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Eduardo G. Perez Jr. Shares His Knowledge on Having Success in the Mortgage Industry

Many people want to work within the financial sector by getting involved in the mortgage industry to earn an outstanding income. However, while the earnings are good, it’s about much more than what you can make while working in the mortgage industry. It’s about what you can achieve and how you can make a difference in the lives of others. When you better understand what it takes to succeed, you can develop the right mindset and prepare yourself for the obstacles that will come your way. 

Eduardo G. Perez Jr.’s success story shows that anyone can turn their dreams into reality when they’re passionate and willing to put in the effort. As the co-founder and CEO of Equity Prime Mortgage, a licensed mortgage lender with operations throughout the country, he’s responsible for handling dozens of crucial tasks to keep the business thriving. Some of these tasks include overseeing sales and taking care of both professional and business development. And, despite his extensive to-do list, he continues to remain productive while helping his company succeed. 

“We started Equity Prime Mortgage in 2008, one of the worst times for real estate and the mortgage industry because of the economic downturn that led to the well-documented recession. The job wasn’t easy at a time when homebuyers didn’t have much trust, and everyone was feeling relatively low due to the economic uncertainty. Still, we managed to get through it,” shared Eduardo G. Perez. “Our company got through such difficult times because we set goals and worked on them together as a team. In addition, we’d worked as a broker for three years before the start of the company and decided that it was in our best interest to serve as a lender and then serve the brokers to the best of our ability.” 

If the economy’s crash taught Eduardo Perez anything, it’s the importance of learning how to adapt quickly and make fast yet efficient decisions that lead to better results. In addition, he knew that it was vital to keep pushing and keep working to boost morale for other employees and keep people feeling empowered. 

“It wasn’t always a walk in the park, but we addressed specific challenges and used mentorship and insights to our advantage to complete various tasks. We work together as a unit with brokers, employees, and loan officers to provide a better experience for consumers that allows them to live the American dream,” shared Perez. “Anyone thinking about getting started in this industry needs to understand the importance of collaboration and working well as a team. They should also have a passion for what they’re doing and a willingness to continue studying until they know everything there is to know about this industry. With knowledge, determination, and some experience comes success.” 

Equity Prime Mortgage continues offering a variety of products designed to fit different financial needs and is known as one of the top mortgage bankers in the nation. Eduardo G. Perez Jr.’s effort has helped the company achieve such a notable accomplishment while putting his all into everything he does and earning outstanding awards of his own for his excellence.

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