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RekMed Is Molding Future Medical Professionals Through Educational Planners Designed for Medical Field Success

The path to success in the medical field is far from an easy one. With an overwhelming amount of information to master over the years, most medical students often struggle to learn effectively and keep their notes organized. The experience becomes even more difficult for students with learning disabilities. Jennifer Grooms knows the struggle all too well. Suffering from dyslexia her whole life, her nursing school journey was filled with anxiety and panic. Still, she managed to pull through and become a successful nurse today. This time, she is on a mission to give back to the medical community by helping aspiring medical professionals succeed in their careers through RekMed. 

RekMed is a company geared toward providing the medical community with patent-pending and high-quality educational planners designed to assist in the organization and learning of medical students and professionals. The planner aims to assist students in the field of medicine and nurse practitioners, doctors, medical assistants, and all other medical professionals.

The company was established by a medical field visionary, Jennifer Grooms. She is a former emergency department nurse with 14 years of experience and was a trauma nurse for eight years who recently took a break in serving the medical field. Her experience as a nursing student was difficult on a whole different level. She had to take several medications to calm down her nerves when overwhelming anxiety would kick in during exams. But with impressive learning and organization skills, she managed to do well and finish nursing school. Years later, she would become a successful trauma and emergency department nurse. 

“It hit me one day—it’s really not about how hard the information is. It is just about how it is taught to someone and how to get it in their brain,” shares Jennifer. As a trauma and ER nurse, she mastered the craft of helping patients learn more about their diagnosis. With this experience at hand, she discovered her passion for teaching and helping others learn. “If I was able to teach them, maybe I could help my fellow nursing students learn so they don’t have to struggle like I did,” she says. This fueled her to establish RekMed and transform her vision into reality.

Today, RekMed is quickly gaining significant traction in the medical community, reaching seven figures within the first year of its inception. The company continues to successfully provide unique patent-pending educational planners and learning resources specifically designed to help students and medical professionals learn and organize their learnings. While much of its focus is on the nursing field, the company is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of several new planners for veterinary technicians, critical care nurses, paramedics, and dental professionals.

As RekMed continues to grow and expand, Jennifer Grooms hopes to manage her company on a CEO-level while serving random hospital shifts to keep her nursing skills up to date. The nurse-CEO takes pride in the fact that RekMed’s planners are making a success-driven impact in the lives of future medical professionals, paving their path toward success in the medical arena. 

Learn more about RekMed by visiting its official website.

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