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Katey Stanley | A Multitasker and an Inspiration to Women

With over 153K followers on Instagram, Katey Stanley is a well-known millennial mom-blogger and writer for NJ (New Jersey) Mom. She has four adorable children and enjoys spending quality time with her family. Katey has been blogging for the past six years now, and her work focuses on her family life and how she manages it all. She’s mostly seen sharing pictures of trips to the beach or different parks along with her family. This is not all! There is more to Katey Stanley than meets the eye. She makes sure that the content of her Insta blog is engaging as well as informative so that other mommas can benefit from it. 

Whether it is parenting tips, mother hacks, or child development, she covers diverse topics and loves to share fun things one can do in New York City and New Jersey as well as what can be explored with kids. According to Katey, having children isn’t something that should put your life on hold but rather enhance every experience with an added perspective. Hence she writes about family-friendly activities, helpful parenting suggestions, and other ways to improve your quality of life.

As far as her first job is concerned, Katey joined Avis Budget Group once she was out of college. She started off her career as a social media manager, where she had the opportunity to collaborate with some of Instagram’s most popular personalities, including her all-time favorite blogger, Amber Fillerup. After interacting with her, she realized that Instagram blogging was her true calling, so she decided to leave her job and embark on a journey to social media influencing. It wasn’t until she quit her job that she realized how much time she was able to devote to her loved ones and create unforgettable memories with her children.

At first glance, Katey Stanley’s life may seem overwhelming, but her ability to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously allows her to be a hands-on mother of four as well as a content creator. In addition, she contributes to the parenting magazine NJ Mom, which focuses on great local resources for your family. Find the best pediatrician in your area, fun things to do in New Jersey this weekend, a fitness class for your toddler, or a great place to throw a kid-friendly birthday party; NJ Mom has it all. 

When it comes to content for her personal blog, she keeps it very refreshing, and her Insta feed is a sight for sore eyes. It ranges from spending the weekend baking or doing science experiments, riding along the lake on beautiful mornings, ice skating, heading to Florida, and much more. The best part is that she involves her kids in every activity and thoroughly enjoys taking photos to cherish them forever. Katey uploads these on her feed as an inspiration for young moms across the world. 

A woman of creativity, courage, and strength, Katey has mastered the art of multitasking. To put it simply, she is tenacious and a go-getter. Not only does she put her family as her topmost priority, but she’s also living her life to the fullest while managing her work and cherishing every moment. Since her work mostly revolves around her vacation trips, nights out, fun events, etc., it is often hard to separate the two. However, she has come up with a strategy to balance it out – she designates the first 15 minutes of any event for photos and then keeps her phone down to enjoy that time with her family unless she finds a priceless moment again, of course. 

Undoubtedly, Katey Stanley is a role model for many women because of her incredible achievements and unconventional parenting approach. In fact, many influential and famous people read her blogs to learn some insider tips and tricks. They adore her and feel proud of the contributions she makes. She has found fulfillment in her role as a mother and truly enjoys parenthood. Moreover, Katey encourages others to do the same. 

Parenting doesn’t always have to be serious and boring; as a parent, you have to make it fun for your kids in order to keep everyone’s sanity in check. Through her blogs, she motivates people to ignite the same passion in their lives. Katey suggests taking a trip to your favorite spot, as it will certainly help you find a new perspective. There can be magical moments in the simplest things; you just have to look through the right lens. 

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