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DigiFit Creates a New Platform That Merges Physical Activities With Cryptocurrency

The onset of the global pandemic last year shook the world, prompting cities to go on lockdown for a long period. During that time, people regressed and retreated to social media. Although it provided a safe space for people to escape, it also brought negative consequences through inactivity with more people confined to their workstations, screens, and mobile devices, leaving them with little to no mobility. DigiFit is a platform that strives to change things, helping people return to physical activities.

DigiFit is a health and wellness project that aims to change the perspective of how people perform their daily exercises through their app. Their app functions like most fitness apps, keeping track of daily exercise routines, meal plans, and fitness competitions. However, DigiFit takes a modern approach by utilizing cryptocurrency. 

“We chose to use blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to give an incentive for individuals to become more active, healthy, and fit by using its outstanding, underlying social-based and social-oriented approach,” shared the developers. ‘We also created a related utility token to connect this concept to its economy, enabling the development of an integrated token economy that includes concepts like a marketplace, sports-based payments, ad system, charity funding, and more.”

The app uses blockchain technology to incentivize and motivate its users.  The DigiFit app automatically sets goals for users, rewarding them in its native token upon completing each goal. DigiFit’s unique method not only helps improve the user’s fitness level but also motivates them to stay consistent in their physical activities.

DigiFit users will also have direct access to their data, trainers, and lessons. The app uses $DGF as its utility token to provide a cheaper access to virtual, real-life, and on-demand exercise service, considering how on-demand exercise services with how far fitness memberships are out of reach for a large portion of the population.

The brand strives to improve healthy lifestyles and fitness levels in society by increasing convenience for people. DigiFit offers a unique web and mobile wellness marketplace for users so they can attend online fitness classes. The brand offers a health and fitness tracker to sync indoor and outdoor activities. The tracking system enables them to do more and track their routine and find ways to improve it. Users will then be rewarded with $DGF for their achievements. With DigiFit being an app, people can bring their phones to work out anywhere, whether it’s at their living room or conference space, they can in turn create an at-home exercise studio.

Although DigiFit provides a lot of benefits, the brand is not without risk. Due to the nature of their business, the creators strongly recommend users consult with a physician to participate in the exercise. The brand is not a licensed medical care provider and represents that it has no expertise in diagnosing, examining, or treating medical conditions of any kind. 

Disclaimer: DigiFit strongly advises prospective users to thoroughly read the paperwork before investing as only the offering statement is being used to make the offering. The whitepaper is neither an offer to sell or buy these securities nor is it a sale of the securities in any state or jurisdiction.

MUPO Entertainment and MUPO TV, Two Budding Powerhouses Launched by Success-Enabler Michele Mupo

There are countless materials that detail the steps aspirants need to take to achieve success and translate their visions into reality. From physical books to online articles, a wealth of information is available for those who wish to give their target fields a shot. But, once a go-getter reaches great heights and manages to secure a position at the top, it could prove challenging to find answers to one of the biggest questions: what then? In the case of Michele Mupo, it became clear that she had to continue capitalizing on her influence and impressive set of skills upon knowing that the entertainment industry remained merciless toward budding and established artists. Her decision to come out of retirement preceded the launch of two emerging powerhouses, MUPO Entertainment and MUPO TV. 

Michele Mupo, also known as Fuchsia, is a well-respected figure with a long list of accomplishments under her belt. Over the years, the New Jersey-based fempreneur has worn many hats, building her reputation with every role she played. Before gaining a solid foothold in the industry, she was a dancer on Club MTV and acted, as well, as a ghostwriter for several recording artists with multiple top ten hits attached to their name. Ultimately, the professional singer and songwriter signed a ten-year contract with the company led by Rodney Jerkins, Sr. and bagged deals that included being endorsed by Cool Music Incorporated. 

On top of gracing stages as a member of a rock band, Michele Mupo appeared on numerous TV series and movies, such as Soap Dish, Basic Instinct, and What We Do. Diversifying her portfolio, she entered the entrepreneurial realm and created an entertainment company with former WWE Diva Dawn Marie, Bernard Purdie, and Carlene Tanner. MuTan Entertainment, her brainchild, is responsible for elevating the careers of a roster of rap acts who are still selling singles and touring up to this day. 

Given her in-depth knowledge of the complexities of today’s industries and extensive experience in navigating the challenging waters of the worlds of music and entertainment, it’s not surprising why Michele Mupo has gained the ability to steer hopefuls and newcomers in the right direction. In 2020, she brought that competence to the table once again when she came out of retirement to establish MUPO Entertainment, a purpose-driven venture that offers full-service representation that is not only strategic but also collaborative and team-based.

At the heart of MUPO Entertainment is the overarching goal of enabling success for those under its wings. It aims to stand as a pillar of support for artists who would have otherwise been taken advantage of by the cut-throat industry.

“We have assembled an experienced team of leaders who understand the entertainment scene and marketplace and know what it takes to operate and manage a successful career,” she shared. 

Michele Mupo envisions MUPO Entertainment transforming into a household name in the years to come. But, for now, she’s excited to announce the launch of MUPO TV, a digital entertainment platform that will soon become available in every home worldwide. Learn more about Michele Mupo and MUPO Entertainment by visiting her website. More information about MUPO TV can also be found on their Twitter page and Instagram.

ArieCan Productions Offers Talents a Platform to Shine and Flourish in Baltimore

Attaining stardom is no longer difficult, thanks to the proliferation of the internet. The power to rise to the top is now up for grabs, and it has become easier than ever to get noticed by notable platforms. Larry Harris and Leonard Martin took things into their hands to establish a production company called ArieCan Productions to help talents grow, thrive, and achieve success.

The Baltimore-based entertainment executives set out to launch a company fully in charge of the type of content it releases and how it achieves that. Knowing that their goal was to create entertaining and exciting content, Larry Harris and Leonard Martin got to work immediately and produced their first web series titled Chapter 2. Taking the company’s destiny into their hands was their way of setting the tone for how they wanted the company to be. With Chapter 2’s success, they have created many other series available on their website for streaming.

ArieCan has implemented a revenue model to make it a highly rewarding company worthy of building a budding career.. The company does not stop at discovering new talents and giving them a shot; it also ensures they are well-compensated thanks to its various subscription models and other revenue-generating features on the platform. Giving back to the city of Baltimore is Larry and Leonard’s top priority, and all of ArieCan Productions’ plans are centered around that. “Our goal is to make ArieCan a household name and to build doors of opportunity for our community. Baltimore is filled with so many talented people, and we want to showcase that,” Larry Harris said.

The production outfit has a vast catalog of original and diverse content that it hopes will appeal to a wide range of people worldwide. Audiences globally can stream and rent content as they wish. The website also sells VIP passes to give users full access to ArieCan Productions’ content library. To make sure that future productions have all the talent they need to be successful and interesting, ArieCan Productions organizes in-house casting calls to discover and evaluate new talents seeking opportunities in the film world.

In the next few years, Larry and Leonard see ArieCan Productions competing favorably with big-name film studios. They hope to produce high-budget films and television shows as well as create high-quality merchandise for its teeming audience globally. The ArieCan Productions platform gives equal opportunities to everyone and makes sure everyone is fairly represented regardless of color, tribe, race, and sexual orientation. The company recently announced its upcoming productions for 2022, and leading the pack are two new shows, Secrets (a drama) and Dear Diary (a comedy), slated to premiere in February 2022.To learn more about ArieCan Productions, check their official website or follow the company on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates.

Kathy Ireland Brightens the Thanksgiving Holiday Season for American Families by Sponsoring The Waltons’ Homecoming Airing

Celebrating the holidays is one thing virtually every American family looks forward to every year. This year is not any different, mainly due to the challenges the world has seen in the past year. Kathy Ireland, the founder, CEO, chair and chief designer of kathy ireland® Worldwide, is set to make the holidays a remarkable one for American families by sponsoring The Waltons’ Homecoming

The film, executive produced by Emmy Award winner Sam Heskell, who also serves as the president and chair of Magnolia Hill Productions, aired on The CW on November 28. An encore will also be shown on December 11, and Kathy Ireland has expressed pride at being privileged to be the sole presenting sponsor of this American classic.

The film’s airing comes in the wake of a time when hope and encouragement are essential for everyone in the world. The film reiterates some of the purest values that Americans hold sacred: faith, family, love, and inclusivity. So much has happened in the past year that has made The Waltons’ Homecoming a necessary gift to Americans. 

“I am happy to present this film, and there is no one more talented or appropriate to bring this message into our homes on Thanksgiving weekend than Sam Haskell, whose accomplishments in television are legendary and iconic,” Kathy Ireland said. “To know Sam is to trust him and love him. So when we began dreaming of what gift we could give to virtually every American family this year, this film became our powerful choice,” she added.

Apart from kathy ireland® Worldwide’s sponsorship for this film, its partner brands and affiliated organizations like NPCF, American Family Insurance, Lamps Plus, MIVI, and many others have thrown their weights behind this holiday gesture Kathy Ireland has championed. Basking in recognition of her brand as the 15th most successful licensed brand in American history, kathy ireland® Worldwide has a lot to celebrate as a brand. “The Waltons’ Homecoming is an ideal gift from our CEO to the hearts of the American families that have made kathy ireland® Worldwide the respectable brand it is today,” Jon Carrasco and Stephen Roseberry Worldwide Creative Director and President CMO, of kathy ireland® Worldwide, respectively, said in a joint statement.

In addition to the brand’s success, Ms. Ireland received the Business International Religious Freedom Champion Award from the IRF, Icon Award from International Home Furnishings Association, and became the youngest woman ever to be elected to the Hall of Fame by Licensing International as the highest-ranked solely owned licensing company of any woman in America.

The Waltons’ Homecoming stars Bellamy Young, Ben Lawson, Logan Shroyer and is narrated by the original John Boy, Richard Thomas. The film features music by seven-time Grammy Award winners, Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr. “For all who experience this treasured film, please know that, as Elizabeth Taylor often said, ‘Something wonderful is about to happen,’” Kathy Ireland promised.

Learn more about kathy ireland® Worldwide on the brand’s website.

Zenith ZTA: Introducing Brand New Digital Asset Making All the Difference

The fast-rising cryptocurrency space and market is no longer the development of a new digital or virtual economy. This is because the digital space as we know it now encompasses several issues, including advocacies and ensuring environmental sustainability. The development of Zenith ZTA is a deliberate attempt by crypto enthusiasts to create lasting solutions to some of the global problems. 

Zenith ZTA is the first token and coin created backed by multi-billion dollar gold, oil, and precious metals mining operations. These long-standing profitable mines are based in Kenya. The country lacks access to modern technology due to their location and a larger issue with clean water scarce for many people living there. When founder John A Hopkins visited these regions, he saw this problem firsthand and he also saw how much more could be done if only they had the resources that his company had. So now, through providing them what’s needed—including everything from solar panels (which have brightened up lives) to wind turbines (which help power homes)—thousands of Kenyans are leading better lives.

John A. Hopkins is a global leader in the clean energy and water movements with over 50 years’ experience that he has used to build an organization backed by tangible assets such as gold, oil, precious gemstones—a rare find these days. He is someone who wants his projects to be a cut above all others because they have real-world value.

The Zenith ZTA is a cutting-edge project that combines the latest technology with tangible assets. The coin’s gold and diamond-encrusted design will empower holders not only as individuals but also on behalf of those who can’t be heard in our current climate crisis driven by greedy corporations looking to make a profit off human suffering.

In response to environmental damage caused by humans and natural disasters alike, John A Hopkins launched his initiative, which helped many communities around the world understand how they could maintain clean water sustainability for themselves, even if there was never any help coming from their government or other sources. Nowadays, he helps others bring light back into some dark places.

Zenith ZTA aims to integrate the profitable operations of gold, oil, and gemstone mining with renewable energy initiatives and cryptocurrency. With stable funding from the mining operations, the project can give back by supporting renewable energy sources and research.

The new ZTA project aims to change the way people control their capital in a global, decentralized world while simultaneously impacting the environment.

The Zenith Next-Generation Sustainable Development Initiative will be led by John Hopkins, who describes it as “a next-generation sustainable development initiative that exists beyond today’s paradigm.” With this revolutionary concept, he wants us all—especially those with money or property—to rethink how we are managing resources at once so there can be some leftovers for tomorrow.

With John A. Hopkins at the helm of Zenith ZTA, the project is in highly capable hands. Hopkins has been a successful businessman for over thirty years. He is known as the man with the golden touch, and he has been recognized globally as a man of integrity and excellence. He has built multi-million dollar companies throughout his career, one of which is Hopkins Global Solutions, which has offices in Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the USA.To find out more about Zenith ZTA and its plans for the future, check out their official website.  For pre-sale, visit this website.

Cinder Fae NFTs Offer a Sprawling World to Investors on the Day of Minting

The meteoric rise of NFTs has brought about numerous changes in how we interact with digital art and how we can foster a community of like-minded individuals to collaborate towards a common goal. The elusive Cinder Fae NFT is a striking example of how blockchain technology is driving change and progress in our world today, pushing the boundaries of what is possible within the metaverse and within our physical world as well.

The Cinder Fae are a collection of 11,111 exclusive avatars designed and curated by veteran artists and game designers, and they’re ready to enter the virtual world of Cinder the same day they’re minted on the eco-friendly Solana blockchain. Over 150 traits of varying rarity have been randomly distributed across nine categories of differentiation, guaranteeing that each will be a completely unique work of digital art. But while the Cinder Fae project stands out visually with its striking character design and attention to detail, what really separates these NFTs from other collections is their immediate utility. 

Most NFT projects aspire to become video games, with roadmaps that promote their sale to investors with promises of future utility in games yet to be developed. But where other brands produce and tokenize NFT characters first, sell them, then set to work building a virtual world for them to inhabit, the developers of Cinder decided this process was backwards. 

“We built the world and the Fae together and turned them loose in there to look around and make the place presentable,” said Clark Stacey, CEO of Cinder developer WildWorks. “Now we’re going to tokenize them.”

Cinder NFT owners will enjoy many benefits, including exclusive day-one access to the Cinder metaverse, a community tag on Discord, surprise airdrops, exclusive events in Cinder and the real, early access to new features, whitelist access to future drops, and much more. At launch, NFT holders will find a beautiful and fully functional world where its inhabitants can interact through chatting, direct messaging, and avatar animations. Later in 2022 WildWorks will release a proprietary set of in-world creative tools enabling owners to design and customize their own avatars, social spaces, and other items in Cinder, which they can tokenize as new NFTs and sell for cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, early investors will still have the advantage of owning one of a kind avatars that will forever be unique and instantly recognizable.

“We are advancing towards an interconnected web of virtual worlds called the metaverse, where anyone will be able to find a virtual home,” said Stacey. “Cinder is a home base for the nomadic vanguard of digital humanity; the jesters, world builders, and storytellers who hail from Chaotic Neutral but aspire to Chaotic Good. This world is open to anyone who’s seeking an online community deeper than text threads and knows at least two terrible jokes.”

Cinder will be a place for everyone who wants to find their tribe of creative collaborators or for those who just want to hang out with interesting people in a 24/7 festival that’s a feast for the senses. 

Cinder aims to take NFT enthusiasts, gamers, and investors closer to this vision of a crypto-native social hub, creative commons, and free-form MMO community that will empower users in unprecedented ways. The Cinder Fae will provide holders with a foot in the door to this new world, enabling them to be among the first to enter what many analysts describe as the next digital frontier. 

Learn more about Cinder by visiting their official website. You can also stay updated by following the project on Instagram and Twitter or joining their Discord server.

Promising Collection The Geisha Tea House NFT Takes Inspiration From Japanese Culture but Adds a Modern Twist

Geishas are a crucial part of Japan’s history and culture. These female performing artists and entertainers are considered a symbol of hospitality, beauty, and elegance as they cater to an affluent clientele. As such, the emerging NFT project The Geisha Tea House has decided to base its upcoming collection on these remarkable individuals.

Despite having traditional geishas as its primary inspiration, the venture has added its own spin and modern twist to the project. It has a highly captivating lore set in Kyoto, Japan, in 2050 after a worldwide cyberattack has erased humanity. 

However, the cyborg geisha Mineka and a handful of young Maiko had survived in the well-hidden and fortified Akirelu Okiya. From five survivors, the geishas proliferated to a total of 10,000.

In turn, these exclusive digital geishas form The Geisha Tea House NFT collection. The collection was founded by Regal Star, Akil Wade, and Lukas Novotny. Each unique Geisha will have a unique combination of traits such as kimonos, houses, lips, hands, swords, masks, eyes, and pipes.

When asked what makes the collection stand out from its peers, the developers shared the benefits that come with each token. They said, “Based on the actual Japanese tradition, where Geisha represented a symbol of wealth and closed community, GTH NFT is bringing its collectible NFT with utility, giving holders access to communicate and engage with business leaders, entrepreneurs, by hosting monthly keynote speakers. With Launchpad features, ready to launch another VR event-related project (to be announced before GTH mint). The project also gives holders access to NFT/Business Incubator.”

As a testament to its dedication to providing countless benefits to creating a solid community, holding a Geisha token also doubles as a membership card which provides access to member-only events and hangouts. On top of that, upon activation of its Roadmap 2.0, holders will be able to stake their Geisha and receive a native token to its Tea House Ecosystem, which will be built in Decentraland.

Furthermore, it has effectively outlined future developments on its website. One of the exciting perks that token holders look forward to is the release of The Rare Store, where tangible collector’s items are sold. In addition, it offers Discord channels with holders-only access.

Aside from that, the venture is determined to become a blue-chip NFT, which is why a liquidity pool will be set up. Meaning, part of the mint proceeds and sales commissions will be used to buy the floor. These purchased Geishas will then be entered into promotions and marketing.

As it stands, The Geisha Tea House NFT is an excellent project that prioritizes the experience of its holders. As a result, NFT collectors and crypto enthusiasts are looking forward to the much-awaited release of the collection.

As posted on the venture’s Discord server, whitelisted accounts can mint tokens on Dec 17 for 0.0777 ETH. On the other hand, the public sale will begin on Dec 18, and each token will cost 0.0888 ETH.

To know more about The Geisha Tea House NFT, check out its official website and Twitter. You can also join the community discussions through its dedicated Discord server.