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Paragons Occupy the NFT Market with Their Avant-Garde 3D-Generated NFTs

NFTs or non-fungible tokens have outpaced many digital phenomena in just one year. Nifties, as most people call them, are basically distinct units of data that can come in the form of videos, images, songs, and so much more. Technology is utilized to tokenize all of these NFTs, and they are stored in a blockchain, a digital ledger where records and proofs of ownership are securely stored. Ever since stirring up the digital market, many brands have joined the digital revolution, including the one and only, Paragon collection. 

The Paragons NFT will have its pre-sale on January 28, and its public sale will be on January 29. The collection will feature 3D-generated, ethereal art pieces that incorporate over 250 unique attributes designed by the artist, SpaceRenders. Every Paragons NFT is graciously designed to connect the modern world and the brand’s Paraverse – an in-browser 3D world that they are building for their NFT holders to communicate in and do various activities. Aside from the distinct structure of these beautifully-made NFTs, Paragons will display a wide range of mystical characteristics, including but not limited to crypto-themed jewelry, Saturn rings, a tease of philosophy, and some looks that are inspired by some of the renowned and celebrated artists of all time. Like most NFT’s, each Paragon will highly differ from the other. While some Paragons will be worth more depending on the features and properties that speak most to the public, benefits are obtainable for every Paragon NFT.

“Our project is aimed at all collectors of NFT’s, especially those interested in 3D-generated artwork that is metaverse-ready as well as those seeking projects with long-term utility and tokenomics,” the developers shared. True enough, NFT holders will be obtaining more than just a wonderfully created piece of digital art; they will also become part of a community that is pivoted around an immersive experience that will allow NFT holders to trade or simply hang out with each other in the ever-evolving Paraverse. With Paraverse’s token-fueled economy, the possibilities for growth amongst Paragon NFT collectors are definitely endless. 

The Paragons collection is made up of 9,424 unique 3D-generated NFTs ready to be minted. Although mint prices are yet to be announced, the developers have already established that the project is centered around the Paraverse. By owning at least one Paragons NFT, holders will be granted exclusive access within the browser where they are free to explore. In addition, NFT holders who have access to the Paraverse will be granted the ability to earn the project’s ERC-20 tokens through play-to-earn mechanics where they can stake Paragons to earn massive income, obtain additional NFT drops, and the chance to mint future NFTs through the resources and tokens they earn. 

Paragons is focused on being a community-driven project where holders will have access to a community vault and DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization that holders are a part of. Additionally, the team will continuously add value into the Paraverse and future drops, functionality for resources, and Tokens in the course of time.

To learn more about Paragons NFT, check out their website.

The Whale Maker PodDAO completes its first seed round investment in SimWin

The Whale Maker is a collaboration formed between the top NFT and Web3 thought leaders looking for other eager investors who share the same vision of being the pioneers to fuel future investments. The Whale Maker project is led by booknerd.eth, a leading investor in the blockchain and NFT Space, as well as his partner Kevin Harrington, who was an original Shark from the hit entrepreneurial show Shark Tank.

Poised as one of the most promising NFTs to drop this year, the project just announced that they completed their first seed round investment in Simwin—the world’s first digital sports league NFT.

The Whale Maker project is unique compared to other NFTs on the market because of the value and education they bring to their investors.  One of the largest values of The Whale Maker is the PodDAO. In the PodDAO, investors have the opportunity to invest in early-stage projects across multiple spheres, including NFTs, P2E, and the Metaverse. “Our alpha group has access to investments the general public will not see for a while. Getting onto seed rounds, private rounds, and pre-IDO investments give our group an advantage over other investors,” shared the team. They also built a unique economic model inside the PodDAO where stakers can get rewards based on the increase in the value of DAO holdings. The assets stored in the PodDAO treasury will support the $POD, The Whale Maker’s decentralized reserve currency.

And one of the first investments of the PodDAO is a highly anticipated sports NFT that has created the world’s first digital sports league that provides daily fantasy players, esports fans, and sports betters the ability to watch, play, predict, and collect 24/7/365.

One of the unique traits of Simwin is that their sports games will run on a proprietary player performance model, allowing for each digital athlete to have real athlete development over their season and career with growth, atrophy, and hot and cold streaks. This helps them create the most accurate simulation of traditional sports and makes it possible for oddsmakers to set clean match odds.

The Simwin digital sports leagues will feature sixty teams competing in full-length games for a full regular season with playoffs and a championship. The offseason will feature promotion and relegation, drafts, transfers, and free agency.

They also have a unique NFT sports collectible strategy that has real utility, where in-game tokens are earned directly tied to your NFT athlete’s performance in games. They are also the first entity in the world to sell professional sports franchises as NFTs.

With Simwin poised to make a large impact in the NFT space, it is a perfect fit for The Whale Maker team and their goal of bringing high-quality investments to their NFT holders, making this just the beginning.  

Only 1,000 Whale Sharks will be released in the NFT landscape. The collection shares a total of 81 unique traits. In addition, the founders will be releasing ten one-on-one rare Whale Sharks and one Banker Whale that will give the lucky investor a role inside the project and generate a shared revenue. Meanwhile, the collection will also feature White Whales that will get holders into whitelist minting events to all future projects and collaborations The Whale Maker will participate in, in the future. 

Learn more by visiting the project’s :  Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram 

National Adhesive Inc. Commits to Simplicity Without Compromising Quality

When it comes to anything that sticks, National Adhesive Inc. knows what makes the cut. The company has been committed to providing cutting-edge products that have changed the game in the adhesive and sealant market. With its line of adhesives, sealants, and tapes, National Adhesive Inc. has played a crucial role in the productivity of many individuals and organizations.

National Adhesive Inc. went from producing humble and novice brands to becoming one of the fastest-growing adhesive and sealant companies in all of North America. Its rapid rise to success is fueled by its commitment to present customers with innovations that simplify what has been done in the past by their competitors. The company is deeply passionate about scaling its brand to great heights and growing further into the multi-billion dollar industry. 

National Adhesive Inc. prides itself on having a wide range of products, all manufactured with its signature strength and durability. The company does not merely focus on producing sealants but is committed to genuinely understanding what the customers need and filling the gap for what is absent in the market.

Some of its most celebrated products are GlueAngel, an all-American reliable line of sealants, adhesives, and tapes, and Thicc Tape, which specializes in contractor-grade products designed to meet the highest industry standards for real estate. 

Furthermore, National Adhesive Inc. recently built a platform that makes ordering their products more accessible to everyone. “Our knowledge-based interactive platform has been launched. It removes the guessing our of which product to use, makes it easy to purchase; easy to use and easy to know where to use or how to use, and encourages you to join a community sharing knowledge and tips,” shared Dean Vanzyl of the National Adhesive Inc.

The primary goal of National Adhesive Inc. is to make things easy. They do not produce complicated, and overpromising products yet do not deliver its guaranteed results. Everything the company does revolves around making life easier for their customers, taking away all the unnecessary frills to produce nothing but the best.

Beyond being an adhesive company, National Adhesive Inc. is also a marketing and customer-focused business providing solutions that have not been presented before by other proponents in its industry. 

For over three years, National Adhesive Inc. has made itself and its products stand out in the adhesive market in the United States. Backed by a 25-year partnership with industry leaders from Africa and with the founder’s 25-year experience in marketing and customer service, National Adhesive Inc. is indeed one to watch.

“We have come out of nowhere, and we are already listed and loaded with the biggest players in our market. During the first quarter of 2021, our goods were sold in every single major retailer in our field,” shared Vanzyl. Furthermore, with their steady rise, the founder assures their competitors who do not know of them yet and do not see them as a current threat will soon know more about National Adhesive Inc. as the company continues to take great strides to dominate the adhesive and sealant industry.

Learn more about National Adhesive Inc. on its website.

JerseyStyle Turns ChicagoStyle To Bring In The New Year

Chicago has played tourist destination to many folks over the years, and to kick off 2022, our great city had the honor to host Michael and Basia Newman, the massive social media influencers behind ‘JerseyStyle’ who also appeared on the recent hit FOX television program, “MasterChef: Legends” with Gordon Ramsay. 

While in town, the two who live by the mindset of “Love + Positivity = Success” caught up with us to chat about bringing JerseyStyle to ChicagoStyle, and what exciting things they have planned for themselves and their followers for the year ahead.

1. How was your time in town? What brought you here?

This was our first time traveling to Chicago, believe it or not. We have talked about it numerous times in the past and just never made it happen. We had an absolutely amazing time while we were in town. The food, the people, the relaxed and laid back atmosphere compared to what we are used to in New York City, it was like no other city we have experienced before. Plus, how clean it was, that is a true testament to a city that cares about its people and its image.

So it would be needless to say that we would love to travel back and be able to enjoy the city when we are completely free of any work duties. With all that being said, we always know that work comes before play, but when it’s time to play, we like to play hard!

As for what brought us to the city of Chicago, well, that was a whimsical and unpredictable story. We were discussing going into NYC for the holidays as we like to do often, then we mentioned traveling to Chicago instead. We had no plans until we received a call from a major production company about working on our own tv pilot. Once we received that call, we were all in. We had work to do which justified our trip, and then we got to enjoy your beautiful city and even be able to do this interview with you featuring our time in Chicago and our LifeStyle brand, JerseyStyle.

2. What were some of your favorite places to go see / eat at?

One of the most obvious places we went to visit would be millennial park, where we got to see the City of Chicago Christmas tree, the infamous Chicago Bean, and the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, all of which were beautiful representations of a miraculous city.

We ate at lots of amazing places, of course indulging in our first ever deep dish Chicago style pizza. The funny part of this story is that on the first night we were there, we just happened to enter a pizza restaurant called Robert’s Pizza Dough Company at 465 N McClurg Ct., and this was a place that we would have expected to find deep dish. Yet to our surprise, it was some of the best thin-crust sourdough pizza we have ever had, even compared to the unofficial pizza capital of the world, NEW JERSEY! 

We also indulged ourselves at a place called Timothy O’Toole’s Pub Chicago that boasted some of the best Irish fare east of the Mississippi!

3. How does Chicago compare to New Jersey?

Very interesting question you have presented to us here. See, New Jersey is the center of the metropolitan area. We live one hour from Philadelphia, one hour to Atlantic City, and not to mention only 45 minutes to NYC! Another main difference is the pace. In New Jersey/New York, we move so fast. We are not rude as some seem to think because of our pace; we just move fast because if you don’t, you will be lost in the hustle and bustle of the big city.

The one thing we didn’t mention about New Jersey is the BEACH. I (Michael) grew up only 4 blocks to the ocean, so the beach life has always been a part of who I am. Both cities have their own unique qualities, and we would be honored to travel back to Chicago for a little more of the mid-western hospitality we experienced.

4. Will we see a ChicagoStyle spin-off of your brand in the future? What would that involve, do you think? 

We loved Chicago so much that is definitely a consideration we have discussed. As nothing can truly be JerseyStyle, we never say no to the possibilities of expanding our brand. There is no reason that every city in every state couldn’t have their own brand of STYLE…. NewYorkStyle, ChicagoStyle, MiamiStyle, LAStyle, etc., so yes, we would love to take our brand and regionalize it in the very near future!

5. What projects are you currently working on for the new year ahead?

The projects that we are currently working on for the New Year ahead include private cooking events either online or through a private dining experience being that Michael has a passion for cooking. We will also be hosting various self-love workshops and seminars. We are also working on writing a lifestyle book, which will encompass all the genres that our brand offers. This is going to be a unique, one of a kind read that you will not want to put down. We have been presented an opportunity to be featured in a cooking show that already has a pilot developed with the talks of our own lifestyle based show in the works.

6. After experiencing our city, would you come back?

YES, YES, YES! So after experiencing all (or as much as we were able to fit into our trip) of your beautiful city of Chicago, WE WOULD ABSOLUTELY RETURN.

East St. Louis Set to Experience a Massive Shift with Howard Hughes III’s $800 Million Development Plan

As far as city-wide development goes, it is the perfect solution for any city looking to improve its citizens’ lives and become a powerhouse in the grand scheme of things. The next city to enjoy the implementation of such a plan is East St. Louis in Illinois. This was announced by 31-year-old real estate developer Howard Hughes III, who will lead the development and change the face of East St. Louis.

The developer from Kalamazoo, Michigan, is set to lead an $800 million master plan which will cover three important phases in the development. With this plan, East St. Louis will gain 25 to 50 homes and two hotels, the development of the CBD Central Business District to add more shops, restaurants, downtown lofts, and various entertainment facilities. In addition, the most treasured parcel of land in East St. Louis, the Riverfront, will also receive some facelift.

According to plans and schedule, Howard Hughes III will bring his team of builders, including Clayco, HBD, and others, to develop East St. Louis city into the city of its citizens’ dreams. Once the development is complete, East St. Louis will become the first predominantly African-American urban community to enjoy a complete upgrade into a modern city. The development will turn East St. Louis into a smart city with remarkable features like city-wide Internet of Things (IoT), solar farms, solar homes, and green and renewable energy supply.

Howard Hughes III already built a solid reputation for himself as an experienced real estate developer but aims to make more waves with this partnership. His developer journey has been built solely on choosing areas that need development, opening them up and turning them around into thriving locations with all the amenities needed in a modern world. He has developed many cities and, as a result, created employment opportunities for thousands of people and helped America benefit through taxes from the numerous businesses that have sprung up from those developments.

Choosing East St. Louis was a no-brainer for Howard Hughes as he sees the city as one with huge potential, and his vision aligns perfectly with what is obtainable. “Right now, the city is pretty much a blank canvas. We have an outstanding view of downtown St. Louis and the Arch while being less than 3 minutes away. This is prime real estate, and the citizens of East St. Louis have been waiting for something of this magnitude. I am just thankful I am in a position to spearhead this very large development. I want to see this city win,” he said.

With the development set to kickstart soon, the next few years will see Howard and his team working hard to bring all the concepts to reality. He hopes to see East St. Louis become the city with opportunities in a few years. He foresees a lot of good things ranging from quality education to jobs, good roads, safe homes and general comfort for everyone who has made the city their home.

Learn more about Howard Hughes III on his website.

ShibaDoge Launches Into the NFT Space to Unify the Two Leading Crypto Communities Under One Banner

The past decade has seen cryptocurrency take the world by storm, producing several crypto projects through the years. Today, among the most successful coins are the DogeCoin and Shiba Inu, both of which are dedicated to celebrating the viral Shiba dog meme. The coins also boast two of the largest communities in the crypto space, prompting NFT project ShibaDoge to come up with an idea to bring both together to create a single, large community. 

In 2021, the sudden popularity of NFTs boosted the digital assets to become the most talked-about topic online. Through the months, more projects started spawning, taking various forms that range from digital art to music and even social media posts. However, the majority of NFTs have opted to utilize digital art as their medium. 

ShibaDoge is a project that follows the digital art framework, creating works of buff, warrior-like Shiba dog humanoids against plain colored backgrounds. In addition, the project produces NFTs called Doge Army NFTs, art in a collection of 10,000 uniquely hand-drawn NFTs. The Doge Army NFT represents highly-trained and specialized combat veterans, all of whom intend to work together to complete their mission in the frontline to one day see cryptocurrency become earth’s universal and official currency.

Each Doge Army NFT grants holders with exclusive members to some of the most unique utilities in the community. Private holders hold virtual meetings where they discuss cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and strategies with NFT and crypto whales. They also have access to staking features and breeding functions along with dedicated whitelist spots for future projects. Additionally, like most projects, ShibaDoge has also dedicated itself to building a metaverse that allows holders of their NFTs to enter the virtual/augmented reality and hold virtual meetups.

The project is graced by the talent of a designer who drew the NFT by hand. He also boasts a colorful resume and work experience, having worked with the technological titan Apple. ShibaDoge also holds a six-month marketing partnership with, a website that has racked over 50 million followers across social media, including Instagram and Facebook, among many other platforms.

The Doge Army NFT was officially launched on Christmas Eve and already had a market cap of $30 million in just two weeks. Their whitelist sold out 2,000 mints in less than 48 hours, giving the developers hope that ShibaDoge will launch to become one of the most significant projects in the NFT space. They will also be launching publicly for minting on January 14 at 6 pm PST/ 9 pm EST.

With a strong team, a growing and supporting community, and enticing utilities, the ShibaDoge team is optimistic that the project will take off and become a mainstay if not the most popular NFT. They hope to create a memorable experience for holders and prospective holders to grow their community. “We are bringing the DogeCoin and Shiba Inu communities together in one community.”

Learn more about the Doge Army NFT by visiting their official website. You can also stay updated by following them on Instagram and Twitter or joining their official Discord channel.