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Emir Hamzic Picks Up Endorsement Deal With TOPSPINPRO

A lot of young and talented athletes have been dreaming of proving their skills in the biggest global tournaments. Unfortunately, the competition is extremely fierce, and most athletes fail to get ahead. It takes a lot of grit to succeed as an athlete and a lot of skill and talent. Most of all, however, an athlete needs the necessary support of a capable coach in order to improve upon their current repertoire. Fortunately, tennis coach and former athlete Emir Hamzić is here for athletes everywhere. 

Hamzic is a former professional tennis player who is best known for achieving an undefeated singles and doubles record at the collegiate level his sophomore season. He later went on to win a National Championship and was named an All-American. Hamzic has worked alongside tennis royalty Nick Bollettieri and is currently an academy and travel coach. He continues to train and help players achieve NCAA and professional playing levels.

Recently, the ATP Certified Coach Emir Hamzic has formed a partnership with TopSpinPro, a popular tennis training aid naming him as one of their ambassadors. Over the past few weeks, Hamzic has been endorsing the product throughout the Chicago tennis scene, using his large following to sell multiple units. 

“I am incredibly excited to be joining the TOPSPINPRO  family,”  said Hamzic about his new endorsement deal. “I’ve believed in the product even before joining the team, and was often incorporating it into my lessons. This product will help anyone that hasn’t mastered topspin. I personally use the TOPSPINPRO for still-ball training drills—for example, an advanced player working on footwork. It can also be used for serve & slice drills after removing the head unit and for adding extra stations while group coaching.”

Invented by Phillip Hofmeyr, TOPSPINPRO is a world-renowned training aid that has helped a lot of Tennis rookies achieve success and improve their skills. “We’re thrilled that Emir Hamzic is joining the TOPSPINPRO family as an ambassador. As both an undefeated collegiate player and subsequently a high performance ATP coach his endorsement of the TopspinPro recognises its value as an essential tennis training aid,” says Phillip Hofmeyrl.

As part of the endorsement deal, fans can expect to use the TOPSPINPRO when taking lessons with Chicago’s favorite tennis coach. Emir Hamzić fully knows what it takes to get to the point of how to bring his players to the top. He has dedicated his efforts to coaching full-time, optimizing his players’ bodies and guiding them to success with a coaching style based on the highly effective combination of personal experience and a strong educational background in human physiology. 

With Emir Hamzić’s skills and expertise in the field of tennis and his recent partnership with TOPSPINPRO, it’s clear to see that tennis rookies everywhere will gain a massive boost in their skills through both of their services. 

Emir Hamzić has certainly come a long way from being the 17-year-old athlete who was working to fund his career through coaching, to becoming the 23-year-old head coach and entrepreneur he has become today. Now that he has partnered up with one of the biggest tennis training aids in the world in TOPSPINPRO, his career has truly come full circle, as he stands at the forefront of creating future tennis legends with HAMZIC All-American Training. 

To know more about Emir Hamzić, make sure to check out his brand’s official website.

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