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Multiple Skills Offering Flexibility

Skill development has no longer been a matter of choice. It has now become imperative to adapt, survive, and succeed. We are working in an era where dealing with ambiguity, and disruptive trends are pivotal to success. In parallel to maintaining an academic awareness of the field, one has to review the career eco-system. Adapting skills and attitude is inevitable to succeed in these times and even in the years to come.

Employers today are moving away from hiring one person for every specialized position. Instead, they look for staff with diversified skills who can perform multiple duties within the organization. Because people with multiple skills are flexible enough to adjust to any environment and act accordingly, saving the company time and money. 

When working in a corporate world, finding ways to get the work done can often be challenging. To stay relevant in today’s ever-changing modern world, it is extremely crucial and important to excel in multiple skills. While educational qualification does play an important role in the application process for a new job or managerial role, it no longer holds center stage. What truly matters is the holistic skill set possessed by the applicants. In fact, it is not just about the job application. And even in the real world, people must know certain skills which could help them in countless circumstances.

A skill set is an inextricable combination of experience, abilities, knowledge, and personal qualities that one has to develop by striving hard. A person with multiple skill sets must be an expert in all the acquired knowledge, as perfection requires attention. Skills can be developed at any stage of life, be it from academic life or childhood. All it demands is one’s complete devotion and dedication. Multiple skill set can provide significant benefits. Apart from increasing one’s knowledge about the local industry, it can also help groom the personality.

Daniela Asaro Romanoff is the best example of a person with multiple skills. Being a journalist, physicist, and writer, she never narrowed her options. Raising the bars high, Romanoff set exceptional examples for the world of art. From a very early age, she was always an all-rounder. She has shown her expertise in painting, writing, sculpting, song composition, and sports as well, which can be quite visibly shown in the expert opinion articles she hs published online that encapsulate the strategy of football games.

Romanoff has also written several articles and interviewed various athletes in football and motoring. Being multilingual, she is proficient in Spanish, French, and Italian and has published many books in different languages. Her book, “Tombees en amour pour la douleur” is originally written in French and has been translated to English, titled Male and Female, ‘He Created Them’ The book received impeccable appreciation from across the globe. Nothing in the world of art is left untouched by her. She has shown her talent in poetry as well. The subject of her poems covers different aspects of life, giving the audience more space to relate.

Besides being a physicist and working in a physics laboratory, she sculpts and paints on the subjects of sports and physics. Some of her most aesthetic work samples include The Hollow Man, Russian Flower, and Golden Monasteries. Her work has enabled her to become an active member of ACRN (Amis Cathédrale Russe de Nice), a cultural association in France. Her love for culture is presented in her writing and paintings, and the way she expresses things captures the attention of many people worldwide.

Romanoff is the best example of breaking all the stereotypes about possessing multiple professions. She has displayed a very strong character in empowering women all around the world and making them understand that they can do whatever they put their minds to. Her artistic journey has inspired many people to become flexible in their career choices. Moreover, she can be a role model when it comes to diversifying or expanding one’s skill set.

Maby – Facilitating Nail Salons Through a Unique Management App

Many nail salons have established a niche in the market by offering exclusive services to their clientele. Some nail salons have started providing custom manicures and nail stenciling to specific clients in order to stand out from the crowd. Similarly, if a salon desires to increase its customer base; it might consider offering discounts for the customers or free add-on services. Many research studies have shown that the nail care market has witnessed a positive growth rate over the past decade and is expected to maintain a positive trend during the forecast period.

The global nail salon market continues to evolve, with technicians as well as brands emerging to deliver top-notch solutions to help consumers accentuate their beauty. The phenomenon is not any different in the United States, with service providers bringing their expertise to deliver the best possible experience to beauty enthusiasts. 

The rising demand for nail polish among the younger population is one of the primary drivers of the market. For instance, in the nail polish category, the average price of mass-category nail polish is approximately USD 8. Moreover, women between the ages of 25 to 34 prefer long-wearing products that have driven the hype of different fashion trends, such as nail art. Nail art has proved to be the most trending interest of women today as it possesses the ability to transform nails into stylish accessories. 

Advances in technology have enabled customers to search for the best nail salons from the comfort of their homes. This has allowed selection of only the best service providers among different salons. Maby is one of these technological creations! 

On March 2019, Kyle Khoan came up with the idea of Maby, an application that connects customers with nail salon owners. The proposition of Maby was established through the company, Stickupz LLC. Its operation is based on a mechanism that works when a specific location is provided to it. People can book their slots at their desired salons in town, without worrying about the long waiting lists, or other issues the common folk face. The user interface of the app is kept simple so that anyone can operate it easily and it’s currently available in the US, Canada, and Australia. 

From a small startup in Pennsylvania, USA, Maby has now opened a branch in Vietnam as well. Its purpose is to conduct research and propose development plans to enable the app meet the demands for growth in the near future. This gives Maby an edge to rise beyond all norms by staying ahead of the future.

Maby has helped the owners of nail salons understand the customer segments by targeting the right audience. This is done by letting the customers know the number of customers interested in their products and services. After identifying customers’ interests, the owners can tailor their most popular service by optimizing it so that it can meet the customers’ needs. By classifying potential customers, nail salon owners can know which products and services are selling well and promote the expansion of those products. In addition to the general list of all customers, Maby also supports the shop owner in managing customers according to a list of categories such as old customers, new customers, regular customers, and customers who didn’t return. 

The app works to develop the best customer care strategy options, helping nail salon owners keep the number of “internal” customers. Scheduling work for employees is a job every spa owner must do weekly or monthly. This work is typically done on paper, board, or chart frames. But now, the employees are given an opportunity to display their schedules on Maby as well. This not only helps the owners to keep in check with their schedules but also facilitates the customers to understand the working schedule of a particular salon. Maby has turned out to be a huge milestone in supporting clients while booking appointments. On top of all, its locator tool has guided customers to find the best nail salons near them. As a result, the sales of many salons have increased drastically. 

Maby is not only an application that supports the nail salon industry, but also a platform that connects customers with salon owners in the beauty industry. It has proved to be the emerging star of the salon market and has still got many opportunities to explore.

Social Media-The Ultimate Equalizer

Social media is an internet-based platform that enables us to share our thoughts, information and ideas through virtual networks and communities. It is collective term we use for applications and websites that focus on interaction, communication, content-sharing, collaboration and community-based input. In our personal life, social media provides us with a platform where we can learn new things, develop our hobbies and interests, connect and communicate with our family and friends and most importantly, it provides us with a source of entertainment. Some of the most popular entertainment platforms are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Similarly, social media has become a very important part of our everyday lives giving birth to social media influencers. A social media influencer is a person who has a loyal as well as a considerably huge social media following and they have a powerful influence over the wishes, wants and purchasing decisions of their fan base. One such social media influencer is Raginald Vicente Paz, who has a huge social media following and is popularly known as a dog dad, foodie, toy collector and self-proclaimed blogger. Paz is an American IT professional who has used the social media platform to facilitate and benefit others through his knowledge and expertise. Paz shares his everyday experiences with his followers, which is not only a source of valuable information but also proves to be a very good source of entertainment. Paz has a passion for traveling and food, and wants to explore different cuisines and cultures around the world. He regularly blogs about his food sampling and food experiments on his social media handles. He is also a toy collector and has a huge collection of Funko Pops, which includes figurines of Toy Story characters like Woody, Buzz Lightyear and his French bulldog. Paz has created a perfect work-life balance by managing his responsibilities effectively. Nowadays people use social media to create a false image of themselves, which sets out unrealistic expectations for others. But Paz wants to keep it real and regularly gives us an insight of his regular and imperfect life.

Social media is like a double-edged sword, and has its positive and negative impacts on the society. It completely depends on us how we use it. The negative effects of social media include cyberbullying, lack of quality family time, poor time management, and increased laziness. However, the positive impacts of social media outweigh its negative effects. Social media if used correctly, increases global connectivity, facilitates education, provides valuable information, improves mental health, and helps in building relationships and communities. It is also a very ideal and helpful tool to support different causes. Social media helps bring people of different backgrounds, beliefs and cultures from around the world together on a common platform. Thus, creating a sense of unity among people of diverse cultures. It’s a place for people to show their creative side through their artistic works. Whether it’s a poem, a song, a work of art or a decadent dessert, it can be shared on social media without any restrictions and in many cases can open the doors to several milestones and achievements. It helps us develop and enhance our abilities and knowledge. Social media, if used actively, assertively and mindfully, like Paz does, can be a very effective tool to voice our thoughts, ideas and opinions.

Meet Bennett Shanks: The Young Influencer and Entrepreneur You Should Know About Right Now

Bennett Shanks is not your average teenager. While most teens are partying or figuring out what they want to do with their lives, Bennett’s been living it up as a social media entrepreneur and influencer. At 16, he is living the good life, running an online company that generates over $5,000 monthly in revenue from a mix of consulting and marketing services with some social media influencer work. Despite having this kind of success before turning 18, Bennett hasn’t let it go to his head, and he has still managed to maintain good grades at school and stay extremely fit.

The impressive teen attributes his incredible success to his work ethic, innovative mind, and a fierce desire for independence. An entrepreneur from an early age, Bennett always knew he wanted to build an empire someday. What he didn’t know was where he’d start until he discovered the social media marketing space. Gradually, he trained himself on the basics of the social media world and started building his brand. The budding entrepreneur spent his free moments on the internet, learning from industry leaders who accomplished a lot in their respective niches.

At 15, Bennett’s efforts and consistency started bearing fruit. He made his first 5-figure income and steadily grew from there. Over the last 6 months alone, the young influencer has racked in over $50,000, an incredible feat for one so young! Bennett marvels at the accomplishments he’s made in such a short time but is eager to achieve even more in the coming days. He’s also incredibly proud of the networks and business relationships he’s grown in that time.

Impressive achievements rarely come easy, as Bennett confirms. Reflecting on the journey he’s been on these past few years, the young entrepreneur admits there were challenges he didn’t think he could overcome. Even though he’s managed to consistently attract clients and make money, his business didn’t become profitable overnight. Most recently, he had to do everything he could to overcome a dry patch in the middle of the summer. That meant less sleep and fun and more hard work than he’d previously put in. Luckily, it ended up paying off, and he’s now better off for it.

As a young, fairly successful entrepreneur, Bennett also faced doubters who thought he was wasting time. He overcame that by tuning them out and focusing on what he was doing. Bennett says he now gets compliments from the very people who used to hate him, most saying they were wrong about him and what he was attempting to do. He’s also glad he has motivated others to follow their passion and turn that into profitable businesses.

Being a successful business owner has also taught Bennett the need for patience, especially when nothing seems to be working how you want. And even when that fails, he advises looking for something else and focusing your attention and efforts there.

“Find something you can excel at, and don’t stop doing it until it doesn’t work anymore,” Bennett urges aspiring entrepreneurs. Despite his success, he is not stopping. In fact, he hopes to achieve more in the next few years, including becoming a millionaire by 22. He also hopes to scale his business and turn it into one of the biggest social media agencies in the country.