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How TRNDY Social is Changing the Game for Retired Athletes

Mike Visnick & Logan Simmons, Founders of TRNDY Social

Often-times the names of top-level athletes are well known, however their faces & personal brands off the field usually are not. These days, it takes a blend of digital & real life brand building to have a presence that sticks after a career in sports. Leading talent agency TRNDY Social is serving as the bridge between brands and celebrities by helping celebrities in various fields realize their value and work with notable brands in symbiotic relationships.

TRNDY Social operates as a full social agency that assists athletes on marketing & by solidifying brand partnerships. It has a vast network of music industry leaders, television executives, and D2C brand owners. Aptly branded “The Bridge from Brands to Celebrities,” TRNDY Social has offices in both Boca Raton, Florida and Newport Beach, California, making its reach quite literally coast to coast. Founded by seasoned marketing experts Logan Simmons and Mike Visnick, its deep-rooted relationships with key stakeholders in the entertainment world have helped the company forge viral partnerships between celebrities and brands, making it one of newest yet one of the most reputable agencies for athletes and entertainers to solidify their brands and become more bankable.

Mike Visnick & Logan Simmons of TRNDY Social with Donovan McNabb, Former Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback

At the core,  TRNDY Social offers brand-building services by helping its clients build their digital and social media presence, tell their stories on and off the field and present them to the world in a way that the average person can relate with them and what they represent. “Celebrity marketing means significantly more than sponsoring videos or glamourous Instagram posts. The right celebrity marketing strategy enables companies to reach their target groups directly and retain them sustainably,” co-founder and CMO Logan Simmons said.

TRNDY also takes pride in its strategic approach that builds communities and guarantees real numbers and interest from the targeted audiences. “The hard reality of business in 2022 is that consumers forget about you if you’re not consistently in front of them. The best business in the world doesn’t exist if people don’t know it exists. Marketing the correct way is a requirement for success,” cofounder and CEO Mike Visnick said.

As a testament to the company’s reach, it recently signed New York Giants legend Tiki Barber in a new strategic partnership. The award-winning talent agency also manages other athletes like Terrell Owens, Donovan McNabb and many others. In addition, they have been expanding their reach to cover other areas in the entertainment industry, such as television personalities, musicians, influencers and all aspects of professional sports.

Over the next few years, the founders of TRNDY Social have plans to scale their reach by adding more global athletes, celebrities, entertainers, and brands to the company’s roster. “There is so much potential in these athletes’ brands, and we help them tap them and maximize them so that everybody wins. Our goal is to see everyone win,” Logan Simmons said.

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