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Hip-Hop Artist Yung Dub D Sheds Light on His Rise and How He Developed His Onstage Persona

As more stars are emerging daily, the level of competition in the music industry has increased tenfold, making it difficult for aspiring musicians to break out. With challenges scattered along the road to recognition and fame, many potential artists often throw in the towel too early, losing out the opportunity to reach their goals. However, perseverance can be rewarding as rising hip-hop artist and rapper Yung Dub D has found. If not for his determination to carve his own path, the world would not have had the chance to listen to tracks like “Core,” “Put It All On Me,” “I Agree,” and so much more.

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Kedric Dewon Battee has made a name for himself as an extraordinary talent under the stage name Yung Dub D. The rising musician is known for his passion for his craft, which can be reflected in his heartfelt lyrics. Although he has only started out, Yung Dub D has already amassed thousands of fans worldwide. The artist has also collaborated with a number of artists in the industry, performing alongside the likes of DJ Cinemax, DJ Mad Lurk, DJ Official, and DJ Tom Cruise, to name a few.

Many of Yung Dub D’s lyrics give listeners an idea of the trials and tribulations that the musician went through in his life. At 6 years old, he lost his father, and it was the pain of losing a loved one that inspired him to pursue such a career. Even when he started to gain more recognition, Yung Dub D never lost sight of the man who meant the world to him.

“I came up with ‘Yung Dub D’ because I am a double of my father,” the musician explained. “Even though he is deceased, I know he is still with me on my journey. I feel like my first name should have been Donald. Moreover, my middle name is Dewon, so that’s where Dub D comes in.”

Like many in the industry, Yung Dub D cites Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Lil Wayne as his primary influences. “They have been the reason for me taking up music and pursuing it seriously,” he said. “These music geniuses have been known to express distinct feelings through their songs, which have motivated me ‘til no end.”

Yung Dub D started to actively pursue his musical career in 2014, creating mixtapes and recording with a group called Check Life. He would later produce records for one of the group members. By 2017, Yung Dub D started to go solo. Thanks to his early works, the artist was able to start a new career to instant acclaim, gaining thousands of views and streams across multiple major platforms. He has also been featured in various hip-hop publications. 

Since pursuing a solo career, Yung Dub D has released multiple mixtapes and albums, including tracks like “Put It All On Me,” “In My Head,” “What You Gonna Do,” and “Alligator Lizard,” among many more.

With his career on the rise, Yung Dub D hopes to elevate his career even further and become one of the top artists in the industry, inspiring other aspiring artists to persevere and obtain their goals.Stay updated with Yung Dub D’s latest tracks by following him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Check out his new music video for “Codes” and his new mixtape.

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