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Multiple Skills Offering Flexibility

Skill development has no longer been a matter of choice. It has now become imperative to adapt, survive, and succeed. We are working in an era where dealing with ambiguity, and disruptive trends are pivotal to success. In parallel to maintaining an academic awareness of the field, one has to review the career eco-system. Adapting skills and attitude is inevitable to succeed in these times and even in the years to come.

Employers today are moving away from hiring one person for every specialized position. Instead, they look for staff with diversified skills who can perform multiple duties within the organization. Because people with multiple skills are flexible enough to adjust to any environment and act accordingly, saving the company time and money. 

When working in a corporate world, finding ways to get the work done can often be challenging. To stay relevant in today’s ever-changing modern world, it is extremely crucial and important to excel in multiple skills. While educational qualification does play an important role in the application process for a new job or managerial role, it no longer holds center stage. What truly matters is the holistic skill set possessed by the applicants. In fact, it is not just about the job application. And even in the real world, people must know certain skills which could help them in countless circumstances.

A skill set is an inextricable combination of experience, abilities, knowledge, and personal qualities that one has to develop by striving hard. A person with multiple skill sets must be an expert in all the acquired knowledge, as perfection requires attention. Skills can be developed at any stage of life, be it from academic life or childhood. All it demands is one’s complete devotion and dedication. Multiple skill set can provide significant benefits. Apart from increasing one’s knowledge about the local industry, it can also help groom the personality.

Daniela Asaro Romanoff is the best example of a person with multiple skills. Being a journalist, physicist, and writer, she never narrowed her options. Raising the bars high, Romanoff set exceptional examples for the world of art. From a very early age, she was always an all-rounder. She has shown her expertise in painting, writing, sculpting, song composition, and sports as well, which can be quite visibly shown in the expert opinion articles she hs published online that encapsulate the strategy of football games.

Romanoff has also written several articles and interviewed various athletes in football and motoring. Being multilingual, she is proficient in Spanish, French, and Italian and has published many books in different languages. Her book, “Tombees en amour pour la douleur” is originally written in French and has been translated to English, titled Male and Female, ‘He Created Them’ The book received impeccable appreciation from across the globe. Nothing in the world of art is left untouched by her. She has shown her talent in poetry as well. The subject of her poems covers different aspects of life, giving the audience more space to relate.

Besides being a physicist and working in a physics laboratory, she sculpts and paints on the subjects of sports and physics. Some of her most aesthetic work samples include The Hollow Man, Russian Flower, and Golden Monasteries. Her work has enabled her to become an active member of ACRN (Amis Cathédrale Russe de Nice), a cultural association in France. Her love for culture is presented in her writing and paintings, and the way she expresses things captures the attention of many people worldwide.

Romanoff is the best example of breaking all the stereotypes about possessing multiple professions. She has displayed a very strong character in empowering women all around the world and making them understand that they can do whatever they put their minds to. Her artistic journey has inspired many people to become flexible in their career choices. Moreover, she can be a role model when it comes to diversifying or expanding one’s skill set.

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