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Maby – Facilitating Nail Salons Through a Unique Management App

Many nail salons have established a niche in the market by offering exclusive services to their clientele. Some nail salons have started providing custom manicures and nail stenciling to specific clients in order to stand out from the crowd. Similarly, if a salon desires to increase its customer base; it might consider offering discounts for the customers or free add-on services. Many research studies have shown that the nail care market has witnessed a positive growth rate over the past decade and is expected to maintain a positive trend during the forecast period.

The global nail salon market continues to evolve, with technicians as well as brands emerging to deliver top-notch solutions to help consumers accentuate their beauty. The phenomenon is not any different in the United States, with service providers bringing their expertise to deliver the best possible experience to beauty enthusiasts. 

The rising demand for nail polish among the younger population is one of the primary drivers of the market. For instance, in the nail polish category, the average price of mass-category nail polish is approximately USD 8. Moreover, women between the ages of 25 to 34 prefer long-wearing products that have driven the hype of different fashion trends, such as nail art. Nail art has proved to be the most trending interest of women today as it possesses the ability to transform nails into stylish accessories. 

Advances in technology have enabled customers to search for the best nail salons from the comfort of their homes. This has allowed selection of only the best service providers among different salons. Maby is one of these technological creations! 

On March 2019, Kyle Khoan came up with the idea of Maby, an application that connects customers with nail salon owners. The proposition of Maby was established through the company, Stickupz LLC. Its operation is based on a mechanism that works when a specific location is provided to it. People can book their slots at their desired salons in town, without worrying about the long waiting lists, or other issues the common folk face. The user interface of the app is kept simple so that anyone can operate it easily and it’s currently available in the US, Canada, and Australia. 

From a small startup in Pennsylvania, USA, Maby has now opened a branch in Vietnam as well. Its purpose is to conduct research and propose development plans to enable the app meet the demands for growth in the near future. This gives Maby an edge to rise beyond all norms by staying ahead of the future.

Maby has helped the owners of nail salons understand the customer segments by targeting the right audience. This is done by letting the customers know the number of customers interested in their products and services. After identifying customers’ interests, the owners can tailor their most popular service by optimizing it so that it can meet the customers’ needs. By classifying potential customers, nail salon owners can know which products and services are selling well and promote the expansion of those products. In addition to the general list of all customers, Maby also supports the shop owner in managing customers according to a list of categories such as old customers, new customers, regular customers, and customers who didn’t return. 

The app works to develop the best customer care strategy options, helping nail salon owners keep the number of “internal” customers. Scheduling work for employees is a job every spa owner must do weekly or monthly. This work is typically done on paper, board, or chart frames. But now, the employees are given an opportunity to display their schedules on Maby as well. This not only helps the owners to keep in check with their schedules but also facilitates the customers to understand the working schedule of a particular salon. Maby has turned out to be a huge milestone in supporting clients while booking appointments. On top of all, its locator tool has guided customers to find the best nail salons near them. As a result, the sales of many salons have increased drastically. 

Maby is not only an application that supports the nail salon industry, but also a platform that connects customers with salon owners in the beauty industry. It has proved to be the emerging star of the salon market and has still got many opportunities to explore.

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