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New Phase Blends Mounts a Huge Education Campaign for Use of CBD

People who have heard of the Cannabidiol market know how much growth opportunity there is in the rising industry. But to companies like New Phase Blends, economic opportunity isn’t the main driving force. Fundamentally, the company looks to create an accurate information drive that will push people towards the benefits of using CBD. 

“Spreading accurate information about CBD is actually our primary goal—not making sales,” explains company founder and owner Dale Hewett. “Sales are a derivative of good quality educational pieces that help people realize actual benefits of CBD. Unfortunately, there are a ton of CBD companies that will tell people ANYTHING to get a sale.”

Dale Hewett’s central stance as an entrant into the CBD market is that of someone who has experienced the healing powers of CBD first-hand. He is a retired Army Captain who suffered a spinal cord injury while on active duty in the United States Army. The mishap would lead him down a long and arduous journey through physical recovery. He tried CBD for his nerve pain, which provided an effective pain-killing solution for him through his most trying days. Today, he runs New Phase Blends to help other people experience the same results. 

Still, Dale isn’t oblivious to the questionable tactics that some businesses use to drive sales, making lofty medical claims that haven’t been proved yet, such as the ability of CBD to cure Cancer, Psoriasis, or Eczema. Unfortunately, few regulations and even lesser powers are set up to help police these unethical practices, given that the Cannabidiol market is relatively new and most sales happen online. But it’s up to organizations like New Phase Blends to set an example. Accordingly, the company has built a strong following with a relatively loyal patronage because of their importance in proper education. 

Dale’s passion for CBD and other hemp-based products continued past his bouts with chronic pain. This love for the product jives well with a desire to help others and grow a socially responsible business. He uses his Master of Science degree, Business Management degree, and leadership experience in the military to run a business with utmost precision and excellence. As a result, the company has scaled to unprecedented heights and provides a service that takes orders and fulfills them like clockwork. 

In recent times, a significant push for New Phase Blends has been finalizing an intellectual property with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in the form of a patented sleep aid. Dale hopes to further strengthen the company’s commitment to accurate information and better education in the growing industry by taking this route. The New Phase Blends website currently features a highly comprehensive knowledge portal. The platform helps answer questions around CBD use, benefits, regulations, and other relevant information. In addition, it keeps a regularly updated blog that provides a deep source of verified information to take people out of the dark when it comes to Cannabis-based products. 

By staying steady on that dedication, Dale Hewett hopes to remove any negative connotations around Cannabis products and educate more people about when and where to use CBD and hemp products. To learn more about CBD products and access New Phase Blend’s knowledge hub and list of legitimate CBD products, visit the company’s website, YouTube channel, and Facebook page.

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