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How Rock Paper Scissors Foundation Gives Abuse Victims a Voice and Brings Them Out of the Shadows

Human trafficking, domestic abuse, and sexual abuse are issues that remain in the dark despite the world advancing into modern practices every day. There are still those who hide in the shadows. On a mission to bring such individuals into the light is Kristal Klear.

Rock Paper Scissors Foundation (RPS) is an organization specializing in supporting those who have been physically, mentally, secually, and emotionally abused and have been victimized by human traffickers. The company was founded by Kristal Klear, an entrepreneur, certified trauma coach, and published author, who is on a mission to help restore people from brokenness and make them whole again by guiding them to live by their slogan – “We can’t do anything about the past, but we sure can do something about the future.

The founder and CEO has gained substantial experience in working with victims of human trafficicking, trauma, sexual abuse, and child abuse. She has worked with countless individuals, all in the pursuit of following her passion of shedding light on the various exploitations happening across communities. Kristal Klear has also worked with her team to educate and bring awareness to various communities, while simultaneously empowering them to reclaim their lives. The CEO has authored the book called Healing Beyond Sexual Misconduct, focusing on how to properly handle sexual miscondust from a leadership position in any environment. 

“Through prevention and healing, we give a voice to those who have been silenced by all forms of abuse, low self-esteem, and human trafficking with an end goal of creating overcomers. We do this by creating awareness via social media, various community events, speaking out and speaking up at different venues and events, connecting the needy with resources and referrals, offering programs of healing for survivors, providing intervention programs and support for young people in our society through the school system, supporting law enforcement efforts in cracking down on this epidemic, and most of all, by long people back to life,” Kristal Klear explained.

Rock Paper Scissors Foundation has played an instrumental role in helping people heal from their painful past. The organization has also given a voice to those who have been silenced by many forms of abuse, bringing forth their stories from the shadows into the light and amplifying their inspiring narratives to the rest of the world.

Over the years, Rock Paper Scissors Foundation has helped women, men, girls, and boys, and is continuing to search for individuals who desperately need help. Asked what motivated her to build the foundation, Kristal Klear shared that she wanted to break the stigma off of various abuse issues and give the victims a safe space where they feel empowered and free to reclaim their voices and own their truth. 

“We have an organic sense of providing community awareness, making a global impact, and unifying all walks of life. We also do not move within the box. We are okay with trying something new to customize each personal event program and opportunity to the real, true authentic needs of our community and peers,” said the founder. “We stand firm in being natural healers through transparency and truth, with freedom and no condemnation.”

In five years, Rock Paper Scissors Foundation aism to make an impact on a national scale through programming, current affairs, community activism, distributing resources, and national conferences.

“We are wanting a bill passed for human trafficking for all girls abut specificallly our brown girls to make them safe, give them the protection and the voice they need. We see ourselves being fully funded, staffed, and duplicated. We see training programs that go into organizations to make sure we are bringing awareness,” Kristal Klear said. 

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