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MySmartPlans: Transforming Construction with Accountability and Transparency

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The lack of accountability and transparency in the construction industry has been a persistent challenge, leading to budget overages, schedule extensions, construction litigation, and uncompleted projects. However, MySmartPlans, a state-of-the-art technology platform founded by Shelley Armato in 2007, has revolutionized how construction projects are managed. Focusing on integrity, accountability, and efficiency, MySmartPlans has become a game-changer in the industry, offering a comprehensive solution to eliminate chaos and prevent unwarranted change orders. Let us explore how MySmartPlans transforms construction practices and promotes a more organized and transparent approach.  

Eliminating Chaos and Unwarranted Change Orders:  

The term “change order” refers to amendments made to a construction contract, altering the scope of work for contractors. Unfortunately, change orders are often misused, leading to cost overruns and delays. MySmartPlans aims to tackle this issue by acting as a third-party gatekeeper of project information. By providing stakeholders access to pre-audited data, MySmartPlans ensures transparency and accountability throughout the acquisition, planning, execution, and data turnover to facilities management. This approach eliminates the occurrence of unwarranted change orders, saving time, money, and resources.  

Stopping the Change Order Games:  

MySmartPlans has successfully ended various change order games that have plagued the construction industry. By proactively addressing common tactics used by underperforming contractors, MySmartPlans has brought integrity back into the construction process. Some of the change order games that MySmartPlans has stopped include:  

  • Manipulation of meeting minutes: MySmartPlans ensures accuracy by actively participating in meetings and promptly posting the minutes, preventing manipulation of information.  
  • Invalid weather delays: By continuously monitoring and archiving weather data at the construction site, MySmartPlans verifies the validity of weather-related claims, minimizing unjustified delays.  
  • Scheduling manipulation: MySmartPlans tracks project schedules and prevents contractors from artificially increasing general conditions to justify additional work and cost.  
  • Documentation disputes: MySmartPlans provides a reliable record of when information is sent and viewed, eliminating contractor claims of not receiving critical documentation.  

The Power of Organized and Audited Data:  

MySmartPlans’ co-founder, Dominick Armato, experienced firsthand the pitfalls of the change order game as a subcontractor for 45 years. Inspired to create an honest and transparent construction industry, Shelley Armato established MySmartPlans as a platform for organized and audited data management. The system perpetuates honesty and integrity, mitigating the finger-pointing culture among general contractors, design teams, and owners. Using MySmartPlans, construction professionals can avoid costly litigation, budget overruns, and incomplete projects.  

The Role of Technology and Human Input:  

MySmartPlans acknowledges that more than technology is needed to ensure project success. The platform combines cutting-edge software with the expertise of Digital Information Librarians, providing a unique blend of AI, technology and human input. These project gatekeepers ensure the accuracy, organization, and accessibility of project data. With MySmartPlans, construction projects gain a comprehensive, audited, and searchable documentation system, fostering transparency, efficiency, and cost savings.  

Building for the Future:  

MySmartPlans encourages construction professionals to break free from the status quo and embrace a better way of building. By adopting MySmartPlans’ technology-enabled construction platform, stakeholders can reshape the industry by prioritizing integrity, accountability, and transparency. With the power to eliminate chaos, prevent unwarranted change orders, and deliver organized and audited data, MySmartPlans empowers construction projects to run smoothly on time, and within budget.  

Through its comprehensive solution that integrates technology and human expertise, MySmartPlans guarantees the reliability of project data, eradicates unnecessary change orders, and cultivates a culture centered on integrity and effectiveness. Positioned as the foremost construction platform empowered by technology, MySmartPlans paves the path for a future where construction endeavors thrive on trust, cooperation, and accomplishments. 

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