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ManyBuild Inc. Launches Game-Changing Mobile App, “The Tinder for Construction”

The construction industry has encountered many significant changes over the years. This time, ManyBuild Inc. is taking things to the next level by launching a mobile app that directly connects clients to contractors in their area simply with swipes, taps and bi-lingual messaging. Founded by Alejandro Daniel Lovera, a local real estate developer in Denver, alongside co-founders Stefan Norton and Peter Taggatt. ManyBuild the mobile app is dubbed as “The Tinder of Construction” because of its ability to swipe right or left and immediately get matched with skilled contractors and other construction resources within their area. The company has built a community of professional and trustworthy contractors composed of English and Spanish speakers. Instead of making contractors pay-per-lead like other platforms, ManyBuild believes that users should only pay when they get jobs awarded and successfully get paid through the app. It’s this business model that will redefine the relationship between general contractors and subcontractors making the process fast, transparent, and accessible.

“Once matched, contractors can start a conversation, schedule a site visit, submit an estimate, sign contracts, and start processing payments all within the same chat,” shared Alejandro Lovera. “Conversations can also be translated from English to Spanish, depending on each user’s language settings,” the CEO added further. 

The ManyBuild Inc. mobile app also aims to add more features to create a “scalable and inclusive prosperity” for the platform. The idea was championed by ManyBuild Inc. COO Stefan Norton. The additional key features, currently being developed and tested by a team of experts, will make the app more user-friendly and efficient. Additionally, the company’s efforts to translate construction job posts into either English or Spanish have increased customer engagement significantly. 

Furthermore, the ManyBuild Inc. mobile app has made it possible for more subcontractors and skilled laborers to enter the general contractor community. It provides an avenue for labor markets that have been ignored to fill the construction labor shortage companies are facing nationwide. 

Leveraging on his background and family history in the construction industry, Alejandro Lovera wanted to create a company culture in construction and tech  that’s based on diversity and inclusivity. Lovera is a third-generation builder and real estate developer. His family is recognized on the island of Aruba as some of the biggest developers, contractors and architects. Lovera’s mother was an architect, while his father was respected for his exceptional hotel remodeling, custom homes and shopping centers. So it did not come as a surprise that Lovera grew up on construction job sites, allowing him to learn tricks of the trade from his early years.

Becoming a dedicated general contractor for local real estate developers, investor, and entrepreneur came naturally for Lovera. He always had a knack for building things, and he put that passion into gaining valuable experience by working with private equity real estate developers in Denver.. 

Soon enough, Lovera learned how to identify, underwrite, acquire, and remodel residential and commercial properties through his own company, Ikon Construction. He built the company from the ground up together with Dan O’Brien and his brother Wyatt Lovera. The trio have successfully completed projects for both local and nationwide corporate clients, including Invitation Homes and Zillow.  

Gaining enough experience and creating a reputable name in the construction industry after a few years, Lovera has continued to build his startup. His aim is to change the construction industry, hence the founding of ManyBuild Inc. 

With its seemingly simple idea, the ManyBuild Inc. mobile app is without a doubt making a relevant contribution to the construction industry. The app is now available for download in both the App Store and Google Play. 

Learn more about Many Build Inc. and how to download the app by visiting: To know more about Ikon Construction, check out their website:

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