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Dare to Dream: How Van Buketi Actualized His American Dream

It is easy to have lofty dreams, but making the right decisions towards achieving those dreams makes all the difference. One person who understands all the differences is Prospere Buketi, a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Van Travel Business, a multi-services company based in the US and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Hailing from Congo, Prospere Buketi, also known as Van Buketi, moved to the USA in 2014 to chase the American dream tu of financial freedom. At first, it felt like it would be just a dream, as he could not even find a job at first due to now knowing English. But he persevered and learned the language and finally got his first job as a cleaner in an airplane. Then he moved on to another job as a forklift operator before finding a job as a picker at Walmart, eventually climbing up the ladder to become an HR clerk.

Prospere took a course to become a travel agent and soon started working in his new position. This exposed him to the travel industry. He soon learned enough to start his own company, which is exactly what happened next.

However, it seems his dreams would take a backbench as the COVID-19 global pandemic struck. One of the biggest industries affected was the travel industry. As the world shut down, embassies, hotels, and vacation spots closed. For an instant, Van Buketi was left in a bind, but he was not one to give up on his dreams easily. So he talked to his uncle. Together, they came up with the brilliant idea to combine travel services with other services such as website development, social media management, and dispatch services. 

He established his company, Van Travel Business, where he offers services such as visa orientation, flight booking, hotel reservation, rental, cruises, website design and development, motion and graphic design, entertainment, audiovisual, social media marketing, money transfer worldwide, dispatches truck service, and worldwide shipping with DHL Express. At Van Travel Business, customers are assured of a wholesome experience. 

The company handles all clients’ needs from the get-go, from getting any visa, booking a flight, and booking a hotel or a vacation spot. They also handle car rentals and cruises, ensuring that clients can spend their time as they wish without stressing about the details. 

“Our agents work hard to provide good service, and they are there to work on your budget. As a result, they can get the best deal for you worldwide, be it international or domestic.” In addition to its travel services, Van Travel Business also has a team of experts for websites and motion and graphic designs that ensures quality work at affordable rates. 

They also have a social media management team to help their clients reach more engagement and customers. Every day, Van Buketi draws his motivation from his childhood dream of starting a company.

“My motivation came from myself and my parents because I told myself since I was tiny and even told my friend in high school that I would build my own company. However, none of them believed me until they started seeing my actions,” he shared.

In the coming years, Van Buketi wants to continue providing value to his customers and expand his business.Learn more about Van Buketi and his company, Van Travel Business, by visiting his website and Instagram.

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