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Health iPass Removing the Payments Burden from Medical Professionals


Patient payments are quickly becoming one of the top sources of revenue for physicians and ambulatory care providers, with over $200 billion moving annually within the system every year. Dealing with accounts receivables from patients can be an unnecessary burden for medical professionals and workers. That’s why Health iPass came to life— to help the medical industry by providing an automated payment management system for physician offices and healthcare institutions. 

Health iPass exists for one mission— to get physicians and medical staff paid in a timely and seamless manner. Most doctors deal with accounts receivables all the time, which can take up a considerable amount of time and effort to collect. And when dues are paid, they often only receive an average of 60% of the balance owed. Health iPass aims to solve that problem for physicians and medical professionals by providing a seamless solution that takes care of the patient revenue cycle. 

The company behind the innovative solution is led by serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and business mentor Rajesh Voddiraju, who has become an icon in the tech start-up realm for his exemplary work. He founded Health iPass Inc. back in 2014. In 2020, the company was acquired by leading payments provider Sphere, and Rajesh took the mantle of being the company’s Group President.

The innovative solution acts as a POS system of sorts for physician offices that care for patient billings and automate most processes. The company’s clients have realized up to 95% of patient collection rates on average and removed over 50% of their bad debt records, helping physicians earn fair wages from the care that they provide to people. 

On top of acting as a accounts receivable management system, the program also has various features that help clinic front offices remain optimal at all times. Health iPass has an appointment booking and reminder feature that automatically notifies and reminds people of consultation appointments through SMS. The solution’s patient-side features also give users an option to pay for invoices online with little to no hassle or enter insurance information to ensure that clinics and staff are informed of insurance details before coming in for a check-up. This feature saves both the patient and front office significant time spent on filling up forms manually on the spot. 

Health iPass’s mobile check-in room feature eliminates the need for the traditional clipboard and pen system that can often be clunky and prone to error. With the front-facing system, patients can be alerted when their turn is coming up soon, eliminating the number of people in a waiting room. This feature has proven to be more than helpful in such times as medical clinics and offices work to lessen the number of people in enclosed spaces at one time. 

Health iPass works on any mobile tablet and can be used as a check-in check-out counter for patients. After doctor’s appointments, patients can then verify details, receive prescriptions and instructions virtually, and get automatic billing statements after invoices have been cleared. 

All in all, the company and solution provide one seamless provision for better booking and payment solutions for both patients and physicians. To learn more about Health iPass, visit the solution’s website and LinkedIn page


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