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National Adhesive Inc. Commits to Simplicity Without Compromising Quality

When it comes to anything that sticks, National Adhesive Inc. knows what makes the cut. The company has been committed to providing cutting-edge products that have changed the game in the adhesive and sealant market. With its line of adhesives, sealants, and tapes, National Adhesive Inc. has played a crucial role in the productivity of many individuals and organizations.

National Adhesive Inc. went from producing humble and novice brands to becoming one of the fastest-growing adhesive and sealant companies in all of North America. Its rapid rise to success is fueled by its commitment to present customers with innovations that simplify what has been done in the past by their competitors. The company is deeply passionate about scaling its brand to great heights and growing further into the multi-billion dollar industry. 

National Adhesive Inc. prides itself on having a wide range of products, all manufactured with its signature strength and durability. The company does not merely focus on producing sealants but is committed to genuinely understanding what the customers need and filling the gap for what is absent in the market.

Some of its most celebrated products are GlueAngel, an all-American reliable line of sealants, adhesives, and tapes, and Thicc Tape, which specializes in contractor-grade products designed to meet the highest industry standards for real estate. 

Furthermore, National Adhesive Inc. recently built a platform that makes ordering their products more accessible to everyone. “Our knowledge-based interactive platform has been launched. It removes the guessing our of which product to use, makes it easy to purchase; easy to use and easy to know where to use or how to use, and encourages you to join a community sharing knowledge and tips,” shared Dean Vanzyl of the National Adhesive Inc.

The primary goal of National Adhesive Inc. is to make things easy. They do not produce complicated, and overpromising products yet do not deliver its guaranteed results. Everything the company does revolves around making life easier for their customers, taking away all the unnecessary frills to produce nothing but the best.

Beyond being an adhesive company, National Adhesive Inc. is also a marketing and customer-focused business providing solutions that have not been presented before by other proponents in its industry. 

For over three years, National Adhesive Inc. has made itself and its products stand out in the adhesive market in the United States. Backed by a 25-year partnership with industry leaders from Africa and with the founder’s 25-year experience in marketing and customer service, National Adhesive Inc. is indeed one to watch.

“We have come out of nowhere, and we are already listed and loaded with the biggest players in our market. During the first quarter of 2021, our goods were sold in every single major retailer in our field,” shared Vanzyl. Furthermore, with their steady rise, the founder assures their competitors who do not know of them yet and do not see them as a current threat will soon know more about National Adhesive Inc. as the company continues to take great strides to dominate the adhesive and sealant industry.

Learn more about National Adhesive Inc. on its website.

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