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Barbara Crump Tells Her Story of Growth and Success in New Book

When life gave her challenges, Barbara Crump did not give up. Despite all the fear in her life, she kept moving forward. Today, she is a nurse practitioner, a Ph.D. degree holder, and now a published author. Her book, titled From GED to Ph.D.: My Journey Toward Becoming an Extraordinary Woman shares her story of growth and reinvention with individuals all over the world who may need a little help on their journey to self-discovery.

Barbara Crump has always felt fear as she was growing up. She said, “I have spent my entire life wondering why fear was so prevalent in me. I am still trying to find out why.” The challenges she faced shaped her life. At first, she had trouble responding and adapting to her circumstances, but eventually, she found her footing and was able to turn her life around.

This new author was a teenage mother, and that responsibility at a young age filled her with fear. As a result, she dropped out of high school, which caused a ripple effect of limitations in her life. As a teen mother, she got to know herself better. Becoming a parent influenced Barbara Crump’s desire to set an excellent example for her child. “I wanted to be a better person,” Barbara explained. “I wanted to take control of my life to build a better future for my child and me.”

Barbara Crump knew that the key to a better life and future was education. “Even though I was filled with fear, I decided to work on getting my GED. That was only the first step. I may have dropped out of high school, but once I decided to go back to school, I found that the learning never stops,” Barbara explained.

After obtaining her GED, Barbara Crump went on to pursue a degree in nursing. She is a registered nurse, an adult nurse practitioner licensed in New York and New Jersey, and an advanced oncology certified nurse practitioner. Barbara also has a doctorate in Nursing Research. 

In her book, From GED to Ph.D.: My Journey Toward Becoming an Extraordinary Woman, Barbara Crump shares her experience, from the good to the bad, the challenges she went through, and the success she has achieved. She said, “My book is part of my personal learning process. It is helping me to pull everything, good and bad, out of my subconscious. It is helping me be more secure within myself, and most importantly, as I write my story, I am learning to love myself.” 

Barbara Crump hopes her story can inspire many individuals who felt stuck at one point in their lives. “Being a better person does not happen overnight,” Barbara said, “Despite all my years spent pursuing an education, I am still learning about the things in life that can make me a better person, and I want other people to know that they should never stop learning.”

From GED to Ph.D.: My Journey Toward Becoming an Extraordinary Woman is a beautifully written account of one woman’s life and how she decided to turn her life around and change for the better. From a high school dropout to a Ph.D. holder, Barbara Crump proves that a person can always improve their circumstances in life as long they are willing to put in the work. 

“I was at rock bottom. But I knew I could do more,” she said. “How did I get here with all my limitations and challenges? God must truly have a purpose for me. And I held on to my faith and worked diligently to turn my life around. It can be done. And I hope everyone who reads my book will feel inspired to start making affirmative changes in their life.”

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