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Here’s How This Entrepreneur hits multiple six figures in less than six months – Devin Parks

It’s not common to meet an entrepreneur who grew his business to 6-figures in just a matter of six months. Those familiar with the dynamics of the business world understand how hard it is to survive the initial stages of a business, as in times like these, sales are usually low, and expenditures are constant. But some extraordinary people like Devin Parks can find the loophole in the matrix, and with their hard work and exceptional talent, they can do wonders. A born business king Devin Parks is the genius behind developing multiple 6-figure businesses in less than a year.

Born and raised in Charlotte, NC, this 25-year-old entrepreneur moved to Florida to start his career. Devin knew he was born for greatness and wanted to excel in the world of business. His prayers were answered when his friend and business partner came forward with the incredible idea of developing a solar panel company. Being able to learn the tricks of credit score, he was able to raise capital for his start-up. According to him, the world is really struggling right now due to the environmental crisis, and hence, he wanted to start a business that was not just futuristic but also positively contributed to global warming. 

Back then, Devin was working as an employee and was dreaming of an opportunity to knock on his door. Things took a turn for the best, and he left his job and started his adventure with Robert Eason. And six months later, their company GOSO Technologies, began making waves in the business world. It didn’t take long for Devin and Rob to create a state-of-the-art solar panel brand that works on the latest technology to provide its clients with outstanding service. Their incredible team of experts caters to everyone – from domestic houses to commercial industries. What sets their company apart from the rest is that they quote the best prices, which helps save money in the long run. Moreover, GOSO Technologies is known for making their clients independent from government electricity and oil consumption while keeping nature and the environment clean and healthier. Even though this was a great business idea, it was Devin and Rob’s hard work and determination that made it reach the heights of success.

Highlighting the secret behind his accomplishments, Devin shares, “My mantra of success is making a lot of money, helping a lot of people, having a lot of fun.” He further went on to say, “The one thing most people focus on is that I grew a 6-figure worth business in just six months. However, such people do not note the planning, hard work, team effort, and experiences I brought to the company. I encourage young people to do business but not without a plan. We must understand how important it is to do market research and analysis. Business is not for weak-hearted people, as it requires the courage to survive setbacks, which is a big part of life and business. I advise all young entrepreneurs to use their resources and keep working hard, and soon there will be nothing between them and success.”

Devin Parks is an incredible man who does not believe in pulling down others for the sake of achieving success. Realizing his talent for understanding credit scores and how beneficial they can be for an individual, especially an entrepreneur, he started his credit consultancy firm Clean Slate Consultancy. “Through my consultancy firm, I want to help people fix their credit score so they can also access funding all on credit cards. What makes us unique is that we can help someone access 15 credit cards with only five inquiries on each bureau,” states Devin. “An average American does not realize how many opportunities they miss due to bad credit scores. More than 40% of the US population has a 600 credit score or below, and the potential to help that many people is what motivated me to start my firm,” he adds.

Devin Parks’ journey is truly incredible and motivating for aspiring young entrepreneurs who want to make it big. It shows how dedication and exceptional work ethics are critical for anyone to reach for the stars. Moreover, it teaches us to explore, push our limits and take the leap of faith toward living our dream. If it wasn’t for Devin’s courage and trust in himself, he would have been stuck in the rut of the 9-5 job and wouldn’t be able to establish his own business in such a short span of time!

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