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Through Trials to Triumph: How Wilbert Wynnberg Started Think Act Prosper

Starting out from humble beginnings and growing up in an abusive, low-income environment, no one had high expectations for Wilbert Wynnberg. Mixing with the wrong company took him down the wrong path for most of his childhood and adolescence. He joined a gang, dropped out of school, became a heavy drinker and a gambling addict who, at his peak, was experiencing 5 to 6-figure swings on a daily basis. However, the consequences of his lifestyle caught up with him and sobered him up, spurring him to turn over a new leaf, put his degenerate days behind him, and live a purposeful life.

Many of his friends and acquaintances were amazed at the transformation that Wynnberg had pulled off. Today, Wilbert Wynnberg is a serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, and founder of the Think Act Prosper movement. As someone who was able to redeem himself and turn his life around, he shares his story to inspire others that it’s never too late to get yourself back on track and start living a meaningful life. Delivering his message both virtually and in-person with his own brand of charisma, Wynnberg has made appearances on TV, been featured on news publications such as Forbes, USA Today, Yahoo! Finance, and many more. Ever since 2015, Wynnberg has made it his mission to empower people to excel in their business, income and life.

2017 was a highlight year for Wynnberg. It was the year he went to pursue a skydiving license to get rid of his fear of heights. After he miraculously survived a near-fatal skydiving crash, he reached a realisation that he could possibly have perished with plenty of regrets if he had died from that crash. This prompted him to write and publish his first book, Think Act Prosper. Soon after, he obtained his United States Parachute Association (USPA) ‘A’ license and successfully completed more than 50 solo jumps. Subsequently, he collaborated with the world’s best thought leaders and business experts—people like Brian Tracy, Kerri Kasem, Evan Carmichael, Elena Cardone, David Meltzer, Kim Perell, and many more—to expand Think Act Prosper to include an annual business conference as well as a magazine.

A big advocate of the importance of education, particularly in childhood, Wynnberg has been actively involved with community assistance efforts around Southeast Asia, regularly helping children living in the underprivileged communities in the region. To lead by example, Wynnberg also decided to pursue an MBA with Murdoch University in 2019, to show that it’s never too late to start again.

The Multi-Faceted Celebrity Dr. Fia Johansson Sets Hollywood Ablaze Again in American Sicario Alongside Danny Trejo

Celebrity Dr. Fia Johansson is an impressively talented woman who has dipped her toes into various successful projects. She is a world-renowned master entrepreneur coach, angel investor, best-selling author, holds her doctorate in Psychology, and is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur. Unbeknownst to many, she has recently been hard at work at yet another exciting venture, a Hollywood film.

That’s right, Dr. Fia Johansson is offering her acting chops and attaching her name to a Hollywood venture she stars in, alongside legendary actor Danny Trejo. The major motion picture entitled American Sicario is a cartel thriller based on true events. Dr. Fia Johansson is an executive producer of the film and stars as Angela, working alongside director RJ Collins and producer Ross Campbell. Philippe A. Haddad will be playing the role of the Star as well. The film has already been acquired by Saban Films and is slated for a release in late 2021.

The success of this upcoming film is all attributed to the skills and expertise of Dr. Fia Johansson, who is famously known for empowering women and helping them all around the globe. Her work as a master entrepreneur coach has helped millions of women around the globe achieve the heights of their success. She has championed the advancement of women in business and their careers, helping them generate sustainable wealth in the process.

Dr. Fia Johansson has personally helped countless women become millionaires, much like her. To this very day, she continues to live and breathe her teachings as she masters every area of her business and personal growth. She teaches others to emulate her success in the best ways possible, bringing them along for their own success journeys. She also has a social media following of over 5 million.

The esteemed actress and entrepreneur is also a best-selling author who has written titles such as Success Strategies with Jack Canfield and Think Big with Brian Tracy. Her own book, Re-Coding Your Brain For a Better Life: The Secret to Igniting Your Mind and Achieving Your Dreams is available at all retailers nationwide

Dr. Fia Johansson has been featured in major publications such as Wall Street Journal and Forbes. She has also been featured on mainstream media platforms such as CBS, ABC, NBC, and Fox News channels.

Ultimately, Dr. Fia Johansson is providing the leading advice in growth and development to many of her clients. Through Avid Advice, she has helped countless women achieve their dreams and be true to themselves. She is a beacon of light when it comes to personal growth and development, and it’s only a matter of time before the world will truly realize what Dr. Fia Johansson is fully capable of. There’s nowhere to go but up for the esteemed entrepreneur, and it’s exceedingly exciting to see her reach the pinnacle of her career.

To know more about the amazing Dr. Fia and to speak to her directly, make sure to visit her official website. Follow her on Instagram for more live updates.

Macntaj Gears Up for Another Electric Release, ‘Stepped On’— Track Now in the Pipeline for Launch

Hard-hitting rap artist and songwriter Macntaj is gearing up for yet another highly-anticipated release as he has announced that he will be launching another single in the coming days. The track is entitled “Stepped On” and will go live on the music and mixtape launch platform, Thizzler

The newest song by the artist will feature a collaboration with Los Angeles-based musician Stackz Tha Rapper. The two artists are part of Bloc Star Evolution, a record label that Macntaj recently penned a seven-figure deal with. “Stepped On” is one of the many projects that the artist will be doing in conjunction with the record company and promises to deliver on many levels. 

Macntaj has consistently been on an upward trajectory since 2016 after he showed up on Bassnectar’s hit track “Level Up.” Other notable projects under the artist’s belt include performing on the 2017 album Reflective and contributing to the song “Infrared.” After multiple appearances on other artists’ works, Macntaj branched out in 2017 after collaborating with producer Raz Simone and Gunplay. The group came up with an EP album entitled Omni that became a massive hit in the underground hip hop scene in Denver and many neighboring cities. Following Omni’s success, Macntaj flew to India to do an extensive music tour. He would return stateside in October 2018 to start working on his next single, “Live Enough,” and a mixtape called “Trappy Gilmore” to follow in 2019. 

With the release of “Stepped On,” Macntaj, along with Bloc Star Evolution and Stackz Tha Rapper, look to break more barriers in the music scene and start a string of projects that will push the envelope in a creative and commercial sense. This release looks to be a promising start to what could be a constant flow of top-quality content from the artist that will most likely outdo all his other hits. 

Rap fans might also remember Macntaj for other notable songs like “Hood Burger,” which drew some flak online for similarities with another music video by an iconic musical artist. But following the release of that music video, Macntaj would go big and release another track and music video, “Love Me The Same,” which reached more than double the numbers that “Hood Burger” had, proving that he’s an artist that’s here to stay and will continue climbing up the rap ranks. 

Most notably, Macntaj has made a significant dent on platforms like YouTube and Spotify. He currently has over two million views collectively on YouTube. Moreover, he is still growing as he puts out top-tier music and music videos that continue to go viral. For instance, his recent video, “Motive,” also created with the support of Bloc Star Evolution, has already gathered more than 220,000 views after only three weeks.

“Stepped On” promises to be another good product as Macntaj continues to polish his music and identity over time. The artist looks to release his debut album soon, which will carry the title Big Bloc Meign. 

More than anything, Macntaj is an artist with a powerful resolve. His work ethic matches his talent, pooling the winning recipe for a successful music career. Learn more about Macntaj by checking out his YouTube channel, website and Spotify profile. Watch “Stepped On” on Youtube and read more about it on Thizzler.

Shradha Agarwal Becoming a Leading Entrepreneur in Tech

Tech personality and serial entrepreneur, Shradha Agarwal, is driven by her lifelong passion for building organizations to connect people and information and align profit and purpose, having been introduced to business at the age of nine. She enjoys sharing stories, traveling internationally and exploring new cultures, food and music.

She earned a Diploma in Physics, Maths and Economics from United World College of South East Asia. During her time there, she engaged in such projects as, The Other Side HS Newspaper and Bombay Street Kids. She was also a United Nations Scholar, Interscol photographer and played Touch Rugby.

Shradha attended Northwestern University between 2004-2008, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism, International Studies and Business Minor. During her time as a student, she was a member and took part in  

Northwestern Business Review (NBR), Institute for Student Business Education (ISBE), campusCATALYST, Mirch Masala Dance Troupe, Lotus Beat on WNUR 89.3FM, South Asian Student Alliance (SASA), Northwestern News Network (NNN) and was a Residential assistant (RA). 

Shradha’s full-time entrepreneurship journey began in June 2016 when she co-founded Outcome Health (formerly ContextMedia), a healthcare company that delivers lifestyle education to at least 30 million patients every month. As the president of a fast-growing tech company, Shradha is focused on product innovation, talent development and scaling operations. And as a result of her input over time, the company has doubled its revenue, profitability, and distribution year in year out while being recognized for its customer service, culture, technology-oriented, and purposeful leadership. 

In 2011, Shradha co-founded JumpStart Ventures to fund other inspired entrepreneurs who are executing ambitious solutions in healthcare, education and media communications and has since backed more than 40 companies with over $10 million in venture investments. 

After nearly a decade in the driving seat at Outcome Health and other investment companies, Shradha became a partner at SVP Chicago (Social Venture Partners Chicago) in 2014. SVP is a group taking an investment approach to philanthropy by pooling money, time and expertise to help non-profitable organizations grow and achieve systemic change. 

She also mentors entrepreneurs at Techstars, Impact Engine and Blueprint Health. Still, She is equally invested in the venture philanthropy model for scaling nonprofit solutions through SVP Chicago and Chicago Public Education Fund. Besides, she serves on OneGoal and Chicago Children’s Choir boards and supports youth education, women leadership, and civic engagement. 

Previously, Shradha was a Board Director at HY Connect and Board Member at Northwestern Student Holdings. During 2013-2015 she was also a Chicago Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum. 

Shradha is an active member of the following organizations, Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Impact Sphere, Executives’ Club of Chicago, Global Act, The Economic Club of Chicago, Young Entrepreneur Council. And in recognition of her works over the years, she was the recipient of the “2015 Chicagoness Award” (September 2015) given by the CEC for the deep commitment to developing the city’s ecosystem. She is also a “Champion of Change” by the White House (May 2013). At the Moxie awards in 2013, she won the Tech Woman of the Year 2013 

In December 2016, Shradha married Jayant Premkumar.

Connect with Shradha on Instagram to learn more.