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Why Car Insurance Rates Increase

At the risk of sounding poetic, car insurance rates are like the seasons in that they are always changing. Some circumstances that cause insurance rate increases are manageable and can be helped, while others are out of your hands. Car insurance is based around the risk of the insured, and that is commonly what causes premiums to increase or be affected. This is another reason why cheap car insurance rates increase at times –it’s rare for at least two drivers to pay the exact same amount in car insurance premiums. In this post, we look at and explore the different factors that go into the ever-changing system that is car insurance rates. 

Your Car Insurance Rates Are The Way They Are Because of You

Let’s look at just how personal car insurance rates can be. Factors can range from driving ability, personal information, and even past car insurance history. Factors that are known to increase car insurance rates include the following:

  • Tickets for moving violations like speeding tickets
  • Car insurance claims from accidents 
  • Comprehensive car insurance claims
  • Zip Code and place of residence 
  • Car insurance score
  • Age 
  • Lapse in car insurance 
  • Discount loss

Speeding Tickets And Your Car Insurance Rates

A ticket you would get for speeding is an example of a moving violation. These are traffic violations that occur when the car is in motion. Nonmoving violations always have a chance of causing an accident, so that’s why your car insurance provider will increase your rates accordingly with your newfound risk, even if speeding is not a bad driving habit of yours. Even minor moving violations can be reflected in your new car insurance rates. Of course, with each new violation, the rates will continue to increase. While the increase isn’t vast in comparison to when a claim is filed, it’s still noticeable. So, while running that stop sign with no one around seems safe, it’s anything but for your wallet. 

Auto Accident Claims And Your Car Insurance Rates

Car insurance providers really prefer it if their policyholders don’t file many claims to the best of their ability. The true goal of insurance is to not use it. However, we have it for a reason, and sometimes an accident on the road occurs. Driver fault is a big part of determining which car insurance provider is the correct one to file the claim with. An at-fault driver would have a claim filed with their own car insurance provider, while the one that was hit by them is the one filing the claim. When it comes to car insurance rates, fault doesn’t matter. So, even car accidents that you didn’t cause may have an increasing effect on your rates. This, however, depends on the state as not all insurance companies practice this. 

Comprehensive Claims And Your Car Insurance Rates

What if your car was damaged or stolen while it was parked? While basic car insurance won’t cover the ensuing damages, full car insurance with comprehensive coverage will. Should your parked car be damaged by weather or criminal activity, you can file a comprehensive claim with your car insurance provider. While your stolen car can be replaced or located, your car insurance rates will increase to reflect the claim.

Where You Live And Your Car Insurance Rates

Piggybacking off the topic of criminal activity, your zip code is one of the factors a car insurance provider will use to gauge your risk. With your location and place of residence, they are able to look up local traffic, crime, and other factors that can affect your ability to drive safely. Every city has its own driving risks, and they are reflected in your car insurance rates. That being said, there is a chance that moving will affect your car insurance rates if you were to relocate to a more risky zip code. The inverse can happen if you move to a more rural area with not much traffic or crime. Always let your insurance provider know when you get a new zip code. 

Your Insurance Score And Your Car Insurance Rates

While some insurance companies look at people’s credit scores to gauge financial risk in insuring them, every one of them has a scoring system of their own in place. Your car insurance score, in this case, gauges how reliable you are when it comes to paying your premiums on time. Paying your bills on time is another big part of car insurance, and the provider will want to make sure that you are able to. 

Your Age And Your Car Insurance Rates

It’s common knowledge that teens and younger drivers under the age of 25 pay the most for car insurance because they are so new to the road. But did you know that car insurance rates also increase again when a driver turns 60? Senior drivers are seen with a similar level of risk to new drivers due to decreased reaction time. This isn’t exactly something that can be helped. 

Insurance Lapses And Your Car Insurance Rates

A car insurance lapse refers to whenever you are driving without coverage or not renewing your policy. Driving without car insurance is illegal and heavily frowned upon in the industry. Car insurance providers will still cover drivers with lapsed car insurance, but with increased rates. 

Discount Loss And Your Car Insurance Rates

If you were relying on a certain car insurance discount like a safe driving one to keep your car insurance rates at a comfortable level, this could come to an end if you were to get into an accident. There are several other discounts in the car insurance world; you should keep an eye on what discounts you no longer qualify for if an increase in your rates takes you by surprise. 

Handling Increased Car Insurance Rates

While some factors that determine your car insurance rates, like your age or residence, can’t really be helped, there are some that you can influence in your favor. Steering clear of accidents and practicing safe driving is the foremost way to decrease your car insurance rates. You can also make your premiums payments on time and set your deductible to a higher amount to get lower rates. You may not be able to change the risks around you, but you can change your personal risks.

How Credit Medics Helps Its Clients Achieve Good Credit

Well-known entrepreneur Hassan Sanders is making a lasting impact on peoples’ lives and their credit standing through his company Credit Medics. By offering tradeline packages, Hassan is able to boost his clients’ credit score from 100 to 200 points. As a result, it becomes instrumental in strengthening the likelihood for loan approvals. Credit Medics offers the fastest and most reliable credit repair services in Chicago and Florida, resulting in the clearing of negative credit profiles in 45 days or even less. 

Credit Medics also offers in-house financing, which is a great help for those looking for personal and business funding. The company also provides reliable guidance on how clients can maintain their good credit score once their issues have been solved. Sanders’ wealth of experience in the insurance brokerage industry has sharpened his business acumen, motivating him to also prioritize promoting financial education among his clients. 

Hassan is not a stranger to having bad credit. He, too, struggled with it while in college. It is for this reason that he fully understands how frustrating, heartbreaking, and discouraging it can be for anyone not to have enough leverage to be able to get a bank loan approval for a new car or house. This kind of situation is especially difficult for breadwinners and individuals who wish to give their families a better life. It was this kind of reality that became one of Sanders’ biggest motivations to create Credit Medics

Good credit is very important in buying or refinancing a home, seeking to qualify for a better job, moving into a better apartment, reducing stress in a relationship, getting approved for credit cards with low rates, saving thousands of dollars, getting lower insurance payments, and the best interest rates. What used to be just a dream to many is now becoming a reality for many of Sanders’ clients, thanks to his commitment to help and make a difference in the lives of others. 

“When I had bad credit coming out of college and wasn’t educated on why you needed good credit, I quickly was denied credit cards, couldn’t get a vehicle without the high interest rates and was simply tired of leveraging my personal cash to start businesses. I was fed up with overpriced tradelines and credit repair, some tradelines not posting and some credit repair companies simply not doing the work of clearing up my credit profile,” Hassan shared. “Later I researched that most individuals have manual ‘unautomated’ processes and simply got tired of begging friends and family to add me to their credit cards to boost my score.”

Hassan has big aspirations for his company in the coming years, and this includes opening more offices across the country to be able to help more people with their credit issues. Additionally, he intends to increase the company project sales to more than $50 million in the next couple of years. Through Credit Medics, Hassan wants to give people hope that there is always an opportunity to repair, recycle, rebuild, and restore their credit no matter how hopeless it may seem at first glance. With the company’s help and Hassan’s passion to extend help so people can have a better future, there is no doubt that more Americans will achieve their dreams in the coming years. 

ArtTour International Presents the Artist of the Year Award to Philip Noyed

Having provided a platform for artists and creators to get seen, leading international magazine ArtTour International has announced its artist of the year 2022 and the modalities of the award presentation. Philip Noyed will receive the award at the ArtTour International Magazine’s ATIM Masters Awards in June 2022 in New York.

ArtTour International Magazine (ATIM) Masters Awards will host over sixty master artists from all over the world to receive and celebrate their awards. In addition to the Artist of the Year award, Phillip Noyed will also be honored as one of ATIM’s Top 60 Master Artists of the Year 2022. Phillip Noyed’s nomination for this award is well-deserved, as he has earned his place in the art world as an innovative multimedia artist. The Minneapolis-based artist is best known for his luminous geometric illumination photographs, LED installations, videos, 3D and VR paintings, and mixed-media installations. Noyed’s art pieces feature the use of creative technology through which he has revolutionized how people view art today.

His recognition in the art world can be attributed to the level of detail that goes into his creations. Critics, audiences, and members of the art community have described his works as visually captivating. Rightfully, the fusion of geometric elements and lighting is often present in the mesmerizing results his finished works showcase.

For over 15 years, ArtTour International has been committed to shedding the spotlight on artists and exposing them to the eyes of art lovers and collectors globally. The platform has served the art community efficiently over the years. It duly recognizes those who make the community what it is in a state-of-the-art award ceremony that it organizes annually. ArtTour International’s full range of services includes digital publications, podcasts, TV shows, print magazines, and award shows. The magazine has a reach of two million readers in 198 countries and is working towards gaining more audiences globally. It also has a show, The ArtTour International Show, which airs weekly on Thursdays on and is now available on Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and Roku.

ArtTour International operates on the philosophy of using art to raise human consciousness and global awareness of important societal topics. And over the next few years, the team running the platform hopes to continue being the torch holder and leading voice for artists globally.

“We hope to continue to amplify artists’ messages to every corner of the globe,” ArtTour International’s founder, Viviana Puello, said.  

Kris Adams and Marketplace.City Work to Revolutionize Local Governments, Community Organizations, and Small Business Across the Country

The most well intentioned of public servants often find themselves elected to local office, seeking to bring positive change to the communities they love. Once elected, these well-meaning community leaders run into a lack of time, funding, and institutional prowess that commonly prevents them from fully meeting their constituents’ needs.

Kris Adams has seen this problem first-hand. He knows local governments and municipalities should have access to the best services at the best value for their constituents. This is why Kris partnered with Chris Foreman to have access to a

Kris Adams

This is why Kris partnered with Chris Foreman to have access to a platform that connects public servants with scalable technologies and solutions.

As the internet expands beyond computers and smartphones to include nearly every device we use, Marketplace.City is here to bring cutting edge tech to even the smallest of municipalities. We help governments source, validate, and procure technology solutions to bridge the gap between small town budgets and big city amenities. Marketplace builds coalitions based on needs, identifies funding opportunities, and creates relationships with service providers.

“Our mission is to simplify the process for local governments to source, validate, and procure new technology, so that governments can be responsive to their constituents and focus on their core mission to serve those constituents,” said Foreman. “Our products are developed with input and feedback from our partner cities, and we are committed to delivering valuable tools at no cost to government partners.”

Marketplace.City was launched to bring local public servants together with scalable service providers through coalitions. They work with any town, city, or county government to optimize resources and provide constituents with the most services and best value. Marketplace collaborates with Chief Technology Officers, Chief Information Officers, City Managers, and  elected officials.

 “For more than a decade, I have built coalitions between governments, non-profit organizations, community groups, and other stakeholders throughout the United States,” said

Chris Foremam

DDA Associates co-founder Kris Adams. “In that process, I have identified a common thread. Localities consistently lack the institutional knowledge and established processes to procure services in a way that provides the best value for their constituents. Too often, these communities have an antiquated system with pre-approved winners for proposals. This leads to rampant mismanagement of taxpayer funds, mistrust of local leadership, and loss of opportunity for growth and prosperity.”

 “We will continue to grow as we help the most forward-thinking communities identify and capitalize on the relationships that will help them best serve their current and future stakeholders.”

ProjectPro is on a mission to make every developer a 10X developer

Many often wonder about 10X developers and a lot has been written and said vaguely in the past about them. Detractors have even asked if 10X developers exist. Tech leaders though have always maintained the need to hire fully functional developers. The rise of data science, big data, machine learning, and deep learning technologies have contributed heavily to assisting hiring managers too in finding out if a developer is 2X, 4X, or 10X in terms of possible outcomes delivered.

Woh! That is a huge problem! How do you find a 10X developer? Are there actually any? And if there are 10X developers then who decides their delivery KPI’s? Ain’t they supposed to deliver 10X outcomes?

Let’s take an example here. Assume that company A designs UI’s for their clients or say for that matter develops mobile applications for their clients. A usual designer or developer in that case is supposed to follow the delivery timelines and deliver the expected 1X outcome.

Now let’s understand the same example with respect to another company B that claims to deliver a 10X outcome and further claims to only hire 10X designers and developers in order to meet the 10X outcome.

Let’s come to the actual comparison now. For a moment, assume that project requirements are similar across the board and both companies A and B agree that resources with 1X outcome capability can deliver the project in 40 days.

So company A now asks company B that since they claim to deliver 10X outcomes, shouldn’t their 10X developers deliver 10 such projects in 40 days or the entire project in just 4 days?

Nah! That’s not happening is the usual response.

It’s actually happening!

It’s time you met ProjectPro; the global leader in data science, big data, and machine learning projects with a mission to train every developer to be a 10X developer!

We often find missions taking a center stage and when the goal is to impact-fully disrupt high tech skills like Machine Learning, Big Data, and Data Science; ProjectPro is a standout leader with customers from 17 countries and 400+ Fortune 2000 companies.

Binny Mathews, co-founder of ProjectPro says tech firms are getting extremely competitive during hiring for highly skilled talents across niche domains like Data Science and Big Data. And this is where ProjectPro is leading the space by providing a platform of ready-made, end-to-end software projects in data science and big data.         

Binny Mathews further says that the true test of any leader lies in their ability to plan for the future and be able to think multiple years down the line. With over 100K industry-ready data science and big data projects in the pipeline for the next 5 years; it’s time to accelerate your work and career.

On Projectpro; companies get their work done faster and developers get practical experience. They have partnered with industry experts like Netflix, Microsoft, Amazon, Chase, and Walmart. Their plug-and-play modules are easy to understand and replicate for data science and big data professionals.

It’s time to accelerate and grow your data science, machine learning, big data, and deep learning career and be that 10X developer we never thought was possible being one.