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ProjectPro is on a mission to make every developer a 10X developer

Many often wonder about 10X developers and a lot has been written and said vaguely in the past about them. Detractors have even asked if 10X developers exist. Tech leaders though have always maintained the need to hire fully functional developers. The rise of data science, big data, machine learning, and deep learning technologies have contributed heavily to assisting hiring managers too in finding out if a developer is 2X, 4X, or 10X in terms of possible outcomes delivered.

Woh! That is a huge problem! How do you find a 10X developer? Are there actually any? And if there are 10X developers then who decides their delivery KPI’s? Ain’t they supposed to deliver 10X outcomes?

Let’s take an example here. Assume that company A designs UI’s for their clients or say for that matter develops mobile applications for their clients. A usual designer or developer in that case is supposed to follow the delivery timelines and deliver the expected 1X outcome.

Now let’s understand the same example with respect to another company B that claims to deliver a 10X outcome and further claims to only hire 10X designers and developers in order to meet the 10X outcome.

Let’s come to the actual comparison now. For a moment, assume that project requirements are similar across the board and both companies A and B agree that resources with 1X outcome capability can deliver the project in 40 days.

So company A now asks company B that since they claim to deliver 10X outcomes, shouldn’t their 10X developers deliver 10 such projects in 40 days or the entire project in just 4 days?

Nah! That’s not happening is the usual response.

It’s actually happening!

It’s time you met ProjectPro; the global leader in data science, big data, and machine learning projects with a mission to train every developer to be a 10X developer!

We often find missions taking a center stage and when the goal is to impact-fully disrupt high tech skills like Machine Learning, Big Data, and Data Science; ProjectPro is a standout leader with customers from 17 countries and 400+ Fortune 2000 companies.

Binny Mathews, co-founder of ProjectPro says tech firms are getting extremely competitive during hiring for highly skilled talents across niche domains like Data Science and Big Data. And this is where ProjectPro is leading the space by providing a platform of ready-made, end-to-end software projects in data science and big data.         

Binny Mathews further says that the true test of any leader lies in their ability to plan for the future and be able to think multiple years down the line. With over 100K industry-ready data science and big data projects in the pipeline for the next 5 years; it’s time to accelerate your work and career.

On Projectpro; companies get their work done faster and developers get practical experience. They have partnered with industry experts like Netflix, Microsoft, Amazon, Chase, and Walmart. Their plug-and-play modules are easy to understand and replicate for data science and big data professionals.

It’s time to accelerate and grow your data science, machine learning, big data, and deep learning career and be that 10X developer we never thought was possible being one.

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