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Inventing Solutions to Protect Data – ALSCO is Making The Internet a Safe Place for its Clients

The Internet as a Transformative Model

The unlimited possibilities of the internet have indeed allowed us to be as creative as we want and develop a visionary approach. From slow bandwidth dial-up connections to the rapid 5G technology of the present day, we have seen the incredible world of technology develop at an exceptional rate. Through the internet, the communication model has improved significantly, and today, it is a crucial part of every industry throughout the globe. Whether it is dominating the entertainment industry through YouTube and Netflix or becoming a core asset for governments around the world, the internet has become a need for every single individual. However, this dependency on the internet leads to one of the biggest threats to privacy around the world. 

Being connected, saving and accessing data online, and communicating with others definitely makes our lives easier, but it also puts our data at risk of being extracted and misused. While the internet is a blessing, due to the malicious intentions of a few individuals, it can quickly become a curse. The most significant risk comes from the fact that our personal and financial information is often stored on the internet. In recent times, it has been impossible to survive without having this information online, as even government-based systems often require you to provide identification information. Due to the high value of this data, it would be foolish of us not to consider its safety our top priority. While having a secure password was a good cybersecurity method in the early 2000s, in this day and age, the methods of hacking and data theft have become more advanced. Simple cybersecurity systems are incapable of dealing with these threats, and their high chance of failure has been negatively impacting lives and businesses on the internet. 

The majority of cybersecurity software used today are highly advanced, but they still offer room for exploits and hold the risk of being outdated. Using them can be costly in the long run, resulting in a greater threat to your assets. This is where ALSCO comes in. 

About Alco

A leading data center, ALSCO is a one-stop solution for all your data security problems. If you’re looking for an enterprise security solution to protect your online or offline application, then ALSCO is the right place to look. They have patented state-of-the-art cybersecurity technology, and their trademarked Secure Gateway system assures safety, privacy, and confidentiality. This system is built on the Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) protocol, which only allows authorized personnel access to the relevant date. That’s not all. The Secure Gateway protects your web apps by filtering and monitoring malicious traffic and prevents unauthorized data from leaving the server system. The cloud hosting system adds another layer of protection to an already-secure system. 

According to many cybersecurity experts, information technology is a core part of every company and residence today, so its misuse can have disastrous consequences. The only way to stay protected is to implement a fail-safe system, and one of the most prominent ones is the Secure Gateway system by ALSCO. ALSCO provides custom-tailored solutions for each client, and ensures dedicated resources for each client. They also offer unparalleled customer service, with a tech support system that is active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With such a dynamic response to cybersecurity threats, ALSCO has undoubtedly raised the bar. 

ALSCO also has one of the most effective relationship termination policies. While many companies might erase your data from their servers once your relationship with them ends, ALSCO takes it to another level by ensuring that your data is not compromised in any manner. Every pre-used server is torn apart, and the storage systems are brought under a pressurized piston as the final call, ensuring that there is no possibility of a malicious third party recovering the data. 

The best part about ALSCO is that its security systems are built on Artificial Intelligence (AI) networks, allowing security breaches to be addressed almost immediately. The machine learning core uses patented security technology to detect and analyze every potential security risk, making the system nigh-impenetrable. 

The world continues to move forward, and the internet continues to play a significant role. It is crucial that in this era of tech advancement, we create a safe digital world that allows freedom of creativity, expression, and business. While many businesses have adopted advanced security systems at the expense of billions of dollars, companies like ALSCO are helping enterprises and startups attain the same level of security at a fraction of the price. They are truly reshaping security in the digital sphere.

“Change can only be brought if you are willing to work for it,” Jeffrey James Binney motivates many with his shenanigans

We have been blessed with this gift called life, which is meant to be lived to the fullest. More often than not, we tend to focus on our problems without realizing that time is slipping away. When hit with the slightest of problems, we lose hope. But one thing for sure is that only those who are focused on their goals will succeed. Such individuals do not let any obstacle pull them down, and there is nothing that can distract them because they not only have faith in themselves but will also work hard to achieve success.

At every stage, our interests change, and so do our life choices. Most of us might feel as if we need more than one life to fulfill our dreams or accomplish the number of objectives and goals we have in life. However, there are people who like to accomplish several things at once and want to make the most of their lives. Whether it’s piloting a jet, running a business, exploring the world, climbing Everest, or anything else, there is nothing that would deter their spirits. 

Mae West’s popular words, “You only live once but if you do it correctly, once is enough,” has inspired Jeffrey James Binney’s life. There is nothing wrong with wanting to pilot a plane and be passionate about writing at the same time. You can be a captain, a dancer, a singer, or join the armed forces for the sake of serving your country. There are no limits. You can do anything and everything you want, and there should be no boundaries to your imagination. 

Jeffrey James Binney was raised on a farm in Laredo, Missouri, and after earning a B.F.A. in Musical Theatre Performance from Missouri State University, he relocated to Brooklyn, New York. Jeffrey Binney is a body-positive motivational speaker, comedian, musician, and trail runner. He also has the film “Once Is Enough,” which is available on the OTT streaming service Amazon Prime Video, to his credit. Though he garnered fame for his movie, his social media videos of him dancing while trail running was another element that made him a viral hit. Comedian Binney later traveled to the East to pursue a career in musical theatre. Fortunately, Binney’s parents supported his decision to move to New York City so that he could follow his passion and played humorous characters like “The funny fat best friend.” 

Jeffrey Binney not only appeared on Late Night with David Letterman but has also been seen in the 1st National Tour and Chicago Company of the Broadway musical The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, as well as conferences, comedy clubs, and festivals across the nation. 

However, the life-changing moment in Binney’s life was when his mother fell sick. A few years later, his mother’s health deteriorated, so he returned to Missouri to be with her during the hard times. He was by her side for a year and a half. But losing his mother to heart disease brought on by obesity was an eye-opener for him. Binney understood that he was also on the same path as his mother because he was also overweight. After being inspired by an outdoor magazine that he discovered in the hospital waiting area, he decided to go for a trial run. He wasn’t athletic and weighed 340 pounds, yet something worked. Binney got a wake-up call, and his perspective on life changed completely. Nothing was more important to him at the time than the notion that he could disappear into the woods for however long he wanted, no matter what he was doing.

He started running frequently, lost some weight, and gradually increased his distances, finishing a 20-miler, a few marathons, and a 50-miler. He joined forces with ultra-running coach Ian Sharman and tried his first 100-mile race – the challenging Leadville Trail 100 in Colorado in August 2015. Even though he missed the cutoff and was pulled before halfway, Binney didn’t lose hope and, in fact, became optimistic about his life and choices. He didn’t see failure as a rejection but understood the true strength of not giving up. 

The life story of Jeffrey James Binney is unquestionably motivational for everyone who is struggling and wants to improve their situation and life. His film also has the same sources of inspiration and drive. You’ll giggle while watching “Once Is Enough,” which will probably inspire you to challenge or at least push yourself to do something extreme to benefit your health and well-being. You only get to live once, so you must cherish it because it’s your only chance. Binney learned his lesson the hard way, but he hopes that other people would learn from his experiences and put in efforts to change their life for the best.

“Being a dermatologist is no easy job. It requires determination and a strong mindset,” Dr. Rola Shahadat on her success as a dermatologist

To Health and Beyond

Medicine is one of the most respected professions around the world. Helping the sick and changing their lives for the better is what doctors live for. However, it is a hectic and stressful profession involving human life. A single mistake or medical malpractice can put a patient’s life in danger and have adverse effects. However, dermatology is one of the most crucial and in-demand branches of medicine these days. We are well aware of the fact that dermatology focuses on the issues related to skin, hair, nails and mucous membranes. This field is related to cosmetics and mainly deals with the appearance and comfort of an individual.

Being a dermatologist is among the most critical jobs in the world, where an expert must have incredible clinical and diagnostic skills. Apart from that, excellent attention to detail is another prerequisite. Furthermore, their job requires them to study their patients thoroughly before conducting any procedure, mainly because they must be delicate with their treatments. More than just qualification, the field of dermatology needs persistence, study, research, and a good grasp of modern medical science. And Dr. Rola Shahadat is a renowned dermatologist with an exceptional career record as well as an incredible success rate. Her expertise and hard work have made her a household name among gulf countries. 

Dr. Rola Shahadat

Previously, she worked for one of the biggest anti-aging centers in Europe for almost a decade and also headed the cosmetology department there. However, she then decided to move to Dubai, where she joined hands with a well-known franchise to open a clinic under her name and supervision. She trained the best team of professionals, who are all now famous and well-trusted in the field of dermatology. Dr. Rola became the official trainer for Russian Lips (lip filler technique) in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Being a Syrian Ukrainian doctor specializing in dermatology and cosmetics, Dr. Rola has achieved significant milestones in her field. She is one of the leading names in the cosmetics medical field in the entire GCC. Her complete devotion to her patients has been praised and acknowledged by many. Interestingly, it was her dream to become a well-known doctor since childhood, and her ambitious nature finally led her to turn her passion into reality. She was raised in a family of doctors, where she developed a keen interest in medicine. Through her dedication and efforts, she certainly carved a niche for herself, and that is what sets her apart from the rest. 

Dermatologists are experts when it comes to diagnosing skin problems ranging from mild to extreme. Their research and dedication have pushed medical science towards exceptional advancement, hence making many skin issues easily curable. Patients who visit dermatologists are often insecure because of their skin issues such as acne, scars, dryness and other skin problems, which can cause low self-esteem. Apart from that, people who lack confidence due to their facial features opt to go to expert dermatologists such as Dr. Rola, who specializes in cosmetics that include non-surgical skin and beauty treatments as well as fixing asymmetry. It is their duty to help such individuals not just be better physically, but their effort also contributes to assisting patients in enhancing their personalities and shining more brightly. 

According to Dr. Rola, she always tells her patients that the only way to succeed and change what they desire is to believe in themselves and their doctors. “It is important to be positive and stay away from stress and self-loathing because no external or medical treatment can be successful for you without trust and relaxation, and patience,” she elaborated.

Most skin treatments can last for a few months, even though there are new technological advancements in the skincare world, such as laser treatments and surgeries. However, those who prefer natural changes through organic medicine must show tolerance towards suggested remedies. For dermatologists, gaining their patients’ trust in their treatment is one of the most complex parts of their job. As the skin condition changes from one patient to another, dermatologists like Dr. Rola treats every patient exclusively. She stated, “I have above 90% success rate, but that’s because I make a deal with the patients in the consultation to follow my instruction and treatment plan and have faith in the treatment and themselves, which is the key for skin altering to be successful, I choose patients who want to help themselves.” Dr. Rola Shahadat believes that many skin problems can be avoided if one seeks professional help at the early stages. In fact, it can stop the disease from spreading. 

Dr. Rola Shahadat’s determination and positive mindset have undoubtedly helped her to carve a niche for herself in the field of dermatology. Her ability to understand what her patients want and her expertise in guiding them to achieve desired results make her unique and one of the best dermatologists out there.

Katey Stanley | A Multitasker and an Inspiration to Women

With over 153K followers on Instagram, Katey Stanley is a well-known millennial mom-blogger and writer for NJ (New Jersey) Mom. She has four adorable children and enjoys spending quality time with her family. Katey has been blogging for the past six years now, and her work focuses on her family life and how she manages it all. She’s mostly seen sharing pictures of trips to the beach or different parks along with her family. This is not all! There is more to Katey Stanley than meets the eye. She makes sure that the content of her Insta blog is engaging as well as informative so that other mommas can benefit from it. 

Whether it is parenting tips, mother hacks, or child development, she covers diverse topics and loves to share fun things one can do in New York City and New Jersey as well as what can be explored with kids. According to Katey, having children isn’t something that should put your life on hold but rather enhance every experience with an added perspective. Hence she writes about family-friendly activities, helpful parenting suggestions, and other ways to improve your quality of life.

As far as her first job is concerned, Katey joined Avis Budget Group once she was out of college. She started off her career as a social media manager, where she had the opportunity to collaborate with some of Instagram’s most popular personalities, including her all-time favorite blogger, Amber Fillerup. After interacting with her, she realized that Instagram blogging was her true calling, so she decided to leave her job and embark on a journey to social media influencing. It wasn’t until she quit her job that she realized how much time she was able to devote to her loved ones and create unforgettable memories with her children.

At first glance, Katey Stanley’s life may seem overwhelming, but her ability to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously allows her to be a hands-on mother of four as well as a content creator. In addition, she contributes to the parenting magazine NJ Mom, which focuses on great local resources for your family. Find the best pediatrician in your area, fun things to do in New Jersey this weekend, a fitness class for your toddler, or a great place to throw a kid-friendly birthday party; NJ Mom has it all. 

When it comes to content for her personal blog, she keeps it very refreshing, and her Insta feed is a sight for sore eyes. It ranges from spending the weekend baking or doing science experiments, riding along the lake on beautiful mornings, ice skating, heading to Florida, and much more. The best part is that she involves her kids in every activity and thoroughly enjoys taking photos to cherish them forever. Katey uploads these on her feed as an inspiration for young moms across the world. 

A woman of creativity, courage, and strength, Katey has mastered the art of multitasking. To put it simply, she is tenacious and a go-getter. Not only does she put her family as her topmost priority, but she’s also living her life to the fullest while managing her work and cherishing every moment. Since her work mostly revolves around her vacation trips, nights out, fun events, etc., it is often hard to separate the two. However, she has come up with a strategy to balance it out – she designates the first 15 minutes of any event for photos and then keeps her phone down to enjoy that time with her family unless she finds a priceless moment again, of course. 

Undoubtedly, Katey Stanley is a role model for many women because of her incredible achievements and unconventional parenting approach. In fact, many influential and famous people read her blogs to learn some insider tips and tricks. They adore her and feel proud of the contributions she makes. She has found fulfillment in her role as a mother and truly enjoys parenthood. Moreover, Katey encourages others to do the same. 

Parenting doesn’t always have to be serious and boring; as a parent, you have to make it fun for your kids in order to keep everyone’s sanity in check. Through her blogs, she motivates people to ignite the same passion in their lives. Katey suggests taking a trip to your favorite spot, as it will certainly help you find a new perspective. There can be magical moments in the simplest things; you just have to look through the right lens. 

Dolls Plastic Surgery: A Home to Safe and Affordable Aesthetic Procedures

Becoming Free to Choose

While the debate carries on about whether plastic surgery should be used to enhance someone’s beauty, we cannot deny the impact that it can have on someone’s appearance. Most of us live with the way we look merely because we don’t have options. Due to financial constraints or emotional limitations, we have to stick to what we’re born with. Taking control of our lives in terms of freedom is far from reality for many. There is no shame in owning yourself, your thoughts, and your vision. Aiming for perfection can be a dream, but that’s what we all strive for. For some, it can be defined as their career, house, life partner, or body image. In one way or another, we all seek perfection. 

Body image is one of the central points of our personality. There is no set standard for flawlessness when it comes to your body, as everyone has a different perspective. From the size and shape of their breasts, hips, or even lips, every woman defines her own beauty standard. Many want to change their physical features to gain more confidence and enhance their overall personality. An expensive and risky procedure, plastic surgery can be a big step for many women. And with all the risks attached, it is necessary to find a professional center for services related to plastic surgery. Dolls Plastic Surgery Clinic is one of the best options for your cosmetic needs, as its different services allow you to gain perfect results with minimal risks. The best part is that they offer the most competitive prices in the industry. What truly sets Dolls Plastic Surgery apart from others is the fact that they provide all kinds of aesthetic procedures that too under one roof. 

Dolls Plastic Surgery and the mission to uplift aesthetics

Dolls Plastic Surgery has been revolutionizing the world of aesthetic procedures since 2019. Their journey started with a vision to create a space consisting of board-certified plastic surgeons where clients would come in without any inhibitions. They aspired to deliver outstanding results while keeping an impeccable customer service infrastructure that would make all customers feel like family. And in a short span of time, they have truly outdone themselves by negating the risks attached to plastic surgery. Wondering how? Dolls Plastic Surgery uses the most modern technologies and a professional team of experienced surgeons and anesthesiologists. Their team of experts understand the importance of plastic surgery and internalizes its value for their clients, allowing them to work sincerely while ensuring that their clients always leave satisfied. 

Compliance with the regulations set by the Florida Department of Health ensures that Dolls Plastic Surgery provides excellent care as well as post-surgical care. Whether you’re going there for a breast enhancement, abdominoplasty, mastopexy or the ever-so-popular Brazilian butt lift, you’re guaranteed to get the results you’re looking for. To put it simply, you will certainly walk out of the clinic with your dream body!

Dolls Plastic Surgery also prides itself as one of the best consultancy services in the industry. Their surgeons guide every client at every step of the procedure, including discussion of concerns, reviews of medical history, and creating a surgical plan that identifies realistic results. Moreover, they make sure each client is aware of what to expect before the procedure takes place. That’s not all! They also offer virtual consultations for out-station patients, allowing accessibility for those who are unable to find effective services in their region. 

A trustworthy name in the cosmetic industry, Dolls Plastic Surgery is rated highly by its entire customer base. They have never focused on revenue generation; instead, they determine their success rate based on the life-changing surgeries they perform daily. For them, the greatest success is seeing their customers send them constant referrals as a testament to the quality of their service. According to them, seeing a mom regain self-confidence after a complete mommy makeover or having a young patient who wanted breast enhancement leave a positive review motivates them to continue delivering to the best of their abilities. For Dolls Plastic Surgery, true success is all about changing and reshaping lives and impacting people’s lives so that they feel a greater sense of satisfaction within themselves. 

If you’re seeking to improve your appearance and get results that fall in line with your expectations, then Dolls Plastic Surgery is the most affordable and promising option for you. Rest assured that you won’t find better results elsewhere! 

How Rock Paper Scissors Foundation Gives Abuse Victims a Voice and Brings Them Out of the Shadows

Human trafficking, domestic abuse, and sexual abuse are issues that remain in the dark despite the world advancing into modern practices every day. There are still those who hide in the shadows. On a mission to bring such individuals into the light is Kristal Klear.

Rock Paper Scissors Foundation (RPS) is an organization specializing in supporting those who have been physically, mentally, secually, and emotionally abused and have been victimized by human traffickers. The company was founded by Kristal Klear, an entrepreneur, certified trauma coach, and published author, who is on a mission to help restore people from brokenness and make them whole again by guiding them to live by their slogan – “We can’t do anything about the past, but we sure can do something about the future.

The founder and CEO has gained substantial experience in working with victims of human trafficicking, trauma, sexual abuse, and child abuse. She has worked with countless individuals, all in the pursuit of following her passion of shedding light on the various exploitations happening across communities. Kristal Klear has also worked with her team to educate and bring awareness to various communities, while simultaneously empowering them to reclaim their lives. The CEO has authored the book called Healing Beyond Sexual Misconduct, focusing on how to properly handle sexual miscondust from a leadership position in any environment. 

“Through prevention and healing, we give a voice to those who have been silenced by all forms of abuse, low self-esteem, and human trafficking with an end goal of creating overcomers. We do this by creating awareness via social media, various community events, speaking out and speaking up at different venues and events, connecting the needy with resources and referrals, offering programs of healing for survivors, providing intervention programs and support for young people in our society through the school system, supporting law enforcement efforts in cracking down on this epidemic, and most of all, by long people back to life,” Kristal Klear explained.

Rock Paper Scissors Foundation has played an instrumental role in helping people heal from their painful past. The organization has also given a voice to those who have been silenced by many forms of abuse, bringing forth their stories from the shadows into the light and amplifying their inspiring narratives to the rest of the world.

Over the years, Rock Paper Scissors Foundation has helped women, men, girls, and boys, and is continuing to search for individuals who desperately need help. Asked what motivated her to build the foundation, Kristal Klear shared that she wanted to break the stigma off of various abuse issues and give the victims a safe space where they feel empowered and free to reclaim their voices and own their truth. 

“We have an organic sense of providing community awareness, making a global impact, and unifying all walks of life. We also do not move within the box. We are okay with trying something new to customize each personal event program and opportunity to the real, true authentic needs of our community and peers,” said the founder. “We stand firm in being natural healers through transparency and truth, with freedom and no condemnation.”

In five years, Rock Paper Scissors Foundation aism to make an impact on a national scale through programming, current affairs, community activism, distributing resources, and national conferences.

“We are wanting a bill passed for human trafficking for all girls abut specificallly our brown girls to make them safe, give them the protection and the voice they need. We see ourselves being fully funded, staffed, and duplicated. We see training programs that go into organizations to make sure we are bringing awareness,” Kristal Klear said. 

Actor Douglas Taurel Uses the Power of Theatre to Inspire and Honor Our Veterans With His Solo Show, The American Soldier

Theater is a powerful art form that breaks the boundaries of storytelling. It creates a lasting community between what happens on stage and what the audience feels as they experience a story unfolding. Esteemed actor Douglas Taurel knows this fact all too well as a seasoned performer. And as the house lights dim, Douglas elicits meaningful and lasting emotions from his audiences as they experience his award-winning solo show, The American Soldier.

Much like the old Vaudevillian actors did in the old days, traveling the country with their trunks full of costumes and props, Mr. Taurel does the same. He uses the art of theatre and goes from city to city, pulling props out of an old WWII Army trunk, transforming into 14 characters, and sharing powerful stories to help veterans and their families heal. 

The American Soldier is a play based on real stories and letters written by soldiers and their families spanning the American Revolution through the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The script seamlessly combines years of intensive research where Douglas Taurel would go to the New York Public Library to read hundreds of letters from every war. The play explores our soldiers’ and their families’ internal struggles as they reintegrate into society after coming home from combat. But the play’s real power is how it highlights the brotherhood these soldiers have shared as they serve the country together. “After a while, they’re not fighting for the country. They’re fighting for each other,” shared Douglas Taurel.

He initially performed The American Soldier in 2015 in front of eight people at the iconic Bowery Poetry Club in New York. He fondly recalls that day as it significantly changed his career trajectory, allowing him to find a deeper purpose for his craft. “It was raining on the Sunday of Memorial weekend, and hardly anyone was there. I knew no one would come, and I didn’t think anyone would get it. It was so freaking hard to get motivated,” recalled the actor. 

However, Douglas Taurel found the motivation to press on and perform the play. After the play, he received a standing ovation from all the eight people who were in attendance. He remembers one poignant moment when a Gold Star sibling came up to him in tears to thank him for performing the play. “She came up to me, hugged me, and said, I hope you never stop performing this play because what you are doing is incredibly important,” said Taurel.

Since that rainy Sunday night, Douglas Taurel has traveled to over 40 cities performing his solo show in front of crowds of people. He has performed at the Kennedy Center of Performing Arts, The Library of Congress, Off-Broadway, The American Legion’s National Headquarters, and recently in Champaign, Illinois, where he performed at the iconic Virginia Theater in May. In addition, he earned a nomination for the Amnesty International Award when he performed in Scotland.

Every time he thinks the play has found its ending, he receives more invitations to perform and share its message. At the start of 2022, the play was in Bedford, New York, then Tracy, California, Champaign, Illinois, and a VFW in Madison, Wisconsin. 

This November, he will gear up to begin his tour in Charleston, Illinois, at the Doudna Fine Arts Center, then at Monmouth University in New Jersey, and finally at the Performing Arts Center at Kent State University, Ohio. During the last stretch of his tour, he will be stepping in for Stephen Lang’s one-man show Beyond Glory.

“We go on with our everyday lives and have no idea of our soldiers and their families’ commitment and sacrifices. We are responsible for knowing what wounds they carry for us as a society. We at least owe them that much,” said Taurel.

Helping Make An Oscar-Nominated Movie: Dr. Savoy Brummer’s Contributions In The Making Of “King Richard” Deserve Applause

The best film of 2021, King Richard, needs no introduction. The movie is based on the life of living legend Richard Williams, father of tennis superstars Venus and Serena Williams. Will Smith played the iconic lead role and did justice to the character with his outstanding acting skills. But one fact that most of us are unaware of is that the movie was set to be released in 2020, but due to COVID-19, it was delayed twice.

King Richard made it to the big screen finally in November 2021. The movie went through a set of difficulties due to the global pandemic. Some of the main actors left the movie due to scheduling conflicts. Production wasn’t easy either due to preventive measures for the virus, restrictions, lockdowns, and social distancing caused a lot of struggles for the team. Still, one man that made it possible, and streamlined the whole process by providing health support through his expertise and years of experience, was Dr. Savoy Brummer.   

A Hollywood Doctor who now has an iconic effect on the entertainment industry, Dr. Savoy Brummer is a diverse workforce consultant. He already had an impressive career as an award-winning physician executive, a healthcare and health equity leader, and a movie producer. Dr. Brummer is the CEO and Founder of Ivy League Capital, private equity and venture capital investment firm that focuses on early-stage investments in technology, healthcare, and media. His firm has exited several portfolio companies with 100% returns to investors, including media projects distributed across various platforms, including Netflix. 

Dr. Brummer looks at the next generation of leaders to invest in because he is concerned with the current state of leadership in this country and globally. He is keen to get involved at the earliest stages of high-growth companies to help guide executives through the critical stages of company formation and scaling for growth.

In early 2020, Dr. Savoy Brummer was contacted by a senior Hollywood producer and asked to provide COVID-related educational services to prepare the entertainment industry to restart after being shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Brummer quickly embraced it and dove in headfirst. He spoke to various Hollywood unions regarding the possible applications of hospital-based procedures and COVID mitigation strategies.

For the movie “King Richard,” Dr. Brummer was responsible as COVID Compliance Officer working with Warner Brothers Pictures to reopen production safely during this pandemic by implementing COVID protocols that had never been used till that time. This was at a time when there were limited mask availability, no vaccinations, and first-generation testing. The production, which had already been suspended along with all of the other Hollywood productions, searched out an innovative partner to begin re-shooting as it would be one of the first major feature films to shoot post-COVID.

As an African American, Dr. Brummer continues to understand the importance of telling black inspirational stories. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the movie was shot over numerous months with a cast of thousands—several consecutive scenes involving over 500 extras. The film employed over 5,000 people to ensure it met all safety requirements helping to make an oscar-nominated movie.

A veteran producer who was in charge of production for Warner Bros reached out to him after a positive referral. This producer had a major project on their hands and was tasked with shooting the movie “King Richard,” starring Will Smith. The film was to be shot entirely in Los Angeles within the next one hundred days. The producer requested Dr. Brummer because he was a trusted physician and producer in his own right who understood and had a better knowledge of production. The production team was purposeful in wanting to make available culturally appropriate guidance and was concerned about the various actors and crew with diverse medical conditions and backgrounds that may have required special consideration. The producer also needed help implementing production-specific industry-wide guidelines and best practices for maintaining health, safety, and compliance with COVID-19 on set.

Dr. Brummer has worked with his colleagues to develop practical solutions for other tv and film productions. Dr. Brummer has been in charge of COVID-19 compliance for hundreds of Motion Pictures, TV shows, and streaming series. He has helped to bring back Hollywood while ensuring the health and safety of thousands of employees working on those productions. 

From Georgia to California and beyond, his work takes him all over the country as he supports his portfolio of companies. He is a highly sought-after speaker on leadership and venture creation. Dr. Brummer founded ‘A Safe Way Forward,’ a company that helped crew and actors get back to work while keeping them safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Brummer has learned that movies are more than entertainment; they can change the world by telling stories that need to be told. He believes he can make a difference in every aspect of our society through art and health care and has found a way to make a difference in one of this industry’s most challenging times.

After a long, exhaustive journey to bring “King Richard” to the screen, the world can finally see it. With all of its ups and downs, the final product has been a joy to watch as it was meant for us to take away a personal lesson about human nature and life, in general, every time while watching it.