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Author Cheryl Moy Outlines A Step-By-Step Process to Self-Development in Her Books The Origami Balloon and Love Thyself

There is no shortage of wellness and coaching gurus in the arena of self-help and self-development. What there is a shortage of, however, is the aspect of human connection. Many personal empowerment books or even courses are all about teaching their listeners and readers how to rise to success, power, fame, or wealth. But more important than that is the question of how we rise above ourselves. This internal conversation with the most intimate parts of our being is what the author of “The Origami Balloon” and “Love Thyself,” Cheryl Moy, hopes to guide her readers through.

Although Cheryl says she has always been more of a reader than a writer, she also shares that “it has always been her dream to help young adults find their way and their truth.” As she joined coaching programs herself, she felt many of them offered nothing but a one-size-fits-all approach to healing. “I wasn’t learning anything because I was feeling the disconnect,” she confessed. And since the robotic one-stop fixes were far from able to help her in her healing journey, Cheryl set out on her own course towards self-betterment. With the goal of inspiring those who felt the same as her and wanted to follow suit, she drew up the stories of her voyage and published them as a book.

While her debut book, “The Origami Balloon,” is filled with anecdotes that aim to connect Cheryl to her readers, her second book, “Love Thyself,” is a collection of practices of self-love that she used in her childhood. “With those practices, I am leading the life I desire,” Cheryl says. Her upcoming 2023 coaching program alone is set to help people discover that “the scars from the past never have room to define us unless we give it space.” She hopes her books can be used as supplementary guides in her programs as she explains that they serve as a workbook, “a platform that will enhance the healing experience,” which allows readers to follow step-by-step directions in addition to the one-on-one sessions with her.

Those who are lost, scared of starting over, or simply have no idea where to even begin will find solace in the safe space that Cheryl has created. From the snippets of wisdom in her book and the guidance her coaching sessions provide, they can find a guiding light. Likewise, those looking for answers towards healing and self-acceptance walk next to her in their journey to unleashing their full potential. Because, in her own words, “we are powerful when we truly love ourselves for who we are.”

Even when she knows most people seeking guidance are young adults looking to find themselves, Cheryl also keeps an open palm for any person wanting to reach out for help. She reiterates that her work and coaching services are for men and women alike and just about anyone who “would like to find a piece of themselves that they knew they had, but were too scared to search for it.” After all, there is no such thing as ‘too late’ when it comes to figuring out who you are.​​

Tyler Wagner: Meet The Entrepreneur That Is Making The World A Better Place – One Book At A Time

Tyler Wagner, founder of Authors Unite, is on a mission to make the world a better place through books. Authors Unite is a full service publishing company that helps its clients to share their story and brand with the world. Currently, he has established himself as one of the premier leaders in the book publishing industry and has helped 100s of authors to become bestsellers and create a life of impact.

Tyler’s passion for book publishing began when he wrote his own book. “After reading Tim Ferris’s book [The 4-Hour Workweek], I was motivated to change my life.” This change led him to write a book on the power of networking and building relationships called, “Conference Crushing.” After his own brand skyrocketed, his book hit bestseller status, and he found himself on stages with hundreds of people, he realized that he had found his life calling. “I wanted to help people change their lives like my book had done for mine.”  That calling led him to create his company Authors Unite. Authors Unite is not just a publishing company, it is a one-stop shop for anyone looking to build a career around writing a book. Their services could be broken down into three stages.

The first step when working with Tyler and his team is sefeijing the perfect strategy for your book launch. During this time, they help you to develop the proper mindset and strategy to find success after you have released your book. “Writing a book is just the beginning. What you do after that is so much more important.” During this initial planning period, the author will not only receive the necessary instruction to complete their book, but they will also have a gameplan for moving forward and maximizing the impact of their book.

The second is marketing the book. After the game plan is established, it’s time to get the book out to the world. Marketing a book successfully starts before the book is even released. Wagner’s team works with each client to build a specialized strategy to drive their book to the top of the charts. “Our first focus is on pre-launch marketing. We help an author to boost their brand and credibility before they have even written their book. This allows maximum exposure for when the book comes out.” After the pre-launch, Authors Unite makes sure to utilize their connections to various speakers, businesses, and press agencies to put their clients’ books in front of the right audience.

The last stage is publishing the book. After everything has been established, Authors Unite helps their clients to distribute their book to the world. While many would view this as the end of the process, for Wagner and his team, this is just the beginning. “We believe that writing a book helps authors to build a platform, so the book is just the beginning of doing so much more.” For many clients, this plan leads to publishing a best selling book and a large boost to their bottom line. These authors include authors such as Carlie Maree, Dr. Angela Lauria and upcoming author Adria Dunn.

If you are an aspiring writer or you feel that you have a message to share with the world, Authors Unite and Tyler Wagner are fully qualified to help guide you through the whole writing process. You can follow Tyler via Instagram and contact his agency for a free book consultation at their website, Authors Unite.

Barbara Crump Tells Her Story of Growth and Success in New Book

When life gave her challenges, Barbara Crump did not give up. Despite all the fear in her life, she kept moving forward. Today, she is a nurse practitioner, a Ph.D. degree holder, and now a published author. Her book, titled From GED to Ph.D.: My Journey Toward Becoming an Extraordinary Woman shares her story of growth and reinvention with individuals all over the world who may need a little help on their journey to self-discovery.

Barbara Crump has always felt fear as she was growing up. She said, “I have spent my entire life wondering why fear was so prevalent in me. I am still trying to find out why.” The challenges she faced shaped her life. At first, she had trouble responding and adapting to her circumstances, but eventually, she found her footing and was able to turn her life around.

This new author was a teenage mother, and that responsibility at a young age filled her with fear. As a result, she dropped out of high school, which caused a ripple effect of limitations in her life. As a teen mother, she got to know herself better. Becoming a parent influenced Barbara Crump’s desire to set an excellent example for her child. “I wanted to be a better person,” Barbara explained. “I wanted to take control of my life to build a better future for my child and me.”

Barbara Crump knew that the key to a better life and future was education. “Even though I was filled with fear, I decided to work on getting my GED. That was only the first step. I may have dropped out of high school, but once I decided to go back to school, I found that the learning never stops,” Barbara explained.

After obtaining her GED, Barbara Crump went on to pursue a degree in nursing. She is a registered nurse, an adult nurse practitioner licensed in New York and New Jersey, and an advanced oncology certified nurse practitioner. Barbara also has a doctorate in Nursing Research. 

In her book, From GED to Ph.D.: My Journey Toward Becoming an Extraordinary Woman, Barbara Crump shares her experience, from the good to the bad, the challenges she went through, and the success she has achieved. She said, “My book is part of my personal learning process. It is helping me to pull everything, good and bad, out of my subconscious. It is helping me be more secure within myself, and most importantly, as I write my story, I am learning to love myself.” 

Barbara Crump hopes her story can inspire many individuals who felt stuck at one point in their lives. “Being a better person does not happen overnight,” Barbara said, “Despite all my years spent pursuing an education, I am still learning about the things in life that can make me a better person, and I want other people to know that they should never stop learning.”

From GED to Ph.D.: My Journey Toward Becoming an Extraordinary Woman is a beautifully written account of one woman’s life and how she decided to turn her life around and change for the better. From a high school dropout to a Ph.D. holder, Barbara Crump proves that a person can always improve their circumstances in life as long they are willing to put in the work. 

“I was at rock bottom. But I knew I could do more,” she said. “How did I get here with all my limitations and challenges? God must truly have a purpose for me. And I held on to my faith and worked diligently to turn my life around. It can be done. And I hope everyone who reads my book will feel inspired to start making affirmative changes in their life.”

Shariece Williams Turned Her Negative Trigger Into a Positive Drive to Impact the Youth Through Her Book Series

Children’s books are essential tools in educating the youth. They are used to promote vocabulary enhancement, provide entertainment, and develop emotional intelligence & creativity. Children’s books often plant a seed in the youth, giving them a dream that grows with them as they get older. Shariece M. Williams is a children’s book author who uses her series to implement essential life lessons for the youth.

Shariece Williams was born in Vallejo, California. Growing up, she was always told that her dreams were overly ambitious, and she could not realize them. Like most children, the discouragement left a negative impression on her. However, the negative turned her trigger into a positive drive, one that she would put to use by working with the youth and positively impacting as many children’s lives as she could. 

All the doubts and voices tell her “No” only fueled her passion and drive to accomplish her goals. Williams became more determined to work harder, developed a dedication to everything she did, never giving up, and being consistent. She persevered even through the private moments when she felt like she had failed multiple times.

Shariece Williams spent a lot of time researching how she could turn her dreams into a reality, going into many different ventures. But no matter where she ended up, Williams always found herself geared back to her passion — the youth. She developed a dream to write a children’s book one day that would inspire and motivate children, letting them know that no matter how hard it gets, they should never give up and work hard.

From her teen years to adulthood, Williams became passionate about working with the youth. She would coach sports, music, dancing, cheerleading, gymnastics, mentoring, and more. Williams received an M.A. in Education at Norfolk State University in Norfolk, Virginia. She would later work with the youth globally, going beyond America and pursuing her passion in China, Germany, France, and Italy. Having done many great things, Williams found love back in the United States, where she currently resides with her husband, son, and daughter in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

A licensed educator, Williams would go back to her dream of writing a children’s book. She self-publishes her own series titled Princess Heart and Penny D, which would teach children how to interact from home and motivate & inspire them to remain undeterred with a never-give-up attitude. Upon starting a family of her own and raising her children, Williams was inspired to base the characters in her book on her family. She published four children’s books in a span of six months and was featured in local news channels in Las Vegas with her books available in Walmart.

As the pandemic continues to loom over the globe, Shariece William is hopeful that her book series will provide self-teaching motivation and empowerment skills that can be passed down from one generation to the next. Additionally, Williams has dedicated her time to coach children and adults who are interested in self-publishing.

Shariece Williams will continue building and completing the rest of her series. With many of her dreams already realized, she has set her sights on opening a youth fun fitness center that offers extracurricular activities and more.

To learn more about Shariece Williams, you may visit her website.

Robert Marshall Launches the “Little Brown Boy” to Inspire and Touch the Hearts of Children

People who have overcome seemingly unconquerable trials have the right to wear these triumphs as badges of honor. Indeed, having conquered defeat and struggles is no easy feat. While these obstacles are difficult to get the better of, there are exceptional individuals who go over and beyond to achieve greatness, no matter how difficult it may seem. As a result, these individuals gain a deeper understanding of how grit and resilience work to propel people towards the pinnacles of victory. In the case of Robert Marshall, the hardships he encountered paved the way to a life filled with success.

Like some successful and reputable individuals across several industries, Robert Marshall possesses a disposition that allowed him to sail through stormy seas. Although he currently stands as an industry leader in the educational and wellness space, Robert owes much of his promising milestones to the misfortunes he experienced. Had it not been for the trials he faced in the past, Robert would not have reached the summits of success with a renewed sense of self. Using his awe-inspiring experiences, Robert catalyzes change by becoming a vessel of transformation for others.

Born and bred with an unparalleled zeal for life, Robert Marshall inspires others through his charming prowess and countless tales of trials and struggles. Having survived an adverse childhood that comprised a broken family, sexual abuse, and bullying, it comes as no surprise how he immediately empathizes with people and fills the room with warmth and understanding, especially with those who experienced the same. As he continued to share his stories of struggles and victories, Robert became determined to empower others. Thus, he carved a path that saved and transformed lives.

Driven to catalyze change among the lives of many, Robert Marshall is a highly influential male empowerment speaker, coach, and mentor who uses his platform as a voice of the unheard. He is a leading expert and one of the most sought-after empowerment coaches that strengthen and inspire boys and men to become the best versions of themselves. Through his transformational and relational methods of speaking and coaching, Robert has helped several individuals in breaking the shackles of their unfortunate past and embracing what life has to offer.

Needless to say, his passion and dedication have truly made significant strides across the field. Proving to be unstoppable in his noble pursuits, Robert Marshall recently wrote a children’s book entitled “Little Brown Boy.” Little Brown Boy is a vividly illustrated storybook designed to help boys transcend limits, exceed expectations, and break barriers. It teaches its readers the value of confidence, family, kindness, and courage while educating them on the importance of diversity. It simply touches the heart of children through its playful illustrations, coupled with its imaginative storytelling.

In the coming years, Robert Marshall hopes to continue his noble mission by sending a message of hope across the world. He also wishes to establish a community resource center that empowers men through mentorship, professional development programs, and parenting initiatives.

More than just a man filled with an influential talent and a grueling past, Robert Marshall exhibits a character that genuinely inspires others to thrive and survive. As he continues to stand at the helm of his pursuits, Robert can bring people a step closer to reaching fulfillment.

To know more about Robert Marshall, you may visit his website.

Dr. Trenese L. McNealy Ceaselessly Empowers Mothers Through Her Inspiring Platforms

A mother’s undying love has always been a force that motivates people to thrive. Although not many people can fully grasp the unrelenting power of motherhood, it cannot be denied how this love has ultimately emboldened some individuals towards chasing their dreams. But for mothers to catapult their offspring towards the summits of success, they have made too many sacrifices in order to see their children grow and become the persons they want to be. Some mothers often lose their jobs, while others delay their dreams to give priority to their young ones. While it is truly a noble endeavor, mothers also deserve to dream and achieve success. For this reason, Dr. Trenese L. McNealy decided to create a company rooted in a mission to help moms attain greatness.

Determined to empower moms around the world, Dr. Trenese L. McNealy is widely recognized for her initiatives that truly inspire and propel mothers towards reaching the summits of success. As a mother of three wonderful children, Dr. McNealy knew how motherhood greatly affects a woman’s path towards achieving her goals. But instead of allowing herself to sit idly as the world continues to progress, Dr. McNealy took it upon herself to create avenues that encourage mothers to chase their dreams while allowing their children to flourish in such a competitive world. Thus, Dr. Trenese L. McNealy, LLC came into existence.

Zealously established by Dr. McNealy in 2020, Dr. Trenese L. McNealy, LLC is a professional service and management consulting company designed to pave the way for mothers around the world. It serves as a tool that equips them to maintain a healthy work-life balance through state-of-the-art programs and project management strategies. In other words, this promising company serves as a platform where mothers can engage and learn different groundbreaking methods dedicated to maintaining a sustainable future for themselves, their family, and their other endeavors.

Aside from her mission of helping mothers achieve greatness, Dr. Trenese L. McNealy also focuses on making significant strides for women around the world. Having earned a bachelor of science degree in Fashion Merchandising and Apparel Design with a minor in Management from Georgia Southern University, it comes as no surprise how this changemaker has left an exceptional mark in the Fashion Industry. With a master’s and doctorate in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix and Walden University, Dr. McNealy decided to empower women through fashionable clothes. Thus, LaShay’s DESIGNS came into existence in 2009.

Proving to be a figure of grace and finesse, Dr. Trenese McNealy shows how she is dedicated to helping women move forward through literature. As a matter of fact, Dr. McNealy is the author of many inspirational books, such as Mommy’s Goals vs. Reality: Managing School, Work, and Family, and the co-author of The Glambitious Guide to Being a Momrepreneur in 2020. She is currently working on her upcoming book entitled, A Mother’s Struggle to Success.

Being an exceptional individual who is highly known for her noble pursuits, Dr. McNealy stretches her horizons and uses the magic of technology to continue igniting the passion hidden underneath mothers. Thus, Dr. McNealy creates digital content, courses, and materials for mompreneurs, and runs different online events. Currently, Dr. McNealy is hosting a free Virtual Lunch and Learn Series and Virtual One-Day Summits, which shed light on strategies that mothers should use in order to maintain a healthy and successful work-life balance.

Dr. McNealy also holds an Annual Mother’s Day Luncheon, where moms can sit back, relax, and engage with other similarly-situated individuals across the area.

At the core of Dr. Trenese McNealy’s mission is the lifelong purpose of empowering women and mothers across the globe. For this reason, she continues to inspire others and equip them with the knowledge and tools necessary to turn their dreams into a reality.

To learn more about Dr. Trenese McNealy and her platforms, you may visit her website.

Nick Shelton Helps Introverts Navigate Social Situations with New Book and Coaching Technique

Whether people admit it or not, the world seems to be built by and for extroverts. In between the pages, introverts strive to fit in and create their own community or perhaps try to enter into extroverts’ orbits. But best-selling author, speaker, and coach Nick Shelton believes that “introverts are not extroverts and should not have to behave like them in order to get ahead.”

Nick Shelton is renowned for his hit book entitled An Introvert’s Guide to World Domination. In addition to being an author, he is also recognized for helping introverted career professionals navigate the extrovert-driven world through his engaging talks and coaching. Nick has been working on his craft for over 20 years and has been continually fine-tuning his skills to serve his clients better.

As an introverted entrepreneur himself, Nick Shelton relates to his clients at a deep level. “ I was also shy and socially awkward. I had dreams and aspirations and no clue as to how to get ahead because I felt handicapped by my social ineptness,” confessed Nick. For years, he had to adjust and learn how to make the most out of social situations. It was not an easy feat, but eventually, Nick formed a strong, international network of friends, colleagues, and associates who have helped him boost his lifestyle and entrepreneurial opportunities.

His newfound voice encouraged him to build his brand called The Connected Introvert. Additionally, the community Nick Shelton formed helps him foster other introverts who aim to upgrade their lifestyles. “Most other programs are either not designed specifically with the needs of introverts in mind or if they are, they start somewhere in the middle instead of the beginning,” said Nick. 

Nick Shelton implores an intuitive process that does not require his clients a lot of memorization. The techniques are easy-to-follow, practical, tangible, and natural for an introvert. Furthermore, knowing how they feel, Nick does not want any of his clients to compromise themselves or their energy by trying to be what they’re not. Instead, the coach encourages them to embrace their nature and turn it into a strength. 

“Our audience wants to step out of the shadows and be heard, seen, known, and respected but they don’t know how to go about doing that while still being true to their introverted nature,” said Nick Shelton. Over the years, the coach has catered to clients who are driven for success but do not necessarily know how to work their way around the opportunities they have. And so, Nick and his team equip them to feel at ease at social functions and appear calm and confident in any situation. 

Nick Shelton prides himself on teaching what introverts deserve to know and not limiting them to expanding their knowledge by theories alone. “There is a saying, ‘You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time around,’” shared Nick. In turn, he dedicated his book, An Introvert’s Guide to World Domination, to help readers find the right five people and for them to become high achievers. 

The author is a veteran of the United States Air Force and believes that his training allowed him to break down complicated practices into simple steps. The discipline Nick Shelton obtained from the Air Force, combined with extensive research and his 15 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, turned him into the man he is today. Without a doubt, Nick will help more introverts across the country in reaching their maximum potential and optimum growth.

Learn more about Nick Shelton on his website.

CaDori Is Walking in Her Philanthropic Purpose and Changing Lives

Every success story has a beginning worth telling and learning from, and the CaDori Brand is no exception when it comes to its history and founder. CaDori is more than just a brand; it is concrete proof that a person who works hard and lives by faith to achieve a better life will eventually reach success. Such is the inspiring and humble story of the resilience of successful entrepreneur and respectable book author Cathy “CaDori” Marshall.

CaDori, both as a person and brand, is characterized by compassion, positivity, and hope. Prior to becoming a Registered Nurse, CaDori was once homeless when her children were small and lived in a shelter in Atlanta for a month. All throughout her challenging experiences in life, she held onto her faith in God. She was blessed to have met generous and kind-hearted people. 

Knowing firsthand how difficult and discouraging it can be to live without direction, she started giving back to the community as her way of expressing her deep gratitude and compassion for people who have less in life. Ultimately, CaDori established CaDori Helping Hands Inc. in 2017, a charitable organization focused on helping others in need. After Hurricane Harvey, the organization donated baby supplies to young mothers and gave out cleaning and personal care items to several families who lost everything during the hurricane. Additionally, CaDori Helping Hands Inc. gave school supplies to children who were living in a local shelter and fed more than 100 hurricane victims displaced by the tragedy. 

The succeeding year, CaDori Helping Hands Inc. gave turkeys and hams for Thanksgiving to families in need. In preparation for winter, her organization gave out new winter coats to anyone needing a coat. CaDori did not stop at CaDori Helping Hands as she previously established another charitable organization called Dougie’s Kids, Inc., dedicated to helping protect and uphold the well-being of children all over the country. Dougie’s Kids is a tribute to the life of CaDori’s son, Bobby Denerio Marshall-Brown, who passed away due to a motorcycle accident in 2010. Fondly called Dougie by his family, he was especially fond of children, making time to advise, mentor, take them to fun places, and support them in their games by simply showing up. CaDori’s efforts have enabled Dougie’s Kids to donate funds to schools, shelters, and award scholarships to worthy recipients. 

Aside from Cadori’s two charitable institutions, she is also the well-known author of the new book Ladies Love Yourselves First, That’s Happiness, an inspirational and powerful read revealing how she survived two abusive marriages and her pursuit of genuine self-love. Her first book titled Women Put Yourselves First and Be Happier was also a phenomenal success among women of all ages seeking a new beginning and identifying their purpose in life. She also launched the (I LOVE ME) apparel, a clothing line with a powerful message promoting self-love. CaDori Helping Hands Inc. was able to raise $1,200 from the sales of the I Love Me hoodies in October of this year, which will be donated to support The Rose, a breast cancer organization.  

One of CaDori’s recent initiatives was the distribution of 100 laptops to underprivileged children to encourage them to focus on their education amidst the pandemic. She also actively supported the programs attached to the National Suicide Prevention Week by educating people on how to prevent it. In the next few months, CaDori is organizing a charity walk to raise $10,000 to help victims of domestic violence.

CaDori brand intends to continue to support impactful initiatives that protect children, empower women, and motivate everyone to keep growing and do better. By extending valuable support to worthy advocacies, CaDori hopes to leave a lasting legacy that will inspire people to love themselves and live their purpose in life and extend compassion to those who need it most. 

Visit their website and follow CaDori Brand on Facebook and Instagram to stay informed about their latest updates.

Tyrone Evans Clark: Creating Success Despite Adversity

“Over time, grit is what separates fruitful lives from aimlessness,” said John Ortberg, a renowned Christian author and speaker. Life has never been smooth sailing for Tyrone Evans Clark. Still, with no small amount of determination and hard work, he overcame any obstacles that life sent his way and created his own path to success.

Tyrone Evans Clark is a multi-award winner entertainer, actor, executive producer, writer, and director famously known for his work on Homeless Sam & Sally – The Movie (2020) / Homeless Sam & Sally (2019), a story with a premise influenced by his personal experiences. In addition to the Homeless Sam & Sally franchise, some other titles he worked on or appeared on are Reverie (2018), Netflix’s Velvet Buzzsaw (2019), Netflix’s Magic for Humans (2020), Lifetime’s Seatbelt Psychic, E! Entertainment’s Dating #NoFilter (2019), BET’s Running Out of Time, AXS TV’s Women of Wrestling (2019), MTV’s Flex on My Ex (2019), FOX’s Phone Swap (2018), Awesomeness TV’s Tri Me (2019) with Rickey Thompson (and SUNKEE ANGEL), Face The Truth (2018) with Vivica A. Fox, and so much more.

Homeless Sam & Sally is a TV series about a mother-and-son tandem who ended up on the streets due to life’s unfortunate happenstance. Homeless Sam & Sally – The Movie was directed, written, and executively produced by Tyrone Evans Clark (Tyrone Evans Clark Inc. / Tyrone Evans Clark, LLC). It received 22 awards, six nominations, and has been officially selected from various prestigious film festivals from all over the world.

Like his titular role Sam, Tyrone Evans Clark has spent a considerable amount of time in homelessness. Born in Chicago, Illinois, and later moving to Berrien Springs, Michigan, his family was devastated by a house fire that took the life of his two-year-old brother Carl, as well as most of the family’s possessions. His family moved to a homeless shelter in Benton Harbor, Michigan.

They were later able to move into their new home, but as his father grew increasingly abusive, violent, and drug-dependent, he opted to leave home and take his chances on the streets. Despite the hardships of being homeless, he graduated from Benton Harbor High School with honors and a number of scholarships (Horatio Alger Scholarship, Gates Millennium Scholarship, etc.) years later.

Deciding to pursue his passion for gaming and technology, Tyrone Evans Clark worked to earn his college degree. He graduated from the Art Institute of California in Los Angeles with a bachelor of science degree in game art and design. After came the foundation of Tyrone Evans Clark, LLC (a.k.a Tyrone Evans Clark Inc.), a technical, interactive media and entertainment company with an emphasis on advanced technology and entertainment.

Tyrone Evans Clark has been making a lot of noise in the technology industry as well. He implements state-of-the-art programs and practices to create interactive and fully immersive experiences for his players. Working as an augmented reality developer in the past eight months, he has created impressive VR/AR scenario games in Unity and Unreal Game Engine at Beckman Coulter Diagnostics in Miami, Florida.

The entertainer and game developer has an impressive resume on the tech side with over ten years of experience under his belt. He is highly proficient with programming languages Python, C++, and C#. In addition, he does 3D modeling, animation, and game content creation.

Tyrone Evans Clark does just about everything from teaching, acting, singing, directing and producing, writing, podcasting (CALL TYRONE!!!),  to working in technology. Tyrone is even creating a few young adult fantasy science-fiction novels with illustrations (His personal creations, all of TEC Inc. brands) that will be coming out to the public soon on just about every platform, such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon Prime Books, etc. With his success story and each milestone that he achieves, he inspires people to respect adversity as it can only serve to strengthen one’s virtues. Today, he continues to impress people with his outstanding work ethic and client-centeredness when it comes to business and working in the film / television industry. 

Learn more about Tyrone Evans Clark on his websites: and Check out his profiles on IMDB and

Michael H. Forde Influences the World to Embrace Positivity

Michael H. Forde is quickly becoming the next big thing among the influencers’ circle with his growing following on social media by simply teaching the world to choose positivity. His daily meaningful videos and quotes intend to spark inspiration among his followers. In doing this, the promising influencer, book author, and public health specialist is helping shape communities one positive message at a time.

The native of Brooklyn, New York, has over 100k followers on Instagram and 173k on Facebook. Michael H. Forde was inspired to develop his personal brand after realizing that there are numerous people out there who are seeking positivity and helpful messages that can inspire them on a day-to-day basis. It is, after all, undeniable that there is also a lot of negative content going around on social media, those that can spark conflict or influence others to lose their joy and peace of mind. The 26-year-old influencer wants to present people with a positive option, content that will encourage them instead of dampen their spirits. 

Motivated by the idea of encouraging people around the world with his message, Michael H. Forde released his first self-help book in December 2017 and later rebranded it in January 2020. The book titled Success Begins From Where You Are! was a phenomenal hit among people looking for helpful tips to create a better way of living. 

Aside from being a social media influencer and promising book author, Michael H. Forde is also a public health specialist whose expertise is focused on health behavior. He received his health science degree from Southern Adventist University after finishing high school at the age of 16. After completing his bachelor’s degree at the young age of 19, he went on to pursue his master’s degree and finished it at 22. At present, he is pursuing his doctoral degree. As a public health specialist, he has served in health communications at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), National Institutes of Health, under the leadership of Dr. Anthony Fauci, as a member of the NIAID Inquiry Response Team.

Currently, Michael H. Forde’s focus is on supporting mental health initiatives that are designed to help improve the quality of life of millions of people by promoting positivity, hope, and compassion. 

Michael H. Forde envisions himself becoming a leader in the public health sector in the next few years and also to be known someday as a forerunner when it comes to positive change. He wants to be remembered as someone who created effective systems that allowed people to grow emotionally and helped them become more aware of the importance of improving health-related behaviors. 

Where it concerns his writing, he looks forward to writing two more books after Success Begins From Where You Are! in the next five years. He intends to continue writing on self-improvement and self-worth and help motivate people both near and far. 

As Michael H. Forde continues to move forward with his public health advocacies, using the internet as a platform, he hopes to reach as many people as he can worldwide and live out his life’s greatest purpose. Learn more about Michael H. Forde by visiting his website. Follow his Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates on his latest projects.