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Tyler Wagner: Meet The Entrepreneur That Is Making The World A Better Place – One Book At A Time

Tyler Wagner, founder of Authors Unite, is on a mission to make the world a better place through books. Authors Unite is a full service publishing company that helps its clients to share their story and brand with the world. Currently, he has established himself as one of the premier leaders in the book publishing industry and has helped 100s of authors to become bestsellers and create a life of impact.

Tyler’s passion for book publishing began when he wrote his own book. “After reading Tim Ferris’s book [The 4-Hour Workweek], I was motivated to change my life.” This change led him to write a book on the power of networking and building relationships called, “Conference Crushing.” After his own brand skyrocketed, his book hit bestseller status, and he found himself on stages with hundreds of people, he realized that he had found his life calling. “I wanted to help people change their lives like my book had done for mine.”  That calling led him to create his company Authors Unite. Authors Unite is not just a publishing company, it is a one-stop shop for anyone looking to build a career around writing a book. Their services could be broken down into three stages.

The first step when working with Tyler and his team is sefeijing the perfect strategy for your book launch. During this time, they help you to develop the proper mindset and strategy to find success after you have released your book. “Writing a book is just the beginning. What you do after that is so much more important.” During this initial planning period, the author will not only receive the necessary instruction to complete their book, but they will also have a gameplan for moving forward and maximizing the impact of their book.

The second is marketing the book. After the game plan is established, it’s time to get the book out to the world. Marketing a book successfully starts before the book is even released. Wagner’s team works with each client to build a specialized strategy to drive their book to the top of the charts. “Our first focus is on pre-launch marketing. We help an author to boost their brand and credibility before they have even written their book. This allows maximum exposure for when the book comes out.” After the pre-launch, Authors Unite makes sure to utilize their connections to various speakers, businesses, and press agencies to put their clients’ books in front of the right audience.

The last stage is publishing the book. After everything has been established, Authors Unite helps their clients to distribute their book to the world. While many would view this as the end of the process, for Wagner and his team, this is just the beginning. “We believe that writing a book helps authors to build a platform, so the book is just the beginning of doing so much more.” For many clients, this plan leads to publishing a best selling book and a large boost to their bottom line. These authors include authors such as Carlie Maree, Dr. Angela Lauria and upcoming author Adria Dunn.

If you are an aspiring writer or you feel that you have a message to share with the world, Authors Unite and Tyler Wagner are fully qualified to help guide you through the whole writing process. You can follow Tyler via Instagram and contact his agency for a free book consultation at their website, Authors Unite.

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