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MUPO Entertainment and MUPO TV, Two Budding Powerhouses Launched by Success-Enabler Michele Mupo

There are countless materials that detail the steps aspirants need to take to achieve success and translate their visions into reality. From physical books to online articles, a wealth of information is available for those who wish to give their target fields a shot. But, once a go-getter reaches great heights and manages to secure a position at the top, it could prove challenging to find answers to one of the biggest questions: what then? In the case of Michele Mupo, it became clear that she had to continue capitalizing on her influence and impressive set of skills upon knowing that the entertainment industry remained merciless toward budding and established artists. Her decision to come out of retirement preceded the launch of two emerging powerhouses, MUPO Entertainment and MUPO TV. 

Michele Mupo, also known as Fuchsia, is a well-respected figure with a long list of accomplishments under her belt. Over the years, the New Jersey-based fempreneur has worn many hats, building her reputation with every role she played. Before gaining a solid foothold in the industry, she was a dancer on Club MTV and acted, as well, as a ghostwriter for several recording artists with multiple top ten hits attached to their name. Ultimately, the professional singer and songwriter signed a ten-year contract with the company led by Rodney Jerkins, Sr. and bagged deals that included being endorsed by Cool Music Incorporated. 

On top of gracing stages as a member of a rock band, Michele Mupo appeared on numerous TV series and movies, such as Soap Dish, Basic Instinct, and What We Do. Diversifying her portfolio, she entered the entrepreneurial realm and created an entertainment company with former WWE Diva Dawn Marie, Bernard Purdie, and Carlene Tanner. MuTan Entertainment, her brainchild, is responsible for elevating the careers of a roster of rap acts who are still selling singles and touring up to this day. 

Given her in-depth knowledge of the complexities of today’s industries and extensive experience in navigating the challenging waters of the worlds of music and entertainment, it’s not surprising why Michele Mupo has gained the ability to steer hopefuls and newcomers in the right direction. In 2020, she brought that competence to the table once again when she came out of retirement to establish MUPO Entertainment, a purpose-driven venture that offers full-service representation that is not only strategic but also collaborative and team-based.

At the heart of MUPO Entertainment is the overarching goal of enabling success for those under its wings. It aims to stand as a pillar of support for artists who would have otherwise been taken advantage of by the cut-throat industry.

“We have assembled an experienced team of leaders who understand the entertainment scene and marketplace and know what it takes to operate and manage a successful career,” she shared. 

Michele Mupo envisions MUPO Entertainment transforming into a household name in the years to come. But, for now, she’s excited to announce the launch of MUPO TV, a digital entertainment platform that will soon become available in every home worldwide. Learn more about Michele Mupo and MUPO Entertainment by visiting her website. More information about MUPO TV can also be found on their Twitter page and Instagram.

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