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Empty Calories by Kyle Washington will Force You to Evaluate Your Most Cherished Social Relationships

Empty Calories
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At first thought, the term ‘empty calories’ would cast your mind back to old nutrition ads you might’ve seen in the grocery store, or on TV where a bunch of food menu options is considered ‘empty.’ Empty because while they seem sweet and give you some form of energy boost, they are devoid of essential nutrients you need for life. Have you ever felt the same way about your relationships? Romantic or otherwise? If you have not, you need to order a copy of Kyle Washignton’s Empty Calories. You might have some empty calories relationships you need to eliminate from your life. 

We all have had those people in our lives that make us feel good and excited at the moment, but in reality, they do not bring us real value, empower us, or help us be our best selves. “I call those relationships, Empty Calories!” says Kyle Washington.

So what would you do when the glue that holds your life and family together wears off and the center cannot save you? This situation was the story Kyle captured in his novel ‘Empty Calories’ of a family whose wife, mother and enormously influential person pass on suddenly, leaving them scrambling for equilibrium.
Kyle Washington

Washington shows how a selfish and domineering woman controls and influences family members despite appearing to be a perfect wife and mother. The mother and wife, Ellie, is a prosperous and career-driven woman who tightly supervises her family. Although the family appeared to be a solid unit to outsiders, it broke down following Ellie’s passing because of the mother’s rigid control. The father and his five children encounter difficulties and problems after she passes away, which marks the beginning of the family’s decline.

According to the book, relationships don’t matter if they are meaningless or hollow and rule people’s lives. The novel “Empty Calories” shows how someone can abuse and manipulate family members to the point where they cannot work or live independently. As soon as the mother passes away, the family breaks down under strain. They encounter significant hardship because they rely on instructions and cannot comprehend the difficulties of living independently without other people’s decisions. Washington implies that excitement is enjoyable or satisfying relationships that serve no useful purpose. Because the interactions are similar to food without any nutritional value for a person, he refers to them as “empty calories.”

About the Author

Kyle Washington is the youngest of his family’s five siblings and a native of Houston, Texas. He raised his daughters alone while working as an executive for a Fortune 500 company. To better understand people’s perspectives, behaviors, values, and beliefs, he enjoys traveling and interacting with new people. People have a variety of stories to tell because of their varied upbringings, way of life, and experiences. His travels and interactions with unique individuals improved Washington’s writing skills for new books and novels. Washington’s interactions inspired the novel Empty Calories with various people and their lives.

He encourages people to start sharing their empty calories relationships on social media using #emptycaloriesnovel

Empty Calories by Kyle Washington is a must-read novel! 

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