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Macntaj Gears Up for Another Electric Release, ‘Stepped On’— Track Now in the Pipeline for Launch

Hard-hitting rap artist and songwriter Macntaj is gearing up for yet another highly-anticipated release as he has announced that he will be launching another single in the coming days. The track is entitled “Stepped On” and will go live on the music and mixtape launch platform, Thizzler

The newest song by the artist will feature a collaboration with Los Angeles-based musician Stackz Tha Rapper. The two artists are part of Bloc Star Evolution, a record label that Macntaj recently penned a seven-figure deal with. “Stepped On” is one of the many projects that the artist will be doing in conjunction with the record company and promises to deliver on many levels. 

Macntaj has consistently been on an upward trajectory since 2016 after he showed up on Bassnectar’s hit track “Level Up.” Other notable projects under the artist’s belt include performing on the 2017 album Reflective and contributing to the song “Infrared.” After multiple appearances on other artists’ works, Macntaj branched out in 2017 after collaborating with producer Raz Simone and Gunplay. The group came up with an EP album entitled Omni that became a massive hit in the underground hip hop scene in Denver and many neighboring cities. Following Omni’s success, Macntaj flew to India to do an extensive music tour. He would return stateside in October 2018 to start working on his next single, “Live Enough,” and a mixtape called “Trappy Gilmore” to follow in 2019. 

With the release of “Stepped On,” Macntaj, along with Bloc Star Evolution and Stackz Tha Rapper, look to break more barriers in the music scene and start a string of projects that will push the envelope in a creative and commercial sense. This release looks to be a promising start to what could be a constant flow of top-quality content from the artist that will most likely outdo all his other hits. 

Rap fans might also remember Macntaj for other notable songs like “Hood Burger,” which drew some flak online for similarities with another music video by an iconic musical artist. But following the release of that music video, Macntaj would go big and release another track and music video, “Love Me The Same,” which reached more than double the numbers that “Hood Burger” had, proving that he’s an artist that’s here to stay and will continue climbing up the rap ranks. 

Most notably, Macntaj has made a significant dent on platforms like YouTube and Spotify. He currently has over two million views collectively on YouTube. Moreover, he is still growing as he puts out top-tier music and music videos that continue to go viral. For instance, his recent video, “Motive,” also created with the support of Bloc Star Evolution, has already gathered more than 220,000 views after only three weeks.

“Stepped On” promises to be another good product as Macntaj continues to polish his music and identity over time. The artist looks to release his debut album soon, which will carry the title Big Bloc Meign. 

More than anything, Macntaj is an artist with a powerful resolve. His work ethic matches his talent, pooling the winning recipe for a successful music career. Learn more about Macntaj by checking out his YouTube channel, website and Spotify profile. Watch “Stepped On” on Youtube and read more about it on Thizzler.

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