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Geoff Cash Explains How Failure Became His Motivation for Success

Coming from a very small town where the odds are against him were the humble beginnings that drove and propelled Geoff Cash to pursue his dreams. And unlike several kids in his neighborhood, he was lucky to grow up with a loving and supportive family that, even though they didn’t have much, the support was always there. However, as a child, Geoff admitted he had the tenacity to always want to do more and be more to help his family.

However, like many young men, success led him down some wrong paths and saw him get hooked and associated with some very wrong people, which has caused him to pay the costs and consequences. According to him, “after building a very successful business, in the blink of an eye, I lost everything and had to restart. Like many others, I was quick to blame everyone. Still, through having that same tenacity and working on myself daily, I fought back and built another very successful company helping others. Now have trained thousands, done over 65 million in revenue for companies, and have helped many people live a lifestyle they only dreamed of. I’m not done yet because, as I always say, I want to do more so that I can become more and be able to help more.”

Geoff Cash describes himself as the go-to coach for anyone looking for sales training and coaching. And as someone who has worked side by side with some of the best professionals across numerous industries, his regular engagements and clientele are proof of his track record. He targets anyone who is tired of mediocre results and is ready to win big.

On what separates him from his competition, he said, “I was in top 1% in multiple different industries, so I teach from experience, not just trying to sound good.”Geoff admits that though most of his business rivals are not experts in the field, he is not complacent. Instead, he uses it as a motivation always to deliver the best and help him stand out among the rest in the industry.

Geoff explains that his motivation to start his company came after seeing so many ‘gurus’ who have never worked in the field teach in the field. He is driven by the desire to prove the old saying “those who can’t do, teach” wrong by simply showing that he can do and he will teach. So far, he has done exactly that by catering to several hundreds of students who have passed through his training. Also, he has made several millions of dollars for startups, SMEs, and big companies. In anticipation of the next five years, Geoff hopes to attract thousands more successful students and stories.

Geoff would want readers to know more about him, his company, and the services they provide while also showing them that “there are folks out there who know what they are talking about.” He concluded.

To learn more about Geoff Cash, his course, and his teachings, visit his website.

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