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Dr. Charles Goldberg Dominating the Medical and Legal Niche in New Jersey

Over the years, Charles Goldberg is a physician and entrepreneur who has distinguished himself from others in the same field via first-class professional service. He has taught at some of the most prestigious schools globally, including those affiliated with the Harvard Medical School. Now, based in New Jersey, he runs a business with a medical law division, a healthcare facilitation division, and a wellness coaching division where he helps people live healthy lives via proper diet and nutrition.

Charles’ first division is a medical-legal assistance firm where he takes scientific approaches toward lawsuits and potential legal cases. In this case, Charles works with the attorneys and defendants to analyze the cases from a medical perspective to gather the evidence to support the claim. Being an experienced medical practitioner himself, he understands all the workings of medical practice, which is considered a plus in his legal strategy.

On the other hand, his healthcare facilitation division is committed to navigating the healthcare system’s complexities. Knowing how busy doctors on duty can be and how prone they are to misdiagnosis and misprescription of drugs to their patients, Charles Goldberg and his team come in to fill that void. He talks with the patients, records their symptoms, takes a look at their prescription, and thanks to his experience and expertise in medical practice, he sometimes recommends alternative treatment plans that best suit each patient. He sometimes requests a meeting with the patient’s doctors, thanks to his extensive network of doctors.

Charles understands the importance of healthy feeding and the psychological significance of a good diet and workout routine. Another service he renders is helping people become healthier and happier by building balanced nutritional and workout routines based on a genuine scientific concept. According to him, “The mind is a key element to living a healthy and happy life.” And this is why he tries to help people understand from a psychological and physiological standpoint why their body acts and performs a certain way when it gets this amount of sleep, or eats this, or works out this much, etc.

Charles describes his services as unique because all his services come from his experience as a physician and stem from his extensive pedigree of studying and teaching at prestigious schools globally. On his motivation, Charles said, “I saw the need for help in the complex healthcare industry and understood there is so much noise out there.” As his five-year goal, he hopes to see his company growing to the point of helping more people in every capacity.

Charles’s services are attractive to people interested in the medical, legal, fitness space, and who are willing to learn more. Charles considers his firm different from other firms because he believes his firm is the only firm that analyzes cases from an actual physician’s standpoint and uses his experience as a physician to formulate a hypothesis, ideas, and evidence used in the courtroom.

Charles would want readers to understand that professionals out there who are willing to help out with legal and medical; these set of people possess the required experience and are willing to help find solutions to legal face-offs of any kind.

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