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Entrepreneurial Titan and Founder of Redline Steel, Colin Wayne Continues His Resolve to Support the American Dream

The magnitude of the pandemic’s impact can still be felt throughout the nation as people continue to endure the trials and tribulations in its wake. With cities forced into lockdown, the economy has suffered greatly, leaving people to find different means to bring food to the table and paying off their bills. However, people have come together to help others during these troubling times. Colin Wayne, the founder of Redline Steel, an American-made company that produces steel wall art, has been using his position to aid his fellow countrymen and employees.

Colin Wayne’s venture into entrepreneurism was something he never expected to get into. He was on a tour in Afghanistan, serving in the US Army, and while he was working out in a gym, a rocket exploded three-and-a-half feet away from him. Although the shrapnel all the way through his leg, he managed to survive, requiring surgery and six months of physical therapy.

Returning to America, Wayne decided to try his hand in growing a steel-built home decor company, only for it to fall through. Although it was an unfortunate event, Wayne pushed on. Despite having no knowledge in tools or industrial design, he started his own company, hiring four employees to get his company started. From there, it only grew to become the multi-million dollar home decor company Redline Steel.

Redline Steel established itself in 2016 as a veteran-owned and operated company in the United States, bringing works of art to the homes of its customers. The company honors its “Made in the USA” pledge by utilizing equipment and installing machines that have been manufactured domestically. 

Despite the number of CNC Machines being manufactured and distributed overseas, Wayne is adamant about supporting the American dream and raising the economy with domestic purchases. This has proven to be a challenge as CNC manufacturing can be difficult to find in the United States, but Wayne’s resolve has always been about putting the people ahead. 

Fortunately, Redline Steel has been in partnership with Chicago-based laser manufacturer Bystronic. With the scarcity of companies in the industry, Wayne managed to get their first United States laser delivered last year, showcasing his support for domestic companies.

When the pandemic reached the country last year, the nation suffered an economic setback. Always eager to do what he can to help others, Colin Wayne partnered with celebrities to do big charity givebacks. He was joined by Megan Fox, Amber Heard, Criss Angel, Shenae Grimes-Beech, Lance Bass, and Tina Knowles, among many others, putting together over $6 million to help essential workers, farmers, churches, teachers, veteran families, and more.

Wayne has even taken the extra mile by showing his employees how much he appreciated them during some of the darkest days Redline Steel endured. He paid for their mortgages to help ease off the stress from their backs, exercising his motto, “People over profits.”

Since the start of the year, Redline Steel has received over two thousand orders from the Chicago area alone, and with the influx of orders pouring in, Wayne hopes to continue hiring employees as he aspires to create a positive impact and help pull other people up.

Learn more about Redline Steel by visiting their official website. You can also reach out to them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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