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Shawn Fair Welcomes Inspirational Speaker Judy Amber Hartman Back on his Leadership Experience Tour

After years of influencing the coaching industry, training over 300,000 leaders and speakers across the globe and positively changing lives worldwide, Shawn Fair has found another gem to represent and empower his audience. This time, Shawn brings in the trailblazing entrepreneur Judy Amber Hartman to share her story of trials and triumphs on the latest edition of the Leadership Experience Tour.

Judy Amber Hartman is a trailblazing entrepreneur, United States Army Veteran, healthcare worker, entrepreneur, and inspirational speaker and a God-loving mother. As an inspirational speaker hoping to impact the lives of others, Judy helps her audience identify the stumbling blocks in their lives, eliminate the excuses, overcome life’s trials and tribulations, and reinvent their future. 

After working in healthcare for eighteen years, helping those with closed-head brain injuries, she lost her sixteen-year-old daughter to viral meningitis in the blink of an eye. The horrific tragedy led her to a grief group where she found support, among others. However, one day, she saw a new mom walk in, her pain reflected in her eyes, and Judy realized she had had her fill.

“When I saw the pain in her eyes, I looked around and realized that I couldn’t stand to imagine myself years into the future still stuck in a grief group, re-living the worst tragedy of my life over and over again, as others were doing. As painful as it sounded, I needed to move on from that part of my grieving process. God helped me realize that people need to learn how to get ‘unstuck’ just like myself. I had to live again and help others do the same,” she shared.

With her newly-found clarity, Judy Amber was determined to help others make a turnaround in their lives, heal from their tragedies and restore love and faith to them. She shares the stories of her tragic past with others and how her faith in God helped pull her through the depth of hopelessness. She teaches through stories that help people realize the art of transforming their perception to change their relationships and experiences with the world around them. 

“These talks are for anyone who is looking to eliminate excuses to reimagine their life by changing their mindset to limitless possibilities to succeed at whatever they set their mind to. Also, anyone who is fighting their faith because of life’s hardships—the death of a loved one, divorce, struggling for independence, feeling isolated, low self-confidence, and for the person who may be contemplating suicide,” she explained. 

In the coming years, Judy Amber wants to continue helping others while expanding her career as a coach. “I see myself as a spiritual life coach, well-known speaker and author, and connecting with like-minded people who not only want to make the changes in their own lives but also help others make those changes as well. It would be an honor, especially working with Tony Robbins or Trent Sheldon. Who knows, maybe even talk with Oprah on an episode of Super Soul Sunday,” she stated. 

To learn more about Judy Amber and her journey to eliminating excuses, visit her website.

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