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Rising Actress and Social Media Star Alexandra Creteau Lands Lead Role in Upcoming Film The Memory Scanner

The upcoming movie The Memory Scanner is set to ignite conversations and overhaul the American criminal justice system, and Alexandra Creteau is taking the spotlight playing the lead role of a Russian neuroscientist.

The story of The Memory Scanner revolves around the quest to “uncover wrongful death verdicts, attorneys that misuse the loophole of attorney-client privileges to hide the criminals, criminals that are free on the streets due to wrong verdicts, innocents that are behind the bar that never committed the crime, the jury, DNA and facial recognition system that has been broken, and massive court costs that the governments spend.”

The film aims to explore the possibility of placing microchips (electrodes) that will serve as memory scanners in the brains of criminals and terrorists, allowing the justice system to operate without a flaw as they obtain complete disclosure on their memory timelines. The supposed smart chips will also alert government authorities through signals before a criminal commits a crime, such as a massive shooting or destroying properties. By doing so, the justice system is freed from lengthy and costly trials in cases such as murder, rape, terrorism, espionage, and other high-profile cases.

Furthermore, the film also uncovers how smart chips can free the innocents who have been put behind bars for no reason. The Memory Scanner is intended to abolish the jury system and federal court by implementing a newer, more efficient system that allows the criminal justice system to get hold of the truth within minutes.

The Memory Scanner is currently in the final stages of its post-production, and lead actress Alexandra Creteau shared that she and the rest of the cast are ecstatic to show the sci-fi movie to the rest of the world.

Alexandra Creteau was born and raised in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, where she spent most of her childhood and eventually studied civil and criminal law. Alexandra was formerly part of the Team Ukraine National Karate Champion, where she obtained 13 medals and 21 diplomas. At 18, she moved to Russia and eventually to the United States at 21 to pursue her passion for acting and modeling.

Alexandra Creteau scored the lead role in The Memory Scanner right after she was booked for  the television show called The African Twist. On top of her budding acting journey, Alexandra is also continually growing her social media presence. The actress has over 320,000 followers on Instagram alone, and her Youtube channel, shared with her husband David Murrietta Jr., has over 9,000 subscribers and is growing every day. Dubbed as the power couple and known in the digital space for their channel’s name, Dalex Vlogs, David and Alexandra recently tied the knot in Regan Beach in Lake Tahoe. 

With her background as a karate champion, being a social media influencer, and the ability to speak Russian, Ukrainian, and English, Alexandra Creteau is indeed the total package. The actress and social media star continues to inspire her global community of fans and followers by showcasing the lifestyle of a dreamer who built a career from the ground up. Indeed, she is an artist to watch. Learn more about Alexandra Creteau on this site.

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