many people harm their health by frequently consuming junk food and following an unhealthy lifestyle, fitness enthusiasts like Mahmood Shalan firmly believe that intensive workouts and commitment toward achieving their desired body goal are the way to go. In fact, these fitness gurus not only promote a healthy lifestyle but also educate people regarding the physical and mental benefits. Moreover, they inspire us to live a healthy life by teaching us discipline, adaptability, and balance through workouts.

Mahmood Shalan is a 29-year-old Emirati CrossFit athlete who has competed in many competitions and won as well. His passion and love for strength and conditioning encouraged him to quit his job and pursue his career in CrossFit training. Talking about health and fitness, Mahmood shares, “Have you ever desired to intensify your workouts? No, not necessarily by running more kilometres or squatting more. Instead, by combining thoughtful, practical workout advice to maximize the benefits of the exercises. I always tell people that even minor adjustments to their exercise routine can result in enormous.” He further went on to say, “These workout suggestions can help you go to the gym prepared to crush your workout and make the most of your time there. Whether your goal is to enhance your muscle mass, boost your fitness, increase your endurance, or simply move more easily and comfortably throughout your daily life.”

When you look at Mahmood Shalan’s physique and fit body, you will certainly wonder what you can do to achieve your dream body. Fret not, as Mahmood Shalan shares some of his incredible workout tips that can help you improve your health exponentially.

Exercise daily

Do at least 45 minutes to 1 hour of daily exercise. According to Mahmood, anything that is done consistently has a longer and more impactful result. Whether it’s running, sports, running on the treadmill, doing Pilates or Yoga, or any other form of physical activity, it should be a part of your daily routine. You can increase the intensity as per your weight, stamina, and physique goals. “After each workout, make sure to stay hydrated. Moreover, don’t forget to stretch and consume some protein-rich foods. The protein will support further muscle growth rather than fat storage. It will also help you recover from the workout easily and efficiently,” he stresses.

Fitness goals

As a beginner in the fitness world, changing your lifestyle might seem quite challenging. But your physical and mental well-being will simultaneously improve when you become more active and healthy. We all are well aware that exercising on a frequent basis will help you get in shape, but that requires patience. Many people find it discouraging when their efforts to lose weight and build muscle don’t yield instant results. They not only lose motivation but also quit their workout. Mahmood suggests that one should always begin their fitness quest with simple and achievable body goals. He states, “Always remember your body goal will require time and effort to transform; body fitness is like a marathon, not a sprint race. So, stay focused on your fitness goals.”

Sleep to recover

When it comes to fitness training, what many tend to ignore is the fact that giving rest to your body is of utmost importance. To maximize your time spent working out, you must get enough rest, so your body can recover from sore muscles. Research shows that lack of sleep impairs your body’s ability to recover from each workout and burn calories. Mahmood Shalan claims that enough rest drives hormonal adjustments, facilitating the body’s recovery to work out. Without enough sleep, overtraining symptoms, such as fitness plateaus, will start to appear. It is recommended to get at least seven to nine hours of sleep every night.

One thing is sure that setting a fitness goal and achieving it is remarkable in itself. And through hard work and determination, Mahmood Shalan was able to make waves in the world of fitness. “Putting your energy into doing something good for yourself should be a top priority as it is like an investment that won’t just pay off today, but in the elderly days, it will help you sustain your strength and agility,” shares Mahmood. He competed six times in the Dubai CrossFit Championship, won the Emirates Fitness Championship in 2013, and was even qualified for the international CrossFit games, where he represented his home country, UAE, in 2019. This is not all! He has achieved a significant milestone after receiving the 57th rank as the fittest man in the world.

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