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Inside the Mind of Tevin Everett

One upcoming director is no stranger to making things happen. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue filmmaking, wrote screenplays picked up by one of the biggest networks in the industry, and most of all, explored how he can use his voice to make a change in the world. That is Tevin Everett.

Tevin Everett spent eight years in the US Navy before finally moving to Los Angeles and going on a journey of becoming a filmmaker. Even with an incredible start in the industry as a screenwriter, Tevin knew there is so much he needed to learn.

“When I first started screenwriting, I could see how writers’ works would constantly get watered down or told they weren’t good enough. I believed I had a few stories to tell and I didn’t want to let anyone else tell me how to tell it. So I figured, why not take a shot at it myself?”

The industry is tough, but despite it all, Tevin is a force to be reckoned with. He worked hard and explored the unknowns with strength, resilience, and a desire to make it big someday. “My ability to get the job done is what I brought with me from the military. No task is too big and everything can be figured out,” he affirms.

After he slowly made himself known as a screenwriter, Tevin knew it was time to take a step forward to explore more on what he could do. 

So in January last year, Tevin made his directorial debut with his short film, the Don’t Call List. Part of his short film collection for Amazon Prime.  It was about a man who struggled to deal with his commitment issues on Valentine’s Day—a quirky romantic comedy film that showed his versatility as a filmmaker. Prior to Don’t Call List, Tevin could never imagine the day he could finally direct his own film, but after doing so, he only had respect for the people who supported him to make it possible. On Instagram, his humility and gratitude can be seen as he proclaims that he is nothing without those who believed in his talent. 

That film was only the beginning for Tevin and his vision. Recently, Tevin worked on the project Diversity Hires, a web series he wrote, directed, and produced. Diversity Hires is a timely film about America’s hiring processes with regard to racial discrimination. This was his first step toward the direction of producing more socially relevant films and shows. He also finished the project Short Term, the second installment in his collection for Prime releasing in February.

Furthermore, Tevin started A Tevin Everett Jawn production company. Tevin wants for his company to become an outlet for kids and adults who feel that they have a unique story to tell. After all, it is through this drive that he has become who he is now. Wherever the industry takes Tevin, one thing’s for sure: he’s going to own his voice and share his vision. As he wrote in his Instagram bio, “Just sharing my vision with the world, whatever that looks like.”

Learn more about Tevin Everett by visiting his Instagram.

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