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A prodigious journey of Harvey Chandler to become the European Champion

Snooker is a game of precision, focus, and patience. Over the last three decades, its profile has dramatically changed. While in the 1990’s it was a game dominated by the British, in the current decade it has seeped deep into Asia, pulling in new audiences from different territories. Even though soccer, cricket and even wrestling remain some of the more prominent sports, snooker has survived and made its way to the hearts of people at large as well. 

Harvey Chandler is one such name who has carved a niche for himself in the world of snooker from a very young age. Born in 1995, Harvey Chandler is an English professional snooker player from Raunds, Northamptonshire. He began playing when he was only 13 after getting inspired by a local coach in his hometown. What started as a means of fun changed his life for the best. That coach saw potential in Harvey and took the young kid under his wings, and began training him for professional snooker. 

The snooker genius recalls that his journey into the sport began quite accidentally. “It was all by accident, really. My dad used to take me to a snooker club in Peterborough once a month. I never really enjoyed the game, but it was just something to do. I was a football player, and my passion was football. But one day after school, my friend and I arranged to meet at our local snooker club, and that day I was spotted by the local coach Malcolm. He invited me to his junior coaching school, which he held every Saturday. And my journey continued from there,” Harvey shared. 

Like every other sport, snooker was not an easy feat. In fact, as an amateur, Harvey won many matches and reached the latter stage in every tournament he participated in. However, when he turned professional, it was a different ballgame altogether. He felt that he was a small fish in a big ocean because when he started playing professionally, Harvey didn’t win many matches. But he didn’t lose hope and kept working on his skills. In the following years, he started getting more comfortable and winning on a regular basis. 

Staying optimistic all the while polishing himself consistently at the game finally won him the European Champion trophy in 2018 in Bulgaria, marking the biggest achievement in his professional career. “Initially, to even get into the championship, I had to play in six qualifying tournaments across the country, which consisted of around 70-100 players in each event. I dominated the whole tour of qualifying and managed to finish in 2nd place. I would have finished 1st, but since I had already qualified for the European championship, I didn’t enter the last event,” Harvey Chandler shared, recalling his European Championship days. “I landed in Bulgaria without any expectations, as it was my first taste of a professional event. I managed to get through the group stages comfortably and dominated the knockout stages, winning comfortably every match. Eventually, I won the final – 7-2 – which was the most memorable moment of my life.” 

As far as the sport is concerned, Harvey takes snooker quite seriously and doesn’t indulge in going out or partying before a match, as it could hamper his concentration. That’s exactly what he urges aspiring sportspersons to do as well. “Stay dedicated to your game. Do not go out drinking and wasting time. Practice as many hours as you can and focus all your energies on winning,” Harvey asserted. 

For Harvey, snooker is not about minting money or being famous. He fell in love with the game at a very young age, and since then, he has been giving every ounce of his energy into becoming the best snooker player. It was never about money or trophies but just for the love of the game. Of course, being a pro snooker player came with its perks of traveling the world, performing on TV and being a celebrity, but none of these were the reasons why he started in the first place. 

Harvey Chandler has participated in a number of tournaments in various countries, defeating some of the strongest players in the game. Through his devotion, hard work and perseverance, he has proved that if you put your heart into something and be truly honest with your craft, you are bound to make it big in any field. 

From the ruins of war to winning global awards – Johnny Hachem, the music prodigy

War is undoubtedly the most traumatic experience for everyone, as it usually takes generations to recover from its aftershocks. But when people are stuck in the ruins of war, whether mentally, emotionally, or financially, there are some fearless people who do not lose hope. Nothing seems to deter their spirits, and in fact, they learn to start their lives all over again while giving hope to others even in such adversities. These extraordinary individuals are saviors in those dark times; they believe life led for others is worth living.

A living example who emerged out of this situation is none other than the talented Johnny Hachem, who dedicatedly nurtured and practiced music and became a music prodigy after years of determination. This Lebanese-Ukrainian composer and pianist cultivated his skills in the most dreadful conditions but stood firm in all the hardships of life he faced in war-struck Lebanon.

The war severely troubled Johnny’s childhood and gave him unsettling psychological conditions, which made it difficult for him to cope with his academic journey. However, nothing could take away his passion for music, and he continued with it. “When there was a ceasefire after school, I used to snuggle up to play piano,” says Johnny Hachem, adding that his love for music was tutored by his parents as his mother was a pianist while his father used to play the violin. He shares, “My parents were my biggest influence. I remember very well how touching it was to hear them play together when I was a child.” 

Apart from his parents, his dedication to music was also fueled by other names in the industry. Talking about legendary musicians that inspired him, Johnny reveals, “Richard Wagner’s music affected me a lot when I was young, and it used to take me to another world. I felt that I could relive my best moments while listening to his music.”

As far as composing is concerned, Johnny Hachem wanted to become a composer like Richard Wagner. “I wanted to compose tunes that affect people and make them feel better. I also believe John Williams is the best alive composer in this day and age, as his music is breathtaking. He is a wonderful conductor and pianist as well. I have learned a lot from him and continue learning new stuff,” he informs.

At times, Johnny Hachem faced challenges in some countries and was laughed at for being from Lebanon. “People made fun of me and considered my country from the third world, which has no value in terms of music, but I was not affected and did not allow opinions like these to frustrate me or fail me. On the contrary, this encouraged me to go further, prove them wrong and achieve more success,” he states while recalling his bitter experiences. 

Despite the unfavorable conditions he faced, he still stands firm and keeps on mentoring several others like him. “I tell the world that there is a great possibility that life will oppress you in its various forms. The doors may close in front of you because of your country, your race, your appearance, or your financial and social status, but you should never give up. Instead, these difficulties should motivate you to work harder to achieve your goals,” he says. After years of untiring struggle, this passionate soul made his name in the industry by winning the Music Composition Award at International Composition Conference in 2009 and Classic Pure Vienna International Composition in 2021.

Johnny has been entertaining audiences globally for over two decades, composing solo instruments for chamber music and orchestras. The best part is that multiple symphony orchestras play his compositions on various stages. He heavily focuses on a unique genre known as Neo-romanticism with a touch of modern essence as he wishes to see the youth take an interest in classic romanticism. Moreover, he composed ‘The Battle of Siddim,’ now known as ‘The Valley of the Dead Sea’. This composition was later performed by The Lebanese Philharmonic, Lebanon, Lublin Philharmonic, Koshalin Symphony & Torun Symphony orchestra in just one year. “I have also worked on Oriental Piano Project in which I chose a good number of old traditional songs from the Orient that were never used for piano. And what makes me proud is the fact that this project was a big success and performed in more than 15 countries,” he shares.

There is more to Johnny Hachem than what meets the eye. His utmost devotion and love for music is something that sets him apart from his fellow composers. Johnny is an ambitious musician who formed a peaceful bridge between the victims of war and his music and tried to ease the pain by instilling hope among people. He believes dreaming big, working hard, and never giving up are the key to success, even in the most adverse situations.

Here’s How This Entrepreneur hits multiple six figures in less than six months – Devin Parks

It’s not common to meet an entrepreneur who grew his business to 6-figures in just a matter of six months. Those familiar with the dynamics of the business world understand how hard it is to survive the initial stages of a business, as in times like these, sales are usually low, and expenditures are constant. But some extraordinary people like Devin Parks can find the loophole in the matrix, and with their hard work and exceptional talent, they can do wonders. A born business king Devin Parks is the genius behind developing multiple 6-figure businesses in less than a year.

Born and raised in Charlotte, NC, this 25-year-old entrepreneur moved to Florida to start his career. Devin knew he was born for greatness and wanted to excel in the world of business. His prayers were answered when his friend and business partner came forward with the incredible idea of developing a solar panel company. Being able to learn the tricks of credit score, he was able to raise capital for his start-up. According to him, the world is really struggling right now due to the environmental crisis, and hence, he wanted to start a business that was not just futuristic but also positively contributed to global warming. 

Back then, Devin was working as an employee and was dreaming of an opportunity to knock on his door. Things took a turn for the best, and he left his job and started his adventure with Robert Eason. And six months later, their company GOSO Technologies, began making waves in the business world. It didn’t take long for Devin and Rob to create a state-of-the-art solar panel brand that works on the latest technology to provide its clients with outstanding service. Their incredible team of experts caters to everyone – from domestic houses to commercial industries. What sets their company apart from the rest is that they quote the best prices, which helps save money in the long run. Moreover, GOSO Technologies is known for making their clients independent from government electricity and oil consumption while keeping nature and the environment clean and healthier. Even though this was a great business idea, it was Devin and Rob’s hard work and determination that made it reach the heights of success.

Highlighting the secret behind his accomplishments, Devin shares, “My mantra of success is making a lot of money, helping a lot of people, having a lot of fun.” He further went on to say, “The one thing most people focus on is that I grew a 6-figure worth business in just six months. However, such people do not note the planning, hard work, team effort, and experiences I brought to the company. I encourage young people to do business but not without a plan. We must understand how important it is to do market research and analysis. Business is not for weak-hearted people, as it requires the courage to survive setbacks, which is a big part of life and business. I advise all young entrepreneurs to use their resources and keep working hard, and soon there will be nothing between them and success.”

Devin Parks is an incredible man who does not believe in pulling down others for the sake of achieving success. Realizing his talent for understanding credit scores and how beneficial they can be for an individual, especially an entrepreneur, he started his credit consultancy firm Clean Slate Consultancy. “Through my consultancy firm, I want to help people fix their credit score so they can also access funding all on credit cards. What makes us unique is that we can help someone access 15 credit cards with only five inquiries on each bureau,” states Devin. “An average American does not realize how many opportunities they miss due to bad credit scores. More than 40% of the US population has a 600 credit score or below, and the potential to help that many people is what motivated me to start my firm,” he adds.

Devin Parks’ journey is truly incredible and motivating for aspiring young entrepreneurs who want to make it big. It shows how dedication and exceptional work ethics are critical for anyone to reach for the stars. Moreover, it teaches us to explore, push our limits and take the leap of faith toward living our dream. If it wasn’t for Devin’s courage and trust in himself, he would have been stuck in the rut of the 9-5 job and wouldn’t be able to establish his own business in such a short span of time!

Unsatisfied with your Nose and want a permanent quick fix, True Nose is here to help you

One of the most common facial plastic surgery treatments is rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job or nose surgery. Treating breathing concerns and irregular nasal shape, size, and symmetry can help with cosmetic and functional issues you might face with your Nose. Rhinoplasty has dangers and benefits, just like other surgical surgery. Nose jobs can be done to change how you look or for medical reasons. For example, some people may need surgery to repair a problem with the cartilage that divides one nostril from the other. Others may want to make their noses smaller or change their shape. It serves all purposes. Feeling unsatisfied with your nose and feeling uncomfortable with its shape can cause a loss of confidence. To make the most significant choice for your needs, “True Nose” ( wants to ensure you are entirely informed about all facets of the rhinoplasty effects as they have brought a new and better solution.


A perfect nose does not exist, so keep that in mind. However, surgery can highlight facial traits and draw attention to your distinctive and natural beauty. A plastic surgeon can explain the distinctive facial characteristics that make you unique and how changing them will improve your appearance. With the advanced facial fillers, True Nose can show you the possible results after the surgery. The surgeon will examine your nose and other facial features, and they can inform you if your expectations are reasonable after this assessment. If you choose a complete nose surgery, the surgeon should review the dangers, length of recovery, and cost with you and consider your general health. Because of its seriousness, such surgery can be risky as it needs to be precise and carefully executed. One wrong cut can scar someone for life. The Nose can be reshaped using a variety of methods. Your surgeon should outline their proposed course of action in detail once you decide to move forward. 


One of the reasons people tend to step into a surgeon’s room is the issue of breaking through the nose. Irregularity and accidents can cause blocked on-air nostrils. Nasal obstruction can interfere with other activities and sleep, make it difficult to exercise, and contribute to snoring and sleep apnea. Surgery might be the following action if medical interventions, such as nasal spray or sleep apnea treatment, are unsuccessful. If the patient is involved and facing some breathing issue, multiple surgeries would be performed, as the surgeon needs to reshape and open the blockage of the nostrils and remove the scars. This type of nasal surgery depends on the underlying issue. A septoplasty by itself may be able to correct a deviated septum, the midline wall of cartilage that separates the right and left sides of the Nose. A rhinoplasty is necessary to ensure adequate breathing and nasal form when a septal deviation is more severe or occurs close to essential areas of nasal support. With carefully positioned cartilage grafts, rhinoplasty (also known as septorhinoplasty) corrects the septal malformation and strengthens the nose’s vital breathing zones.


Going through such risky surgery can be a little challenging. Many people decide to live with a lousy nose just because of the fear of nose surgery and scars. Until now, it was understandable, but with modern science, many clinics are working on providing their patients an alternative way, such as True Nose. During your initial consultation at True Nose, the Practitioner discusses the nose surgery procedure in detail with you and addresses any questions you may have. Platforms like True Nose can help you gain more confidence at half the cost and without surgery. They provide an alternate solution to surgery, keeping the outcome and result the same. 


We understand your questions must be going through your head right now. In such clinics, you will be treated by a professional physician. Your therapy will be prescribed, overseen, and managed professionally. A consultant will always be at reach to explain what procedure you must go through. The best part about their method is there is 2-week rest or anything, and you can go right into your next meeting with no delay and no hideous mask. The services at facilities like True Nose are exceptional. They give full power to their patients, and if you change your mind at any point before the procedure or if our team decides you’re not an ideal candidate, your order will be 100% refunded. With the help of the advancement of science and expert aestheticians, True nose has made it easy, affordable, and satisfying for you to have a nose job.